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For the brides looking for simple, non-traditional wedding dresses for outdoor, destination or mountaintop weddings. Prices range from $495-$1495. No pouff here! For the Eco-Chic bride.... Read more
For the brides looking for simple, non-traditional wedding dresses for outdoor, destination or mountaintop weddings. Prices range from $495-$1495. No pouff here! For the Eco-Chic bride. Only by appointment. Read less
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I am baffled by this lady that owns this place. This is a side business for her, and in my opinion she can't handle it and should just quit it instead of barely juggling it and screwing up and acting like it's the customer's problem when she gets called on it.

You can find no-frills, no-train non-poufy dresses at lots of other places - I did successfully!! So don't give this place another thought. It's not worth the trouble.
But,f you're willing to work around her schedule, with almost complete disregard for your own, then be my guest.... No other bridal place has given me anything but a great experience - except her.

I tried to book an appointment multiple weeks ahead of time in order to get an appt. with her on the one special day that my friends and family would be flying in from all over the country to help me dress shop. I jumped through all of Grace's hoops, sending her information, pictures of dresses, etc, all over email, each time asking if I could please book an appointment for this one day. She never acknowledged my appt requests, and then stopped writing back. I finally tried calling again the week before my shopping day (when I first called I was directed to email her) and got an appt with her sister on my shopping day. So that was good.

Grace called me late the day before the appt. and canceled it, saying it "wasnt' good" for them. Then, she emailed me requesting all the information and dress pics as if she and I had never done all that emailing before (face-palm). Oh, and also that if I showed up for that appt, I wouldn't be helped.

When I politely reminded her I've already sent her all that info, and had done it weeks ago in order to make sure I could get an appt on that one day, she emailed back and said "well I can't book appts that far ahead of time because of my other job". and insinuated that it was too bad that I was inflexible with my only-one-shopping-day problem.

OMG where do I even begin?!!? She could have told me weeks ago, when I first emailed with her, that she couldnt' book an appt so far ahead - instead, she just ignored my appt requests and didn't email me back, basically dropping me as a potential customer. Yes, I had only one day to shop, and *that's why I tried to book so early*. But now, apparently, when my one day is near, I'm being inflexible because I only will accept an appt on that one day that's "not good" for her now. ????!!!?? She also added that other brides were more flexible than I am in working around her schedule because of her expertise - insinuating I was being difficult?
Seriously??!!!?? I did everything right in trying to plan ahead and I don't know what more I could have done. Her responses, while very polite on the surface, have insinuated a lot and have had the most oblivious attitude to customer service I have really ever experienced. And trust me, I am the least difficult, least demanding person ever. I bend over backwards like a contortionist for people, but not here - this lady is really ridiculous.

Go to Boulder Bridal on Walnut instead - they carry a lot of the same dresses and are super easy and nice to work with!!!!!
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My dress was very affordable and they took it in perfectly. Thank you.
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This is a VERY unique place to come looking for dresses. I came at the right time...after looking at all the traditional bridal stores and not really finding the "one". It's such a daunting process anyway! At A Less Formal Affair, it's more hands-on and they will bring the dresses to you, based on what you like and your body type. They will be up front about what looks good on you and what doesn't. I really needed that guidance because I liked "everything" I tried on at most stores. In my first visit Grace found the perfect dress for me - the perfect balance of embellishments and simpleness. I was even able to customize it by choosing a lace and beaded band to go around the waist. It was completely unique and I felt like I put my own stamp on it!

The seamstress there did an excellent job fitting it for me and service was great! If you get turned off by those pushy, busy, overwhelming bridal stores go visit Grace and breathe a sigh of relief!!
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A Formal Affair provides an excellent selection of wedding dresses that you won't find most other places - simple, yet gorgeous. The staff was generally helpful, although often very busy.
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