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Response was very slow if at all and they lacked professionalism, never apologizing for the poor correspondence. Worse yet... They didn't show up for the event! Enough said.
Services Used: Flowers
She told me that she had all the linens and that they would be ready for pick up on Sat. August 6th, the day before before my wedding.She said to pick them up Saturday at 4pm, which was an hour before my weddingn rehearsal. Saturday came and I got there promptly at 4pm and she was not there. I waited 45 minutes and she as still not there. I had to be at my wedding rehearsal at 5 pm and it was already 4:45pm. She was not answering my phone calls nor was she texting me back. I began calling her husband's phone and he too did not answer. I could not be late to my own wedding rehearsal, so I had to just leave without having the linens. As I was on my way to my wedding rehearsal, her husband calls me back and says that she was stuck in traffic. So I told him that I would call her to meet with her after my dinner rehearsal party and he said okay.
At my dinner rehearsal, I kept calling her& texting her. NO ANSWER. I call& text her husband, NO REPLY. It was already 10:30pm and I still do not hear back from them. Finally I get a text and it was her, and all she messages me is "I am at a wedding." Having no consideration or thought that we were suppose to meet for the linens.
I tell her I am extremely worried, & asked if I will have linens tomorrow. she replies the breaking news "the lady bringing me the chocolate linens has not shown up so I changed the chocolate with mango and mocha. You can go to the house to see them. . At this point I was so infuriated that she made me wait this long and at 11pm before my wedding date she tells me that she doesn't have the linens that she promised me.
I went to Eva's house to meet w/ her husband to look at the mango and mocha color linens that they had and was utterly disappointed The combinations were soo unattractive. as told them if they at least had ivory color linens I'd be willing to switch with that, they said yes but I would still have to wait the morning of my wedding to pick it up from them. Would I really be able to trust them after all of this?AllI could do at that point was go back to my hotel and pray. Then my matron of Honors mom calls to tell me she might have the dark brown linens from a friend who is also a wedding planner but I'd have to wait till the morning too.
So it's 8am on my wedding day and I did not yet hear back from Eva nor my matron of honors friend. So I decided to drive back to eva's house and just get what I could. When I got there I saw her husband and I asked for her and he lied to me and said he didn't know where she was at. He told me to call her. But I asked if he could just call her and he said he didnt have his phone. (even though he was at home. Sad.)
I told him I would just settle with the ivory linens and before he went to get them, he said do you have the cash? I was lost for words. I told him I had my checkbook, and that Eva didn't confirm the type of payment. The husband had the nerve to say, that he could not give me the llinens unless I had cash. OMG! My wedding was hours away! I have to be back at my hotel in an hour to leave and get my hair and makeup done,I don't have time to drive back to the hotel and back here!!!!!!! Have some SYMPATHY! My wedding is HOURS AWAY!
Here was his response, "well, you gotta have sympathy for me too, what if your check bounces?" at that point I was fuming. I was soooo hurt, I yelled MY WEDDING IS HOURS AWAY!!!! I BALLED INTO TEARS! I was just like forget it! So I ran back across the street to my other neighbor Crying my eyeballs out! I told her what happened and how UNPROFESSIONAL! INCONSIDERATE! And UNCOMPASSIONATE HER HUSBAND WAS.
My other next door neighbor told me, "you don't have linens, I know they are giving you a hard time, but you need to get their linens, I will pay for it and you just pay me back.So we went across the street to tell them that we will take the linens and that my other neighbor would just pay for it. We got to the door and sure enough there was Eva drying her hair with a towel, she WAS there all along, her husband just lied to me! Unbelievable!
I told Eva we will just take the ivory linens. So we waited in their living room as they turned their garage upside down searching for all the ivory linens they had which took almost an hour. THEN!I get a phone call and it's my matron of honors mom telling me she has all the dark brown linens for me! hahaha the funny part was that the linen lady and husband were drenched in sweat trying to pull out the ivory linens they had in their garage. I went out and told them to just stop what they're doing because my friend came through, she had the brown linens I needed, and that I no longer needed their services and left. 2 hours before the wedding started I get a text from Eva which reads, we have all the ivory linens, they are free for you since I couldn't have my chocolate ones back. Whatever you want to borrow totally free
Services Used: Flowers
I hire her to help me out on the last 3 weeks of my wedding prep. The day of she did an awesome job. She did everything I wanted her to do. My mistake was booking the service without doing research. Now that the wedding has past I know for a fact I paid too much for 3 weeks of planning (which I had already done) and the day of the wedding. Service was great nonetheless.
Services Used: Wedding Planning
We had our wedding professionally planned and executed by our my own team! It was an incredible experience. My fiance and I decided to go for a destination wedding in the Riviera Maya and A Fairytale Wedding's experienced team was the company to hire. After receiving their certification from the various associations and love Mexico was the key that allowed them to just make our wedding magical. The all inclusive hotels, the pre-wedding events and the actual wedding day were flawless and just breath taking. The Riviera Maya just has soooooo much to offer for every single guest we invited to our wedding. A Fairytale wedding team knew the local vendors and what we would have spent for what we got would have been five times more expensive and there really is no other place like the Riviera Maya........ totally unforgettable. I've helped AFTW plan and execute weddings all over the United States, so I knew exactly what I wanted and who would get it done! It truly is sad to read some of the comments of people like the one below... poor girl was a stalker....... She wanted everything FREE and she literally followed one of the owners of the company home to do this! so vendors beware of abusive and intrusive brides!!!
Services Used: Flowers


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