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Westfield Southgate Mall, 3501 S. Tamiami Trail, #133
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The flowers were so amazing!!!!!!
Services Used: Flowers
The most beautiful, fresh, flower arrangements I have ever seen! Top notch florist and would highly recommend!!!
Services Used: Flowers
I have thought long and hard about this review. My wedding was actually nearly two years ago. I started by going in and talking to this florist, with whom I was acquainted (Deborah had put together a boutonnier for a son's Military Ball). She came to my house, the venue for my upcoming wedding, and we talked at length about my vision for the wedding weekend. A few days later, I decided to move the ceremony to my parents' house some four blocks away from the original site. My officiant recommended to me a Wedding Planner. By the time I called Deborah (with Exceptional Florist) at the new venue, we walked around the grounds of my parents' Bay Front home and discussed a new vision, and I explained that I would hire a wedding planner. This clearly irritated the florist, who told me SHE was trying to break into the Wedding Planner business, and didnt understand why she had given me so much time when I was not going to have HER be the Planner. At that time, we hammered down the details of what she would (and would NOT!) do and I agreed to get her a list of exactly WHO would need what kind of boutonierre, bouquet, arrangement, etc. We planned to be married under the palm trees, using a plant-covered bench as the focal point. The floristagreed to make a large arrangement for the bench. I told her I wanted a framed focal point with lace, flowers, whathave you, and that I wanted two urns with large plants in them to flank us. We planned to have our children as "attendants:" four boys, four girls. She told me I would need to rent the urns and plants myself, and that the wedding planner would have to figure out the lacey focal point; she, not being the Official Wedding Planner, would NOT have time to include these efforts in her fee. The evening of the wedding rolled around. I had spent the morning receiving and setting up all the rental items, which I had had to secure myself. I'd spend the afternoon running around fetching all the ordered food from the various places, picking up the cases of wines, and finally taking my hubby to be and myself for a three hour massage at our future honeymoon resort--which I also coordinated myself! (My mom kept saying, Isnt the wedding planner sposed to do all that??? But I'll explain that in another post when I review the wedding planner, with whom I was overall very pleased.) I was apparently in the back getting dressed when the flowers arrived. The wedding planners were there about an hour before the ceremony, making sure the chairs were tied with ribbons, everyone was where they were sposed to be and all was well. I only saw the florist when she brought me my single orchid for my hair. The bouquet someone brought me was beautiful! The little girls were all running around in their matching halter dresses and bare feet, each with a little wrist corsage or bouquet, and my sons all had beautiful bouttonieres. My mom came back to my dressing rooms, and had a pretty corsage on her dress....all looked well. The wedding was a tremendous event, a wonderful success, and we had the time of our lives. Despite a terrible, dark, ominous rainstorm that started literally one minute before our ceremony was scheduled, our wedding planners managed to bring what they could inside and set up the indoors to look as intimate and amazing as I could have hoped for. THe ceremony was wonderful. The party was even better. The honeymoon was glorious!!!! So imagine my flooding SHOCK when, two weeks later, I got my wedding album and saw that MY MOTHER IN LAW, MY FATHER, AND MY FATHER IN LAW, AS WELL AS MY SISTER, WERE ALL MISSING FLOWERS!!!! The only person who was not one of the children attendants wearing any flowers at all was MY MOTHER!!!!!!! CAN YOU IMAGINE A WEDDING IN WHICH THE MOTHER OF THE GROOM HAS NO FLOWERS WHILE STANDING NEXT TO THE MOTHER OF THE BRIDE, WHO IS WEARING A BIG, BEAUTIFUL CORSAGE???????? I just about pooped my pants, and I know that's gross, but I am made me sick to realize it then, and I have grown sicker as the months have gone by. To my MotherIn Law's credit, she neither said ONE WORD ABOUT IT
How do I think this happened?? I think my florist was so mad she did not get hired (ie, paid) as "the wedding planner" that MY wedding went to the bottom of her list. Therefore, she did a bare minimum effort and didnt bother to stick around at the actual event to make sure that everyone got the floral item they were supposed to, even tho the contract spelled out CLEARLY WHICH PERSON WAS TO HAVE WHAT KIND OF FLOWER. I think she couldnt be bothered, had no intention of spending any more than the smallest minute at my event, and just did not CARE. In all fairness, the arrangements she DID do, were very nice. Others told me over and over again that I should have hired Beneva Florist, the foremostwedding florist in town, I kept saying I had hired this lady because I thought she understood my somewhat quirky, avant-garde vision for the flowers I'd wanted I had gotten the idea that she was a sort of quirky/avant-garde artist/florist herself. I DEEPLY REGRET giving :An Exceptional Florist" the benefit of the doubt. In retrospect, I wish so much that I had listened to those around me who said, so what if she had a deposit, if you dont feel like you are getting the service you want! This other florist will truly do what you ask!! BUT NO I DID NOT LISTEN, AND I ENDED UP WITH HALF THE FAMILY WEARING NO FLOWERS, AND I'M SURE WONDERING WHY IN THE HELL NOT!!!! I JUST FIND THE WHOLE SITUATION SO INTOLERABLE i DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT COULD MAKE IT RIGHT! I am still so PISSED about what happened, I have, as you might guess, avoided posting these reviews. And in case you are wondering, I paid her a LOT of money> We are not talking about cutting corners here. For one large arrangement, 3 small ones, my bouquet, 4 small bouquets, I think 6-8 small boutonnieres, the two large corsages for the mother and mother in law, and the two large bouttonieres for the father and father in law ---which of course we did not recieve, plus my single orchid for my hair, I paid WELL OVER $1200. Time has gone by, and maybe the exceptional florist has gotten it together. I really beleived that she was the right person, and went against all my other vendors to keep her, when they ALL recommended another florist in town as hands-down the superior florist. I would have thought for that vote of confidence, she would have bent over backwards to do a good job. Instead, I had some of the most important people in the wedding: my dad, my father in law, and my mother in law, WITHOUT FLOWERS OF ANY KIND> To me this is just inexcusable, even two years later, and if you cant tell, I am still really, really angry, and really, really disappointed. I would not do any business whatsoever with "An Exceptional Florist" except to say that in my case, they were "Exceptionally Lousy!"
Services Used: Flowers


Westfield Southgate Mall, 3501 S. Tamiami Trail, #133, Sarasota, FL 34239 See On Map
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