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The driver was INCREDIBLY RUDE. They were unprofessional, rarely called back, difficult to get ahold after setting up initially, and changed the price 3 times. Would NOT recommend!!
Services Used: Transportation
This has to be the worst and most SHADY limousine company in the area. We hired this service for both my bachelorette party, our wedding party, and get-a-way vehicle. The day after the bachelorette party we began frantically searching for another limo company and fired these guys.

When the limousine showed up for my bachelorette party, my sister's first comment was "That isn't the limo I asked for!" And it wasn't. Apparently, this limo was a "Free Upgrade." My sister works for a rental car company and said "Free Upgrade" usually means "We don't have the car you asked for." And our "Free Upgrade" was a HOT mess. Lights were burned out on the outside, black electrical tape was holding the bumper on, and, on one of the hottest days of the summer, the air conditioner on one side of the car didn't work. Later, we would find out, they double-booked the car we actually ordered that day and the earlier party took longer than expected. To me, it seems like they screwed up, so we should have gotten some sort of break or discount, but no.

The driver attempted to snow my sister and tell her she didn't need to read over the contract. Fortunately she did, and in it was a clause that said she wouldn't complain that the A/C was broken. Otherwise wouldn't be the wiser AND would have signed something saying we were okay with it! We were absolutely NOT okay with it, but the guy said he couldn't allow us to board the vehicle until the contract was signed.

When we got into the limousine, it was obvious it hadn't been cleaned. There was ice on the floor and other people's belongings left inside (things that would have been picked up if he had actually attempted to clean it).

He was a TERRIBLY jerky and unsafe driver and when my sister mentioned that to the company, they basically called us all a bunch of drunks (even though, for a bachelorette party, the majority of us were pretty sober!) We were in such a hurry to get off the limousine, that my sister left her iPod behind and still has yet to get it back because they will not return her phone calls.

She called them later on to complain and explained that my future husband and I were having second thoughts about the service since our experience was so terrible. He said "We have no interest in doing business with that party anyway." They did have interest in taking our $500.00 deposit, interestingly enough. The company also doesn't have an OFFICE so when we tried to stop by and talk to them, there wasn't an actual place to go except for the parking lot of Bass Pro. Wha?

In the end, we cancelled because although our contract said we'd be getting a 25 passenger limo (which we needed) it actually only seated 22. It took them FOREVER to refund our deposit (which, thank God, they did.) We were much happier with the second company we found and would recommend them to anyone. It was fabulous, comfortable, fun, and our limo driver didn't drive like a maniac.

Bachelorette Limo Ride - $1000.00
Missing iPod - $200.00
Cancelling with Affordable and booking with Kelly Limousine: an additional $500.00
Great service from a company that treats you with respect: priceless
Services Used: Transportation
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