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I had a "kids welcome" wedding and wanted a really fun place for my reception so that everyone would have a good time. We thought it would be fun to have the reception (not the ceremony) at Boomers.

I wouldn't recommend it at all. I know it sounds like a fun idea--but there's definitely something to be said for booking a conventional reception site that specialises in or deals frequently with WEDDINGS. I actually had a potentially disasterous situation with Boomers, but managed to avert it and work things out in the end with some enormous compromises on my end as a bride--and really, no bride should have to do that on her "special day". So while they did comp some tickets and provide decent service to us after I complained and spoke with their group sales manager, the entire experience was far more stressful that I expected and a lot less fun.

First off, we had arranged for the reception and they specified that we needed to do our catering through them. We had an issue there since their choices were cold cuts, pizza, dogs, and burgers. We had a need for a high number of VEGAN choices for our food. Their caterer, who seemed adament that we NEEDED to have meat at the wedding had a hard time getting the concept that we didn't want meat served. We're both vegetarians and 2/3 of our guests were either Vegetarian or vegan or fruitarians so we knew meat would be both unneccesary and actually greeted with hostility/revulsion by most of our guests. Trying to explain that to Boomers recommended caterers was a challenge. I finally thought we'd managed it by arranging with the one that did sandwiches and salads and cheese platters to do a vegetarian buffet. Then two days before my wedding their caterer called to say that everything was ready--they had bread, cheese, sandwich fixin's and oh by the way, the garden salad is now a ceasar salad with chicken and egg and the Vegan pasta salad I spent ages working out the details in our agreement with them now had cheese and ham in it..."would that be okay?" I think I had an anurism. I gave the phone over to my husband-to-be, who explained that no actually since Vegans don't eat eggs, cheese, CHICKEN or PASTRAMI none of those salads would work. The caterer (who had always been perplexingly passive agressive to agressive agressive with us) replied that NORMAL people like meat and that she had NOTHING AT ALL that was VEGAN she could serve aside from the fruit salad so she wasn't going to be able to cater the event. I was livid. I could not believe that she would call us two days before the wedding at 5pm to cancel. Plus the the remaining day before the wedding was THANKSGIVING! How could I find a replacement caterer at 5pm Wednesday before Thanksgiving for a wedding two days later? Incredible! Since I had 12 vegans on the guest list and 32 vegetarians none of BOOMERS! other catering choices worked even remotely for me...I had to come up with something and just "deal" with it or call off the wedding. On top of all that I had to threaten legal action to get my deposit back from her months after the event. (We ended up having the food reception at the Souplantation located next door to BOOMERS!).

But that's not the only story of Nuptial Woe that I had with BOOMERS!. When we arrived, they informed me that actually the area they had assured me would be reserved solely for our use was actually open to the public that day since it was a Holiday Weekend. Also the kiddie rides (I had 14 kids under 7 in my reception group) were not open. BUT it wasn't a total disaster, they comped all the kids wristbands, and opened and ran rides for us on demand. So it all worked out in the end. I just had to be incredibly flexible and give up on the wedding as planned and go with the wedding as actually happening instead.
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