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2.3 out of 5.0
A lot of hype - a lot of words , not a lot of result. This company really played themselves up so I had high hopes. They treated me like I was too picky - is this not MY wedding? In the end, I was WAY too easy on them and in the end I was not satisified. My DJ was SO quiet, the music was too low, he did not grab our crowd, he played some of our music in duplicate, not enough of what we asked and some crap we hated. So, rest assured, I know better now. You should not "assume" that these "wonderful DJ's" will get all that you say. This was very expensive and I wish we had gone with someone else. I will say I did like the purple up lighting. Other than that, below average service, unfortunately.
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Atmosphere Events DJ & Lighting responded with the following comments:

We have detailed paperwork to outline ceremony, reception, and specific music for dancing. When paperwork is not completed correctly or turned in very late it makes it hard to deliver a perfect performance. Our DJ's are very commanding on the microphone and always work directly with the bride and groom as well as all other vendors before moving any portion of the event foreword. Couple was charged $995 for a Saturday wedding package and chose to add on up lighting as well as a video projector and screen for slide show. This added to their total cost.
2.0 out of 5.0
NOTE - Despite Joe's statement, I never received a refund check and certainly did not cash it. Joe, please check that you have the right bride. I don't appreciate the false statement and I don't think other brides would either.

Unfortunately, Atmosphere was the only vendor we were truly disappointed with out of all the vendors we hired for our wedding. Initially, it looked promising. We wanted lighting at our wedding and looked at a few different companies. Atmosphere had solid reviews and the meeting with their sales guy Joe was professional. We ended up narrowing the selection to 2 companies and ultimately chose Atmosphere because they did lighting design for our venue before.

Email correspondence after signing the contract went smoothly and I submitted my gobo design a month and a half before my wedding. Then two weeks before my wedding, my husband received a call that they couldn’t order the gobo design we selected and asked us to submit another request. No problem, we sent a new selection same day.

Fast forward to day of my wedding, I walked into the reception room when the uplights had been set up and I was very pleased and made an indirect comment that it looked great. There were still working on the other half which were the pin lights and gobo - neither were turned on yet. I was then whisked off to the ceremony so the next time I walked back to the room was when the reception started. This is when things went wrong.

When I sat down, that’s when I noticed the gobo design wasn’t what we selected. Instead of the rustic nature design, it was a space cosmo pattern. I looked more closely at the tables. Only 4 pinlights of the 14 were turned on, the rest were pointing in other angles and the room itself looked odd because of it.

I later synched up with my coordinator and found out the following:
-The lighting guy said it was his first event that he was taking the lead on, the venue coordinator said they’d never seen the guy before (disappointing since we hired the company not only for their experience but their experience at our venue).
-He was told to wait for approval from the coordinator but ended up taking off before this.
-When he returned at the end of the night, we found out he was double booked that night which is why he probably headed out before the approval.
-The pin lights had been pointed at eye level and when guests came in, they complained that the lights were blinding so the wait staff had to move them.

I expressed my disappointment to Joe and this is what I learned. The lighting guy took my indirect comment as final approval – despite the fact that only half the room was set up and he was informed in advance to wait for final approval by the coordinator. The gobo design we selected did not come in on time and we were informed that it takes one month to order. I had to tell him we ordered the design a month and a half before the wedding and when we were told two weeks prior to make another selection, we were never told there was a chance it would not come in on time. Joe admitted this was an error on his part and offered a refund for the gobo only, nothing else. It’s been over a month and I still have not received my refund check. Joe blamed the pin lights on the mirror centerpieces on the table. Guests had complained of the direct lighting in their eyes not the reflection bouncing off the centerpieces.

Overall, I was disappointed with their services but more so their lack of accountability. Had they admitted that their lighting person was more green and that they should have definitely waited for approval, I wouldn’t have felt the need to write this review. I’d think carefully before hiring Atmosphere as the sales pitch does not match the actual service. But if you do, only get the uplights, don’t bother with the rest.
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Atmosphere Events DJ & Lighting responded with the following comments:

Once I saw this review I felt I had to immediately address these comments. This clients package consisted of up lighting, pin spot lighting, and a dance floor pattern overlay. Day of our technician on this event was Adriano who has not only worked for or company for about 5 years but has also worked at this venue. He did have two events to set up that were spaced far enough apart to give him plenty of time but also within close proximity of each other. Everything with our setup went smoothly except for the stock gobo order which was ordered a month before the event date but never arrived from the manufacture. I took it upon myself to match their design with the closest we had in inventory. It was not spot on but very close. I followed up with them on Monday and expressed my apologies and offered a refund for this item. That refund was mailed and cashed by the client so I am not sure why they are claiming it was never received.

The centerpieces that we were directed to illuminate with pin spot lights had a mirrored charger underneath them. At our initial consultation meeting when they expressed interest in pin spot lighting centerpieces I told them to make sure they did not put a mirrored charger underneath them because it would reflect. They said they were not planning on this so we proceeded foreword with adding it to their package.

Day of we did our best to aim the pin spot light to minimize reflection. They were dimmed way down but the problem was there. When our technician asked the bride how everything was she expressed how happy she was. The room was completely setup so we took that as our indication that the client was happy. We also gave our contact info to the site coordinator should they need us. We never knew they had a personal coordinator until after the wedding was over. No coordinator was on site or introduced themselves to us.

From what I heard from the venue guests took it upon themselves to move the 125 pound base and pipe support the pin spot lights were attached to. That is why they were all aimed in different directions. I am not sure why this was done as it ruined the hard work we put into making the centerpieces glow.

In addition to the contracted items we also added 8 additional up lights to their package because they did not want to go over budget. We knew how many it would take and I took it upon myself to comp this knowing it would make the room look better. We also added a pin spot light to their cake at no charge.

I have expressed my apologies to this client and also offered compensation for work they were not happy with. I try to warn clients about all the small things that can create issues and even add them to the event notes on their contact. To anyone interested in pin spot lighting their centerpieces you CANNOT use a mirrored charger. The light will have to reflect somewhere and most likely it will be in the eyes of some guests. I take full responsibility for the error in their gobo and as I have stated that was refunded in full.

My best wishes to this couple and once again my sincerest apologies that a portion of their lighting was not to their liking.

- Joe Paxton
2.0 out of 5.0
When he announced us, he said my husbands cousin's name instead of his! Played music I specifically asked him not too. I had to tell him when to go on to the next thing rather than him doing it himself.
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Atmosphere Events DJ & Lighting responded with the following comments:

Unfortunately you cannot make every client happy. This bride and groom were very hard to get hold of and I did not receive their information until a few days before the big day. There were constant changes being made and lack of communication on the part of the bride and groom. After approaching the bride and groom many times to move the event foreword I was told that they would let me know when they were ready to proceed. There was no music list turned in so I did my best to read the crowd and had people dancing all night long. I even booked two other weddings from guests that attended that night. I think that the other comments I have listed on this page speak for the quality of work we strive to provide to each of our bride and grooms. I am always very unhappy to receive a review like this.
1.6 out of 5.0
I would not recommend this company to anyone. DJ played wrong song for the Groomsman to walk out to. Lighting installers were still installing lights while guests arrived. DJ made multiple unprofessional announcements over the speakers. One announcement was ordering someone to bring him a beer. When he was supposed to announce the best man for his speach, he was no where to be found. We gave the DJ a strict playlist, but instead he played his own music that we specifically told him not to. We were very unhappy with their service, and we wrote a letter to the company. They were very defensive, and Joe Paxton was quick to blame our wedding planner for his DJ's behavior. My wife and I can no longer listen to songs that we had originally requested, b/c it upsets us so much. Please do not let Atmosphere Entertainment ruin your wedding like they did ours. :(
Services Used: DJ, Lighting & Decor
Atmosphere Events DJ & Lighting responded with the following comments:

Ryan, I am truly sorry you were not satisfied with the services provided by Atmosphere Entertainment. When your coordinator, Stacie with Gatherings, brought you in 2 weeks before your wedding, we did our best to accommodate the fact that your previous DJ quit before your wedding.
After speaking with your coordinator, our DJ at your event, and my lighting crew, I have a better understanding of what transpired. Unfortunately, your coordinator did not come through for you on your event. She would not allow us to communicate with you about anything and insisted we follow her lead. Therefore, announcements were made when she instructed and the timeline was in her hands. After checking your play list with our database of songs, played that evening, all but 3 were played from your list. I do apologize that one of the ceremony songs was replaced when the DJ's file became corrupted. This is completely unacceptable and the DJ should have had a backup copy of all key moment songs. Thank you for bringing this incident to my attention. Going forward I am implementing a new procedure to make sure a situation like yours does not happen future foreword.
In regard to the lighting, yes our technicians were about 15 minutes behind schedule. We gave our team 6 hours for drive and setup time to your venue in San Diego county. Unfortunately the wet grass posed a longer setup time then is usually required. We are accustomed to being finished with set up far ahead of schedule and rarely have an issue with time. I'm truly sorry for the slight delay.
On a side note, this is the second event we have done with this coordinator that has resulted in similar outcome due to her lack of communication with our company and we have chosen to no longer work on events with Stacie from Gatherings. As a business owner, I take full responsibility for all problems that arise from issues with Atmosphere Entertainment. As a result of the problems stated, I want to also inform anyone reading this that compensation was offered and not accepted by the client.
1.0 out of 5.0
ALTHOUGH I HAD A GREAT NIGHT, it was not thanks to atmosphere entertainment. We first went with this company because we liked the DJ we met at a bridal show, but when we showed up to go over the contract, we had to deal with Joe. Joe was very unprofessional, he acted like he did not want our business, he was giving us attitude, and he was making fun of the type of music (and songs ) we wanted played at our wedding, but we still went with the company because we liked the DJ we had met, and Joe had promised we would get him on our wedding day. One week before the wedding, I received a call from a DJ that we not the one Joe had promised. The DJ we received was brand new, and the recommendations I gave him he did not listen too. We asked that he only played only a couple of country songs throughout the night, but he played country all night long. He also yelled at my wedding party, and he played slow songs back to back instead of spacing them out throughout the night. a couple days later I found out from my friend that this was only the second job this DJ had ever been to and he had only been hired a week before. Later I also found out that one of my friends had also booked the same company for her wedding about six months before mine. She said that the DJ they wanted also did not show up to their wedding because he was no longer with the company, and that her DJ had to keep getting told what to do and what to play all night long, and the DJ they received did not play a single song on their play list, including their FIRST DANCE!!! This company is a bad idea to go with, they go through their DJs very quickly, they do not keep promises, and they send band new DJs by themselves to weddings, instead of training them.
Services Used: DJ
Atmosphere Events DJ & Lighting responded with the following comments:

A review like this is a hard thing to understand. To begin, our office handles all client relations until 2 weeks before the event date when we turn things over to the DJ. We work with our couples on their package, music forms, lighting options, payments, etc. As the owner of this company I would NEVER treat my clients in a negative manner. I have an open door policy and invite my clients to call and come in as many times as they like. It makes no sense that I would disrespect you and you would still give me your business. Now as far as the DJ, Mark was the same DJ this client met and booked. Below is his response of the evening.

Im not real sure who this is supposed to be meant for, but the wedding I attended was obviously not the same one listed below. I have been a DJ since 1981 with over 30yrs experience and have performed 100s of events throughout the years. As a matter of professional courtesy we always call the bride and groom the week of the wedding to see if all is well and that there are no last minute changes. I talked to the groom on the monday and he said everything sounded just fine so i called the bride and left her a message. The next day she called to make a few minor changes and said "we just want to have a fun wedding". The wedding ceremony started at 5pm. I arrived at 3pm introduced myself to the groom and was set-up for the ceremony and the reception within 30 mins with background music playing.

At 6:30pm the bridal party was disorganized and unprepared for the grand entrance exasperating the wedding coordinators ( all three of them).. It took one of the groomsman raising his voice in order for them all to listen while I tried to get the bridal party in the correct order for introductions. The rest of the evening was textbook.

I have attached a list of the music I played between 7-11pm everyone had a great time, made requests (4 country songs - not in a row) danced all night and at the end of the evening the brides mom said to me "You were friggin awesome! One of the groomsman asked me to turn the mike back on at which point he began to get everyone to applaud me for doing a (fantastic job, his words not mine)! The bride took the mike next and said " I gave him little or no instruction it was all him" she then asked for my address to send me a tip and proceeded to hug me.

How this can be the same event as the one below is dumbfounding to me. As professional DJs we know when we do a great job and this was certainly one of them. Say what you want about us but in my book the bride and grooms special day always come first and always will.
0.6 out of 5.0
We were very upset. DJ did not bring enough speakers to cover the three rooms even though he told us that he had worked the venue before. There was very loud feedback during the ceremony that interrupted the vocalist singing Ave Maria. DJ was told that the bridal bouquet toss was for all women but he still announced it for single ladies only. He was repeatedly asked to turn down the volume of the music as it was so loud it was driving people outside. My husband finally yelled at him and it was turned down a little. His announcements for the cake cutting, bouquet toss and garter toss were so loud they could not be understood and consequently, many people missed these events.
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0.0 out of 5.0
My DJ called me a week before my wedding to tell me that Atmosphere had fired him and that they would not let him finish his contracts. Atmosphere the company did not contact me, and once I finally got ahold of them, I asked for my deposit back since they were no longer able to provide the DJ stated in my contract. The owner of the company agreed, but then never sent me my money. This company is completely unprofessional, lacks customer service, and obviously doesn't care about getting poor online reviews. My advice... stay away.
Services Used: DJ
Atmosphere Events DJ & Lighting responded with the following comments:

When this DJ decided to move on from working with our company notifications were sent out to all clients offering them alternative DJ's. Our contract does reserve the right to change a DJ in the event of an uncontrolled situation. They were notified 2 months before the event and agreed to meet a new DJ. They did not show up to the scheduled meeting and would not return phone or e-mail messages. We scheduled a new DJ for their event and continued to follow up with them until they finally called us the week of and notified us they were going with another company.
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