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Surprised Bride
I called the Annabelle that morning and asked Patricia if there was anyone who could marry my fiance and me. The minister we had was in the hospital. I was in a panic! Patricia said if you can come now before my evening wedding I will marry you. We (7 of us)were there within 25 minutes. I had my wedding dress on. We could not believe we were getting married in a mansion. When I called I had no idea until we drove up the drive. Patricia married us right between the staircase and then she took pictures of us all over the mansion. I had the best wedding a bride could ever dream of...It was amazing and free!!! Patricia refused to take any money...I will never forget what she did for us and the mansion is so beautiful!! It was meant to be.
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I was forunate enough to have one of the last weddings at Annabelle Mansion in Oct.
I realized after I booked that Patricia was going through a bad time with a wedding coordinator who was trying to sabatoge her weddings. July 25th bride did not write the review the wedding coordinator did..she (the wedding coordinator left early that night.. Patricia and I got close and she shared her passion for all her brides. Patricia has an autistic son & could not be on site at all times, employees took advantage of her and would not do their work until she came out, and then she was running around getting everything ready before each wedding.Patrica had some great employees also but a wedding works as a team and one or two people trying to sabatoge a wedding is hard to keep at bay. Patricia is a perfectionist...the brides loved it and the employees not so much.She retired because she did not want to deal with people who just wanted to show up for work to get paid. She was extremely generous to her employees until they took more advantage than anyone could allow. They would then go to the internet such as the July 25th wedding and create doubts with the brides. The brides did not deserve this. Patricia had a great business and loved weddings, but these attacks on her caused her to lose her passion. The terrible thing about this is that it was not the brides; she loved them, but she could not deal with a bride doubting her because of lies.Thank God by the time my wedding took place all was well with the staff. It was an amazing wedding. I guess all business's go through up and downs and your staff are your blood line. Politics entered into the picture unfortunately.
I pray that she changes her mind and starts her wonderful Cinderela weddings back..
Thank you Patrica and Diane for an amazing wedding!
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The staff was amazing and wonderful. The house and cathedral are beautiful.
Dealing with the owner is like dealing with Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde.
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Ugh! is all I can say! I was expecting so much more from all the lactures on how this would be my fairytale day. My day WAS awesome but the staff at the mansion did not live up to their promise. Things did not get put out where they were supposed to mom and I were running around doing everything while they sat there and did nothing!

Luckily no one noticed and we all had a blast but to anyone who is getting married there make sure that you go OVER and OVER what you want done....and with the same person. I had three wedding coordinators during my time and this may have been what the mix up was.....anywho, good luck!
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