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12 magazine st. , apt.608
Cambridge, MA US 02139 (map)
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4.9 out of 5.0

My name is Edwin Pena and I am writing this review to express my appreciation for the services provided by Maria Gomez and her staff in relation to my wedding which was held at the San Juan Marriott and Stellaris Casino in Condado, San Juan, Puerto Rico on August 29, 2009. My wife and I am are residents of the State of New York and decided to have a destination wedding in Puerto Rico. For us, it was necessary to delegate responsibities associated with our wedding to someone that we could trust in the island and that is where Maria stepped in. After meeting Maria, my wife and I knew that she was the right person for the job. She seemed responsible and trustworthy. We described the vision of our wedding and she took it as her own. When we mentioned to her the estimated cost of a flower vendor, she recommended us to reconsider the vendor as the cost provided to us was extremely high. Maria got us in contact with a new vendor who provided twice as more as the first vendor for nearly $1,000.00 less and if you are paying for your wedding the way we did, then you know that every penny counts. During the months prior to the wedding, Maria was in contact with us and always returned our calls. As the wedding day got closer, she was constantly assisting us with the steps necessary to receive the marriage certificate and last minute needs such as excursions for my guests, transportation, providing directions and guidance to my guests. She also met with all the vendors in our presence to ensure that everyone would be in the same page come the wedding day. After these meetings, we were assured that we had hired a wedding planner that was looking out for our personal interests. On the wedding day, her maternal insticts kicked in when she figured out a way to assist me with the unavoidable hangover, calming me when rain showers almost ruined the big day. She engineered a Plan B and we had a beautiful indoor ceremony. Maria is a workhorse. The day of the wedding arrived very early in the morning and must have left the reception hall at almost 2:00 am. Don't listen to anonymous sources who must likely are competitors who are looking to damage her reputation. My wife and I would highly recommend Maria and if you would like more personal accounts, feel free to call me at my cell phone number (646) 326-3947. Good luck on the big day!

Services Used: Beauty & Health, Dress & Attire, Favors & Gifts, Flowers, Wedding Planning, Wedding Venue
0.2 out of 5.0
I wish I could have seen the other review before my wedding!! I would never recommend her, not even to my worst enemies! She charged 100% in advanced and refused to reimburse me a pennie!! My wedding became the worst nightmare: she did a few things and left early in the afternoon, leaving a replacement who knew literally nothing and couldn't handle any unexpected problem!!--like basic phone calls to check punctuality with suppliers!! AMONG OTHER THINGS: Flowers were withered and she changed the chosen color!! In other cases she changed to cheaper flowers than the ones stated in the contract!! Some flowers were supposed to be moved from the ceremony to the reception and nobody did it!! Ceremony flowers were fewer than paid and expected, and also she put them on the floor and no pedestal was provided!! There was no coordination at all in my event, even the hotel admit it!! And after all that (and there was even more) she refused to reimburse a pennie!!
Services Used: Flowers, Wedding Planning
0.0 out of 5.0
If you are considering booking Eventos Frida consider yourself lucky by reading this: DO NOT BOOK AS A VENDOR!!!
I had the absolute worst experience ever possible with Maria, the owner, florist, and planner behind Eventos Frida. Here is a summary of what went wrong:
-Untimely responses to emails, phone calls, and text messages. She would LITERALLY take 3 weeks (sometimes more) to respond to an email. She came up with excuses as to why she didn't get my voicemails: lost phone, dropped it in the toilet, bad signal. She had an excuse for EVERYTHING.
-Severe procrastinator. She did not make me aware of many things that I was going to need prior to making the trip to Puerto Rico from Chicago for the wedding. She blamed me for not having things such as my seating cards, ect when as my planner, she oculd have set an expectation. Many of my vendors, who were otherwise top knotch, gave me complaints that she lacked communication for vital parts of the actual wedding day.
-Quality was incomparable to what I paid for.
I had a budget of 3,000 and I can tell you for my flowers for the ceremony and reception, I would be lucky if there were 900 dollars worth of decor. Her contract was vague and left a lot out of decor and details for the day of. Because of a poor communication and her lack of organization my fiance and I were forced to pay out of pocket over a thousand dollars in mulitple last minute things that could have been avoided. Considering how last minute it was and how much money we were spending I brought this to her attention and basically told her that I didn't think it was fair and that she had been unprepared and now I was literally paying for it. Apparently I offended her and she then quit as my planner. All that I can say is that she was completely unprofessional and disrespectful, I am just blessed to have found other, more capable vendors to come together and clean up her mess.
Services Used: Wedding Planning
2.0 out of 5.0
Would not recommend that your wedding planner is also the person decorating your church and venue. Venue looked great but almost no flowers AT ALL at the church. Now I have to deal with ugly church pictures. Used old wilted flowers for my bouquet. She is also a procrastinator so watch out.
Services Used: Flowers, Wedding Planning
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