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Based on the belief that everyone should be able to
have their special day celebrated in the way they wish,
Rev. Jody Jackett would be happy to help you
celebrate your... Read more
Based on the belief that everyone should be able to
have their special day celebrated in the way they wish,
Rev. Jody Jackett would be happy to help you
celebrate your day without the angst of pressure from
family or friends for the “traditional” religious
ceremonies. Read less


What officiant services do you provide?
Civil Union, Interfaith Ceremony, Non-religious Ceremony, Single Religion Ceremony
What religious affiliations do you serve?
Agnostic, Buddhist, Christian (no denomination), Christian - Anglican, Christian - Baptist, Christian - Catholic, Christian - Episcopalian, Christian - Lutheran, Christian - Methodist, Christian - Mormon, Christian - Orthodox, Christian - Presbyterian, Christian - Quaker, Evangelical
Can you accommodate the hearing impaired?
Are you willing to perform a ceremony at a non-religious site?
Yes. The Churches are no longer the only place for two people to be wed. Some like the confines of their own back yard. Some in a park, out with nature. And where ever the couple wish to be joined is not for me to say.
Are you flexible in the wording used throughout the ceremony, including the vows?
Oh yes. I meet with the couple and get a feeling for who and what they are. What is their passion for each other and try to involve those thoughts and ideas into words. I even allow them to write some of the ceremony if they wish to.
Do you allow the couple to write their own vows, if desired?
Again, yes. It's their day. They have every right to say what is in their hearts.
Do you have a list of readings pre-selected, from which the couple must choose?
I have some suggested readings. But again, the heart tells them what is right for them.
Do you require that premarital counseling be done?
No. When I sit with the couple I can tell if they need anything like that. I may offer them my benefit of experience.. but I'm not a counselor. There are professionals for that.
Are you willing to perform pre-ceremony rehearsals?
Absolutely. I find it almost essential. Something may come up and need to be changed at the last minute. Rehearsals are great places to get all the questions answered.


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Initially Reverend Jody was a joy to deal with. He was very understanding, asked all necessary questions, covered all of the details I hadn't even thought of. Nearing the wedding is when we started having problems. He'll tell you that your day is your day and he does not do more than one wedding per day. He booked a wedding over an hour away from ours for earlier that day and though he was still on time, he made rehearsal very difficult. He insisted a couple times we reschedule our rehearsal around the other wedding's rehearsal. (which isn't easy to do when your wedding party members are flying in from out of state.)
I laid out the ceremony as I wanted it, who was walking with who, in what order and to what music. He didn't read any of the information I sent him and was UN-prepared come rehearsal. He also didn't listen to myself or my wedding planner during rehearsal. And as a kicker....pronounced my name wrong for the first hour of rehearsal, again and again even though multiple people corrected him. It took my fiance raising his voice and angrily correcting him near the end, for him to stop and write out the correct way to say my name.
Poor communication.
Services Used: Officiant
A Time to Remember responded with the following comments:

If this wedding had been done on the original date it was booked for, it would have been the only one I had that date. This wedding was originally cancelled and rescheduled for one year later. At the time it was rescheduled, I already had a booking for that date. Trying to be understanding, I let this couple know I had another couple booked for that date but would be able to make both ceremonies without a problem. The other wedding was only 30 minutes away (Hartland to AA) and the ceremonies were 2.5 hours apart. As for the name .. For some reason I had it in my head Corrine was pronounced (Cor-een) even though the bride pronounces it differently (Cor-in). The important thing is that it was pronounced properly for the ceremony. When this bride arranged for the rehearsal, again the other couple already had made plans for that time. Usually the Minister is in charge of the Wedding ceremony details, however in this case the Bride wanted this wedding outdoors even if it rained. As for who was walking with whom, and to what music, the bride had the music timed for the entry of the attendants down to the second. The entry was not a normal entry, but choreographed. I don't know of anyone that could time how fast someone walked from point A to point B on a consistent basis, let alone time it so the music faded just at the split second the last person was in place. As it turned out, Due to inclement weather we ended up having the wedding indoors. Granted, it didn't help that I had a broken foot and was dealing with that as well. I went out of my way to obtain flowers that their florist was supposed to leave for the ceremony. Albeit, the flowers were fake, it's all I could find for the ceremony with less than 5 minutes prior to the wedding ceremony.
I understand that not every wedding is going to go as planned, but as a professional I do care what people think about my services. I've not missed a ceremony in all the years I've been doing weddings. And I've dealt with many couples, under extenuating circumstances. I'm very sorry this bride feels in any way let down by my services to her on her wedding day. Rev. Jody Jackett


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