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Let me preface this by mentioning I was a guest of the wedding I attended. I thought the facility was very well put together, but I was COMPLETELY underwhelmed by the staff. The bar tender was over pouring drinks like vodka was water. Hardly anyone at my table could drink their beverages. He didn't know what a Shirley temple was and, when we explained it, he told us we wouldn't like it and also that it needed more vodka. Afterwards he bluntly asked for a tip for his terrible service.

The staff continually picked up plates of food and cups of water that we weren't finished with.

Lastly, the woman cutting the cake completely destroyed it. There was no rhyme or reason to how she was cutting it; she was just hacking away. The plate of cake looked horrendous. As a cake decorator myself, i was actually offended by this. In addition she was serving a piece of chocolate and vanilla cake on each plate and the chocolate cake clearly contained peanut butter and there was no thought put into the fact that people may have food allergies.

Overall the venue was nice, but the staff needed considerably more training, and unfortunately, that it was stuck with me and all the guests around me when I left the wedding.
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Ashford Oaks is very beautiful, very classy. The background of all of my pictures show how much effort they put into this facility. Chandeliers all over! Lanna (facility manager) was amazing for my rehearsal and wedding! She was hands on with my details and was not afraid to tell me when it wasn't possible or wouldn't be a good look. I had to take a star off (quality) because my ONLY con was that the dressing room for the bride was crazy small, I had 4 ladies in my party and it was crammed back there. No dressing room for the men at all, they had to dress in the rest room and then sit in a corner in the same room where the wedding was going to be. Another issue: (-star) I had an open bar, and I paid the bartender through my package, but the bartender harassed my guests for tips, even though they were already tipping, more than a few people told me that. Not so hot. Other than those 2 issues, I was extremely pleased! Very nice place.
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My wedding reception took place at Ashford Oaks in July of 2010. I preferred the coziness of this venue over the extravagant Chateau Crystale. Let me just say, they went above and beyond all my concerns, and my reception turned out to be amazing. My friends and family couldn't stop gushing about what an amazing night it was. The food was delicious and abundant! A lot of our guests were even able to get seconds from the buffet. The ceviche was amazing, and I had guests who kept mentioning it to me. The calamari. The fruit display. The chocolate fondue with strawberries. The entrees. The carving station. All the food was amazing. And the staff made me and my hubby feel like royalty that day. They served us plenty of EVERYTHING (we had our own mini-buffet at our table) and would ask if I needed anything about every five minutes! It's been four months and people still mention what a beautiful wedding it was. To me the most important thing about a wedding reception is the venue and the food! And that's why I'm so glad I went with Ashford Oaks. You get the best bang for your buck!!
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Maria & Zef
I got married in June 2010. Ashford Oaks came out to be more than what I thought I was going to be paying for. First off, Lana, the coordinator, I only have great things to say about her. She was AWESOME! She made us feel welcome and took care of us as a friend. We love her cheery attitude. She made sure everything ran smoothly during the reception and was constantly at our table making sure we were ok. The way they do decorations and setup is very impressive. The food was delicious, I can't say how many compliments we received on it. When Mr. Jay (owner) tells you, he only hires the best chef ever, I do believe that is true. As for the owner, Mr. Jay, he was absolutely wonderful! He is a busy person, but took the time to meet us and make sure we had everything we requested. We built a special friendship with the people at Ashford Oaks. As everyone who gets married, the experience has to be a loss for words for perfection, and my wedding definitely was. Ashford Oaks gives you more than what you pay for.
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I would definately recommend this venue to other brides. They did an excellent job for a great price. The food was absolutely wonderful.
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