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0.9 out of 5.0
He's a nice guy BUT

He said that we would be able to have input on the video itself but never asked for any

At the wedding he brought two assistants instead of 1, which he was allowed to bring. Which means I had to pay for an extra persons meal. All three of them were dressed in appropriately. They were wearing casual clothes such as jeans and yoga pants when they were asked to wear all black.

All three were caught drinking our alcohol and appetizers.

I had to beg for the video, he said it would take 3 months, instead it took 9 months.

He completely forgot about the short film he was suppose to make for us and when he did make it, he made it in a completely different language than we asked for.

The video itself was okay however he missed a lot of important shots such as the first look and he mixed up a lot of the songs we asked him to insert at certain times.

When asked for why these things were happening etc. His reponse was that his hardrive lost ALL his weddings. I find this very hard to believe since when we first met with him he insured us that he backs everything up several times.

Overall if I could go back I would pay double to have someone who didn't do all the above.

I do not recommend Bow Tie Pictures.
Services Used: Videography
5.0 out of 5.0
Nick and his crew were absolutely amazing!
His video was brilliant and looked like a feature film! Words cannot express the beauty and emotions that he and his team captured our wedding day. I was confident and giving him full control of the video since I am not a director nor videographer and boy was I right for doing so! His team filmed things that I never would have thought to film, which added so much to the final result. I have nothing but compliments for BowTie Pictures. You truly gave me a gift that I will cherish forever! Thank you!!!!
Services Used: Videography
2.8 out of 5.0
1)Nick is a very nice guy.

1) No input on final product. He came, he shot, and he gave me a video. Before the wedding filming, he didn't ask me if I wanted him to focus on certain things or certain people like my photographer who was super thorough.
2) Several of the vendors told me afterwards that his two helpers were drinking alcohol during their dinner break.
3) He asked me, the bride, on my wedding night, for my bridesmaid's number.
4) He promised my video my a certain date but didn't deliver until a month later which would be okay if he wasn't so adamant in his email that he would deliver it by the promised date.
5) At our initial meeting, he promised us Blu-ray discs but we just received regular DVDs.

Summary: Our wedding video is decent. Again, I would have really liked to have some input in the final product, but he just gave me the DVDs and that was that. His prices are cheaper, but not cheap. However, you get what you pay for and that is a bunch of amateurs drinking at your wedding when they should be behind the video-camera capturing the precious moments. I would hire all my vendors again except this one. Experience should be the number one thing all couples should look for in vendors, and Nick just doesn't have enough. So despite being a really nice guy, I would not recommend his service.
Services Used: Videography
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