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Here at A-1, we provide DJ, Photo Video Services. We know each other, and offer Discounts on "Bundle Packages" for several services at one time. You are more than free just to hire one... Read more
Here at A-1, we provide DJ, Photo Video Services. We know each other, and offer Discounts on "Bundle Packages" for several services at one time. You are more than free just to hire one of us though, if that's what you need.

We are PROFESSIONALS with PRO Gear - some pictured below (DJ) and we take pride in our work. We do this FULL-TIME, this is our business, our life. Here at A-1, we work as our own people. We do not hire out just anyone. We are a team of 6 people, and that's it! NO ONE ELSE! Know whom you are hiring! We have 4 photographers, (Michelle and her 3 assistants) and 1 Videographer (Ruth) and 1 DJ (Lee)

We all have current licenses, and insurance. As far as DJ, Lee uses all CD's - no Laptop, and no iPod... (lol) We DO have a small office in town if you want to meet there, or we can meet anywhere you want to introduce ourselves and get information on Your Event and you information on Us and our Company. It's up to YOU... We are a LOCAL Company with a LOCAL number and ONLY the workers listed above. We are proud to say we are not a "Nationwide" Company nor are we a local Multi-Op Company Sending out the work to several people or other companies.....

Our prices are standard, and work for ALL events! The upgrades are simple - and Photography includes More Shots or More Prints of the shots took, or special photos/englargements. Video is more DVD's or Video Tapes of your Event or Wedding - and for DJ it is more lighting or DVD-Music Videos and/or Karaoke. Note for DJ - Lee always brings a good sound system to ALL events! Don't fall prey to some companies whom say "We'll Bring a Sound Syatem that works best for your event, and you can upgrade it if you want to" Lee always uses the best and just lowers the levels for smaller events! So look, there's no worries, our prices are our prices, not a starting point that only goes up after you book us with all this extra stuff and upgrades and add-ons that we throw at you after we're hired. And we will work with your budget should you need help. Just ask. We are here for YOU! We will admit we are not one of the cheapest companies in town, but we are also not near the highest-priced. We provide QUALITY SERVICES, and hope this shows. If you want to hire a cheap company, for a small price, keep in mind that's the kind of service you will get. No one of "Quality" service gives it away for pennies on the dollar by charging very low prices!

As far as our Models, they can work at a Wedding to "Liven Up" the night and make it more memorable, or can work Conventions - or even "House Parties", or "Night Clubs/Raves." Yes, they are experienced, and do it all. As we like to say "Only the Best" at A-1, and these girls have the looks and experience as a model to prove that!

Thanks for reading this - see below pictures for more information - and feel free to call or e-mail Lee for more information. Remember - Don't just hire anyone to "Entertain" you and your guests... Hire A-1 DJ "Entertainment" - where we do what our name says! Don't hire bands or singers with limited playing capabilities and only certain generas available! We play all kinds of music and every type of genera! We look forward to hearing from you, and meeting with you to discuss your needs and our services, and how we can work together to make your day a truly special one you will never forget for the rest of your life! Read less




What music genres are in your collection?
50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, Acoustic, Big Band, Classic Rock, Classical, Country, Dance, Folk, Funk, Gospel, Hip Hop, Jazz, Motown, Oldies, Orchestra, Pop, Punk Rock, R&B, Rock, Soul, Strings, Swing, World
Do you have liability insurance?
Describe your DJ style:
My DJ Style is Custom Tailored to the Bride and Groom I am DJ-ing for. I can do anything from Classical to Club to Country to Hip-Hop to Rock! It just depends on what My Client wants! I use ONLY CD players and CD's. No bulky, outdated records, and NO PC's or iPods to crap out in the middle of an event unexpectedly. I have over 100,000 Songs!
What is your usual attire?
Tux, Vest, Dress Shirt, Dress Socks, Dress Shoes, Belt, Tie! I have also dressed "Samoan" "Hawaiian" "Mexican" and more for "Themed Events" or "Themed Weddings" - so, needless to say, I will dress however my client wants me to dress!
If you do not have one of the songs pre-requested by the client, do you require that they provide it?
No - I have an extensive network of DJ,s Producers, and Music sites, if they request it (before the Wedding) - I can buy it and have it for them no problem. The fact is though, with OVER 100,000 songs in my CD library as of now, usually this is not a problem at all! I usually have all the songs people request!
How many other DJs do you work with?
None. I am my own company and I work alone. I HATE Companies that hire out several P/T DJ's under their name. If you call me, e-mail me, or see me - you will have an event DJ-ed by ME - not someone else you have never seen before! Common bait and switch from a lot of Companies in Vegas is to sell themselves, or their company then hire out any 'ol DJ to do the event!
What is the minimum amount of time you will DJ for?
I have DJ-ed corporate events and small events for just an hour. I doubt any Weddings are that short. But if I get called upon for that time, I will do it. My MAIN Issue here is many Reception halls act like 3-4 Hours is PLENTY of time for a good Wedding. Hahahaha! I say 5-6 hours MINIMUM - because B+G sometimes run late, even if not planned or they try real hard - and the Photographer usually needs time for extra shots, and many things can happen and sometimes we start just a bit late at most Weddings. Just a fact of life. Also I find many B+G's booking 3-4 hours, and even if not late and with a faster "Buffet" Dinner - there is not much time in the end for a good dance party! So I really hope people reading this ask for MORE TIME from the reception hall they rent out. Look, all some of the halls want is 10 Weddings in 1 day to make more $ - so they always book standard packages at small time periods that are really not long enough!
Is the client able to meet the DJ before booking?
Yes, and I encourage it. I LOVE to meet with Brides (and/or Grooms, Parents etc etc) before I DJ for them. That should be standard with all companies - to meet with your DJ before the Wedding.
Do you specialize in any ethnic or international events?
Yes and No. I do these events a LOT - because I have been in the biz so long, and have a lot of Ethnic Music. However I don't do just these, and specialize in them. I specialize in ALL Weddings - Ethnic or Not, and ALL other events too - not just Weddings!
Do you bring your own equipment?
Of Course. Who does not - unless they rent equipment or it's a BIG Company that just hires anyone to DJ and gives them some music and the companies own equipment to use for the event they work at. I have some of the best equipment in it's class and best lighting available to a "Mobile DJ"
What (if any) special equipment, such as disco balls or lighting, is offered with your service?
Yes, as a standard ALL my BEST equipment is provided in my service. The ONLY Upgrade is extra lighting if the B+G really like lots of lights! Here at A-1, My standard is to provide GREAT Audio Equipment, GREAT Lighting - and not to make the B+G "Upgrade" and pay extra to get my good equipment. If there is something they do not want used at en event, like my Disco Ball, I simply won't use it.
How much time do you usually need to set up? Do you require that the site or client provide a table for you to set up on?
No Table Needed - I have my OWN Equipment, to INCLUDE Stands! Some "Cheap DJ's" ask for chairs, stands, tables, power cords and such from Reception halls. How Cheesy!!! Far as setup I usually NEED 3-4 hours to bring equipment from my Van to the Reception Hall, set it up, test it for optimal placement, and also to test the levels of lighting and sound. BUT if I don't have that time - I have an assistant I can bring to set-up much quicker. Some Reception halls can be an azz and not give the DJ enough time to setup, I am ready for that.
Do you have any extra space requirements?
Nope. Just normal space requirements. I am not a Band, or a DJ that has equipment that's big and bulky! Loads of cheap equipment take a lot of space - but my sleek, stylish, and "High Class" equipment fits into even really small spaces!
Do you usually emcee the event or talk between songs?
Sometimes. One time a B+G requested NO talking - PERIOD!! So I never talked. But usually once in a while I will to keep the guests informed of what's going on, what's next and such. Keeping guests informed of the night and involved in the events of the night, they will stay longer and the Wedding will be a LOT more fun. I don't talk a lot, no, that's cheesy, but I do talk some to keep the Wedding Flowing Smoothly and Guests Staying at the Reception longer.
What is your policy on taking breaks? If you require a meal break, do you require that the client provide your meal?
NO Never. Some B+G's or Mothers, Fathers etc etc - some of them require I eat - or insist I eat - and I will. It's ONLY proper and Polite to accept an offer if asked to eat. But if not asked, I won't eat! That simple. It's all up to my client!
Will you arrange for recorded music to play during your breaks?
No Breaks, sorry! Hire a Band if you want times with no music at your Wedding!
What is your backup plan in case you become unavailable on the day of the event?
Yes I do. I have friends I have known for years that are just as good as me, and if I cannot make it to an event, or they cannot to one of their events, we can call on each other anytime!
What is your overtime rate?
Same as Current Rate divided up. For instance, IF (an example) I was charging $10/hr to DJ - Overtime would be $5 per 30 minuets of Overtime. BUT - Keep in mind as a STANDARD I have music playing and am "All Set-Up" 1/2 hour before event start - and will stay up to 30 minuets AFTER event end for FREE!
Do you charge for travel expenses? If yes, how much do you charge?
Only if travel longer than a 2-hour drive from Las Vegas. Anything closer is FREE! Free areas include: Mt. Charleston, Parumph, Mesquite, Boulder City, Henderson, Primm, Jean, Sandy Valley, and MORE! Areas I charge for include California, Arizona, Utah, and such!


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We were so busy before the wedding to give much pointers.Nevertheless, the videographer was able to do a great job.They were AMAZING....everywhere but never in the way....simply amazing.
Services Used: Videography
I called the office at A-1 and got a Voice Mail. I then called the cell and got the same. Initially I was not happy I could not talk to someone but 2 hours later the Owner Called and explained he was at a Party as the DJ and had the phone off.

Boy am I glad he called. I needed Video and Photo services as well, so Lee provided them too. The unique thing was his Mom whom Makes handmade Soaps and Candles. She made for me some of the most unique and best looking Wedding Favors and decorations I have ever seen. And I have been to a few Weddings before. Totally Unexpected. I asked Lee if he has his own hall and minister and catering company too lol

The service was impecable. The music perfect. I admit I had a long list of songs for him, but he played every one and also mixed in his own selections that topped off the night and made the dance party a HUGH success. I mean it's not often you get guests calling me thanking you for a great time. Usually they leave after the cake. BUt Lee has a Wedding Game he did and so many cool things he did all night long. The Custom Intros he made for me and my Hubby. The Theme songs during the events of the night.

It all made sense. This was no cheap Cheesy DJ - it was a Professional DJ that I was happy I hired!!! His Photographer and Video Person really did good too. WOW! The best pictures and Video I have seen in a long time. Many unique poses and the video was done really cool!

I would highly recommend Lee and his team. My company is using him for our Corporate Holiday Party too - I can't wait! Can I please rate Lee a 10? 5 is not enough lol

Thanks again.........

Marissa Palmer
Services Used: Ceremony Music, DJ, Flowers, Photography, Videography, Unique Services
A-1 DJ Entertainment, Photography & Video responded with the following comments:

Thanks Marissa. Yes, many don't know the extent I go through with their event. There's more than a Consultation and a laptop with Playlists, like some DJ's do. I still use CD's anyways, my friend (a DJ - un named to be nice to him) had his Laptop crap out at one Wedding ewwww... Not for me. I make custom intros for each client based on their likes and tastes... That does take time to produce before the Wedding. I mean there is a lot I do behind the scenes most won't know about and I thank you for noticing some of that woprk and commenting on it! You are the best!
Lee and his team of Photographer & Videographor & Party Gals/Motivators were great! They did exactly what they said they were going to, and everything went off perfectly. All I had to do was "show up" and have a Great and Memorable Wedding - Lee and his team did the rest! The DJ had really fun and unique intros and themed songs for the events like G+Bouq, Grand Entrance and such, and played great music all night. The Sound and lighting system was great also! Photography and Video was superb and I love My Photos and DVD's!
Services Used: Ceremony Music, DJ, Photography, Videography
A-1 DJ Entertainment, Photography & Video responded with the following comments:

Thanks for the Review... I enjoy making everyone's day one to remember. A day you will cherish for a lifetime. That's my job is to make my clients day perfect, and I am glad to have done that yet again.


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