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Agape Weddings

Bakersfield , CA


9913 Riata Ln
Bakersfield, CA 93306 US (map)




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Agape Weddings is a full service event planning company. Owned and operated by certified wedding Consultant, Heather Brandon, we strive to make each event elegant and stress free.
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Agape Weddings is a full service event planning company. Owned and operated by certified wedding Consultant, Heather Brandon, we strive to make each event elegant and stress free.

From Heather:

"I started planning events while living in Orange County in 2002. As social chair of my sorority, I learned how to make beautiful and fun events happen, no matter what the circumstances. After returning to my hometown and marrying my husband, James, I became passionate about marraige and what it really means. I understand the stress that planning a wedding puts on relationships, not just with our fiance, but with our families as well. I want other people to be free of this stress so that they can focus on what matters in a wedding, the beginning of a marriage. That's when I realized that I had the perfect background to be an event planner. The experiences I had planning events, combined with my experiences directing theatre became the perfect combination. So let me worry about the details. Give yourself the chance to plan for your future!"

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Do you offer a catalog of products or custom products?
Catalog Products
Do you handle design, printing, and assembly?
Assembly, Printing


What wedding planning services do you offer?
Day-of Coordinator, Full Planning, Partial Planning


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9913 Riata Ln, Bakersfield, CA 93306 See On Map
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