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I wrote this review specifically after our wedding in case we heard anything else, but have not. And I hate to give out one-stars - and am wondering what 1st Class DJs may write about me after this review like the others - but after several attempts to get our deposit back, I feel that other brides in the position I was in should know. I was the usual bride who just wanted a beautiful and fun wedding at an affordable rate.

We hired Kerri to DJ and Coordinate our wedding about a year before our wedding date (May 23). We decided to go with her since she was the least expensive option and in person, she seemed terrific. We really got a long! She was a riot! After going over the contract, she stated in front of my mother, my sister, and I, that if something happened to her we would be able to get 100% of our $499 deposit back if we were not satisfied with anyone she had found to replaced her - but also not to worry since she would be there unless she "was hit by a truck". I thanked her since I was very careful about choosing vendors, but unfortunately trusted her enough and did not get it in writing - even though I had witnesses. (ug!) She was the first vendor I had hired, so after I became much more experienced in this.

Fast forward about 5 months to Christmas time around the 28th, we received an email from her saying that she wanted to *wait* to tell us after the holidays (which was in void of her contract anyway), but that she could no longer DJ/Coordinate our wedding since she became pregnant and was due on our date. She also wanted us to meet with someone she found to replace her.

Although stressful for us, we said congratulations and decided to meet with this new person to see if we 'meshed' (as the DJ/MC is one of your most important vendors). It turns out that (although very nice) he was not the same caliber of DJ - he even admitted to us that as of then, he had never DJ'd a wedding by himself. He also did not know how to do some of the usual DJ things that Wedding DJs usually know (like different intro songs, or mixing one dance song into another so there is no void) and could not provide us with reviews. After hearing this, we obviously did not feel comfortable about having him at our only wedding. After telling Kerri that her replacement was not up to par since he had not even done a wedding alone and could not give us referrals - she proceeded to tell us that we were basically out of luck, we should have just taken her word on him and that only half our deposit would be refunded. This did not make any sense since *she* was the one who cancelled on us. (And how were we supposed to take her word on anything now?) Kerri came back with how it took time and money to find another replacement - but as her "replacement" told us, he worked next to her at a Credit Union so we felt we were being duped. After viewing another bride's review (that used to be up on yelp and is on project wedding), we found that we were not the only one's she had done this too. This other bride had stated the same thing where 1stClass Djs waited to tell them about the cancellation, and then refused to give all of their deposit back. For a business who is all about "referrals" I could not believe that they would let $250 stand in the way of this and good business.

Supposedly we would have gotten all our deposit back if our date was booked, but as our date was almost month ago, I have yet to hear back about this. (As of today, their website even states: "Please Note: We are completely booked through June 2009") Before, her assistant (who we have never spoken with before) even went so far as to email me that *we* cancelled on them, when I have proof of every email we sent out, saying they cancelled. I told her assistant that we would like to hear from Kerri since she is the owner and the one we were dealing with - and have not heard back from any of them since.

Bottom line: if you do anything with this company - make sure EVERYTHING is in writing and signed. A handshake and promise is not good enough anymore.

I don't mean to attack or be negative - I just wanted to state the complete truth. It is very unfortunate since we already had a small budget and something like this definitely affected us. It just really puts a bad taste in your mouth and I really wished that this company would have been professional enough to take a $250 loss in order to make their clients happy - and have potential referrals in the future.
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