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Best little shop in Grand Junction by far. I gave them my budget and they went right to a rack and picked out my perfect dress. Plus they gave me 15 % off all my other purchases. I shopped everywhere else and they are the best BY FAR! Made my special day more special knowing I was in a beautiful dress that didn't cost me my first born :).
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I am very torn about how to review this shop. They had some very pretty dresses and the sales girl I worked with was pretty good. But other things just really irritated me about shopping here.

The bad news:
-They do not allow you to take photos of you in the dress. This was a big deal to me. I wanted to look at pictures and compare later, but they are absolutely paranoid about you recreating the dress yourself (could do that without photos if you really had the time and skill set for that sort of thing).
-I asked them to write the name and style of the dress I was interested so I could find and internet picture to ponder since they were too paranoid to let me take a picture of the dress. They wrote "Mary 1612" The dress was Mori Lee 1612. Of course, I figured this out after checking the tag. I felt so disgusted that they would lie about this that I almost just ordered the dress online (what I assume they are lying to prevent).
-Someone (I think it was the owner) was saying some rather personal things about an acquaintance of hers that did not come off as professional at all.
-The consultant only suggested a couple dresses and we were left to choose ones to try mainly on our own (this could also be a good thing depending on one's shopping style).

The good news:
-I came in to try on the dress at least 3 times and the consultant was very helpful/patient about it (the second I put down the deposit, they let me take pictures)
- I moved to Texas soon after purchasing the dress and they called me when it came in and were very helpful with arranging shipping. They made sure I was happy with the shipping costs before just sending it on.
-All of my bridesmaids got their dresses here and none had complaints
-I had one bridesmaid that was dragging her feet a bit and they called me to let me know that the ordering deadline was approaching and that she had yet to come in to order her dress (I was in Texas, so couldn't just take all of the bridesmaids in at once). They also called me to let me know that the same bridesmaid had failed to pick up her dress, as well as gave her an extra week to collect her dress since she was out of town when they called me.
-I had an out of town bridesmaid and she had absolutely no problems getting her dress.
-When I came in to look at dresses with my mom, the sales girl recognized me even though I'd lost quite a bit of weight and they were very helpful.

Overall, my experience with this store (aside from the lying/paranoia) wasn't bad. My dress came out great. My bridesmaids looked amazing in their dresses. If they would reconsider some of the ways they do business, this could be a really lovely store.
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2+ years ago
We were not greeted when we walked into the store, and it appeared as though we were more of a nuisance than a potential customer, so we left without trying anything on.
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Blushing Bride
Store had a great deal, but was hard to work with and place smelled like cat urine. I'm still shocked I actually got my dress here.
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