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Cape Cod Weddings
Judith Todd-McNichol
Justice of the Peace
Massachusetts Justice of the Peace,Reverend Judith Todd-McNichol D. D.

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Cape Cod Weddings
Judith Todd-McNichol
Justice of the Peace
Massachusetts Justice of the Peace,Reverend Judith Todd-McNichol D. D.

137 South Pond Drive, Brewster, MA 02631

Please call Judith Todd-McNichol to set up an appointment at:
Whether you are planning a large, formal wedding, or are opting for a smaller and more casual ceremony, or even if you “just want to get married,” I will be glad to provide a wedding service that is right for you. I have an extensive collection of wedding ceremonies, services, and vows from which you can choose. You can use all or parts of these ceremonies, or you can even write your own. Your ceremony can be civil, religious, interfaith, non-denominational, multicultural, or anything else you would like.
My goal is to provide a wedding ceremony that reflects your individual preferences and style, a service with which you are comfortable and that will give you great memories.

Your wedding day should be a beautiful and memorable event. Considerable time is often spent making decisions about the attire, location, and the details of the wedding. However what is said during the ceremony both of you and any of your guests will always remember. Let me help you create the perfect ceremony. I have many locations you could consider for the location of your wedding if you have not already decided where you want to have the ceremony performed.
This site is meant to aid you in the process by answering many of the questions I have been asked about weddings. My sincere hope is you will find it useful in many ways and save it as a favorite and bookmark it for many helpful returns. My congratulations to you and I hope to be of help with your wedding needs.

Why Choose Me For Your Officiant?

I am a Justice of the Peace and I have the legal authority to perform a civil ceremony for you. I perform ceremonies as a full time profession that I am passionate about. I bring to your ceremony a wealth of knowledge in wedding ceremonies, matrimonial history, traditions, reading and a knowledge of how to blend your unique love into your ceremony.

I am also a Universal Minister this is a congregation who’ belief is in free and open religion, a human spirituality, and a humanistic universal social caring for one another.. It is a open armed religion welcoming all beliefs into the congregation = free religion. Open to those who have their own spiritual belief to someone has to a religious based belief, this church welcomes all. The religion is non-creedal and non denominational, and inter-faith. I personally believe in the ethical commitment of marriage and that each of you is to be respected for your own individual beliefs.

My ceremonies can range from custom vows to a more traditional service or a simple civil ceremony. We can incorporate or allude specific religious references. That is your choice as it is your wedding ceremony. I want it to fit the entire ceremony to the two of you. I give the couples I work with a choice of custom ceremonies which are built by getting to know you as individuals and as a couple. This way your service is anything but boilerplate.

Most important are the words spoken at your ceremony. I want them to reflect your philosophy of marriage and what it means to the two of you. This varies with each couple. The ceremony is not about me or my beliefs but yours..

I believe your ceremony is the most significance event of your wedding celebration. You have a chance through words, music, and traditions, and rituals to express your love, commitment, spiritual selves, personalities, thoughts and feelings to yourselves and those you may have invited to share your special day. A day when your love, becomes the love of marriage and a legal commitment you make to one another in our society.

We can incorporate family, and family traditions, and any religious beliefs you may have. Ceremonies can included the handed down wisdom of generations, your nuptials can be fun filled and/ or very distinctive. All this depends on your desires.

I have a wealth of options to put before you as I get to know you and your relationship I can offer you a smorgasbord of choices that fit you for your ceremony. You can pick and choose from these. Your ceremony can evoke tears or laughter or both. Heart to heart, hand to hand, side by side I am here as an aid to help you have the day you would like to have and to remember. When the ceremony is for you and about you it is a sweet and strong experience. An experience that all attending must especially yourselves will always remember.

Maybe you have certain words you need to hear to feel married just let me know and we can incorporate those for you. Rituals and traditions add meaning or can honor your heritage and cultures. Your ceremony can be an eclectic mix or ceremonial elements and readings that make up a special recipe for your own personalized ceremony. We will celebrate your love, and we can celebrate your loved ones. Your heartfelt emotion will carry the day from heart to heart.. I look forward to working with you and I appreciate your contacting me.

Thank you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Judith Todd McNichol Congratulations 508 896 9898 Read less




What officiant services do you provide?
Civil Union, Interfaith Ceremony, Non-religious Ceremony, Single Religion Ceremony
What religious affiliations do you serve?
Agnostic, Baha'i Faith, Buddhist, Christian (no denomination), Christian - Anglican, Christian - Baptist, Christian - Catholic, Christian - Episcopalian, Christian - Lutheran, Christian - Methodist, Christian - Mormon, Christian - Orthodox, Christian - Presbyterian, Christian - Quaker, Evangelical, Hindu, Islam, Jainism, Jewish, Muslim, Shinto, Sikhism, Taoist
Can you accommodate the hearing impaired?
Are you willing to perform a ceremony at a non-religious site?
I will be glad to help you at any location: beach, garden, chapel religious or non-religious. I am a Justice of the Peace and a Non-denominational Minister.
What is your attire for the ceremony?
I normally wear a blck judical robe or vestment.
Are you flexible in the wording used throughout the ceremony, including the vows?
You can have either a simple civil ceremony or you can choose an option of a custom ceremony written just for your wedding.
Do you allow the couple to write their own vows, if desired?
With a cutom ceremony you can do that or have a smorgasboard of other choices.
Do you have a list of readings pre-selected, from which the couple must choose?
Many, many, many also I write readings just for you in a custom ceemony.
How long are your ceremonies?
I like to keep them under 20 minutes.
Do you require that premarital counseling be done?
No just your license. However if possible it is nice to meet one another if time allows.
Are you willing to perform pre-ceremony rehearsals?
Absolutely, if you have attendants I recomend this.
Do you supply a sound system?
No usually your DJ or venue will offer this free of charge.


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Recently Married
She is a thief. She required a deposit non refundable not knowing just to book a date not knowing that this was not normal we gave it to her before she would meet with us to discuss out vows. We ended up meeting at the hearth and kettle restaurant in Hyannis and ended up having to pay for her dinner ( she ordered lobster by the way. She made us feel uncomfortable and we knew the next day we did not want her to officiate our wedding. She was very wordy and the verbiage she was using in out vows was not us! When I called to tell her it wasn't a good fit she refused to give us our 150.00 back. We were on a tight budget and she was not nice about it. We ended up hiring another justice of peace who said she is known to have done this before. Don't fall for her scam. No one should require a non refundable money order
Services Used: Officiant
We first met Judith at my Aunts' wedding on Cape Cod, we enjoyed her so much that she was our only choice to officiate our wedding. We met with her a few times and she is very easy to talk to and is the kind of person who truly listens and knows what questions to ask to get to know you quickly, but genuinely. Judith created our ceremony from ideas that we presented and from suggestions she gave that we embraced. People still comment today how unique and endearing our wedding ceremony was and how much it reflected who we are as individuals, as a couple and the love that we share. Her words and delivery were beautiful and inspiring. We wanted our ceremony to be the highlight of our wedding day, not just a simple formality before the big party and Judith more than delivered!
Services Used: Officiant
Cape Cod Weddings at responded with the following comments:

What a lovely couple to work with. Doing weddings is my pleasure.

Dear Judith,
We wanted to thank you for your outstanding service to us for our special night. Thank you so very much! We are more than pleased with our experience with you, you have made it more than we had ever dreamed! Thank you whole heartedly for your generosity. You went above and beyond for us and for that we are ever so grateful. The great energy and the personality you brought to our ceremony will be forever remembered and appreciated. Adam has your email and will be keeping in touch as he has redeployed to the middle east. I am currently going to school at Cape Cod Community College until Adam returns. We admire your willingness to help those in need in anyway that you can and we wish you a fufilling new year and a lifetime of happiness from the bottom of our hearts. We thank you. Love Coty and Adam

Dear Judith,
When Bob and I decided to get married again on February 3, 2007, after being divorced from each other for many years we wanted to have a very private wedding ceremony in our home with just our children and grandchildren in attendance. I worried as to how this could be done by a Justice of the Peace who would make it feel special and not be just another formality of a ceremony that would be impersonal. I had no idea where to start to look for such a person who would fill my expectations of a ceremony with feeling, without having to write and exchange our own vows. Bob was not keen on doing this at such a private occasion.
I found your name in the Cape Cod and Islands Magazine in an article that quoted you. Your words spoke of sensitivity and compassion unlike what one would think of when you have a JP to perform a simple nuptial and as private as we wanted. I had visions of the JP coming for ten or fifteen minutes, going through the legal wording and pronouncing us “Man and Wife” and then it was over and done. I decided to call your number and after spending a short period of time talking with you over the phone and you giving me as many options as I wanted, I felt I had made the right choice to follow my instincts with you.
I was not prepared for what we really got when you showed up in your very professional robe and a warm hug and hand shake. We were all extraordinarily pleased with not only the way you conducted our nuptials, but you somehow, with no prior personal contact with Bob, or our children, made the ceremony personal to us and our children with a beautiful reflection of our circumstances (married, divorced, and remarrying again to each other). And if the wasn’t enough, you gave us a folder of our nuptials you personalized for us as a keepsake of this very special event in our lives. Bob and our grown children join me in thanking you for being such a sensitive and caring official and we especially enjoyed visiting with you after the nuptials and getting to know you and the wonderful work you do.
With our fondest regards,Bob and Brenda

Let me preface my comments by saying that my personality type does not usually allow me to open to a new person for a least the first two encounters. Judith has the remarkable quality of forthrightness that is immediately disarming and genuine and I felt that I've known her for a very long time from the moment we met.
My husband Nick and I were married on Thanksgiving Day in 2004. We were concerned that we would not find a Justice of the Peace to perform the ceremony for us that day on Cape Cod. Much to out delight Judith enthusiastically accepted the task and asked us to fill in an "interest survey" for her so that she could better know who we were and what we liked. Since we were going to the resort and florist to complete our wedding plans we arranged to meet Judith face to face in Brewster.
Never in my dreams did I expect Judith. She is so celestial, so intuitive, so gentle and kind. She is a multi-faceted person who has enjoyed many careers and because of that brings allot to the table for the perfect wedding. Her suggestions and assistance made our day truly memorable. We still add shells to our "wedding sand" to commemorate the ceremony that Judith thought would benefit two beach wanderers on their wedding day. She suggested music that was perfect, and she composed an entire program that made the event much much more than " you Carol take..." blah, blah, blah.
I highly recommend Judith being a part of a wedding ceremony anywhere. I will never forget her.


Thank you so much for helping to make our wedding day so very special. The ceremony and vows you composed were perfect and everyone commented on how wonderful they were. It was a lovely and loving day made more so by your contribution and by your presence. Thank you.

J. and T


We wanted to thank you again for helping us make our wedding so memorable. Affectionately,

J and M.


This little message from both of us brings special thanks for helping make our wedding day an occasion we will always remember. You added to our happiness in SO many thoughtful ways and we wanted to thank you for marrying us, as we began our new life together.

M and E

Dear Judith,
Thank you for your service for our ceremony, it was truly memorable
We were really touched. By how you and made us feel really special.
I hope this will make our new cycle of life meaningful and will learn
each other as long as we are together.
I really hope you keep your wonderful work as justice of peace, and
make as many couples as happy as you did us.

We will printout photo or burn a CD for you to look at.

Thank you once again, I really appreciate your being Justice of the Peace for our wedding.
With our best wishes.

T. and D.

Hello Judy

Thank you so much for everything...We wanted to just let you know that we truly appreciated everything you did to make our day so special.

D. and S.

Thank you for making our ceremony so beautiful. Sincerely, C and R

Dearest Judith,

We wanted to formally thank you for your services. You made our ceremony so personal and special. We also appreciated how you incorporated our soon to be son (any day now) and how kind you were to our dog. Always, S and K

Thank you very much for going that extra mile to make our day. Our warmest regards and special thoughts are due you. You are very kind.
Warm Regards,
K and J

Dear Judith,
Thank you for providing my husband and myself with the most beautiful wedding ceremony. We all felt so warm and included and surrounded with beauty and love. You did a wonderful job and we appreciate all your extra, extra efforts! much happiness and well being in your future.
Warmest Regards,


We worked on the questionnaire, and really enjoyed sharing our results with one another. This sharing of feelings and emotions coming from our responses to the questions are really love letters to each other we will both cherish. This was an unexpected benefit of having you do a very special ceremony for us. Thank you for the heart and soul you put into it. Our wedding was more than we could have hope for or dreamed of.
Thank you Forever,
W and J

Thank you so much for creating our beautiful wedding ceremony. The day was more perfect than we could have dreamed. Your personal touch added elegance and charm to our day. We have read the ceremony again and watched it over on DVD, it is amazing how you wrote such a beautiful, personal verses. Thank you for an amazing day./div>
Love you,
K , W, and our daughter A

Dear Judith,
Thank you for being such a big part of our wedding day. Your words were inspiring. Also, thanks to Melissa for her special vows.

Dear Judith ,
Thank you for the most beautiful wedding you performed for us. We’ll always remember how very special is was. I’m so happy I showed up with two roses. The rose ceremony was lovely. Many thanks for the suggesting the windmill for a very memorable and picturesque wedding spot.
J & M

Judi -
Thank you so much for creating our beautiful wedding ceremony. The day was even more perfect than what we dreamed. Your personal touch added elegance and charm to our day. We have read the pages that you wrote and watched the DVD, it is amazing how you wrote such beautiful, personal verses. Thank you for an amazing day!

K, W, & A

Dearest Judith,
We wanted to formally thank you for your services. You made our ceremony so very special. We appreciated how you incorporated Jake (our unborn son) and how kind you were to Tika (our dog).
Thank you again,
S & K

Dear Judith,
You went the extra mile to make our day, and to make our smile. Very special thoughts are due, for someone as kind as you. Thank you so very much. We are very appreciative for you making our day special.
Warm Regards,
K & J

With much appreciation for helping make our wedding a special one.
D & J

Dear Judith,
Thank you for providing Chris and I with the most beautiful wedding ceremony! We all felt so warm, included and surrounded around beauty and love. You did a wonderful job and we appreciate all your extra, extra efforts!
Much happiness and well being in your future.
Warmest regards,
A and C

Thank you so much for your help with our wedding, and starting our lives together.
C,J, & K

Dear Judi,
Thank you so much for making our wedding day so special.
D & K

Judi -
It was a beautiful thing you did. Thank you for making our wedding so beautiful. Thank you again.
C & R

Dear Judy,
“Hear me four quarters of the world - a relative I am!
Give me the strength to walk the soft earth, a relative to all that is!
Give me the eyes to see and the strength to understand, that I may be like you.
With your power only can I face the winds.”
Black Elk 1863-1950
Ogallala Sioux Holy Man

On a recent Trip to Salem, I came across this card at an art museum. Somehow I thought of you, and wanted to use it to tell you what a wonderful thing it was that you came into our lives. We will never forge that day in September. You started us through a beautiful sunset onto our journey far beyond.
May God Bless You Each Day,
L and C

Hi Judith,
First can I thank you so much for calming me today!!! You have a great big hug coming to you on Friday!!!
I've just read the entire ceremony and it brought tears to my eyes - it's just stunning really. I really felt like God would guide me to the right person to lead our ceremony and I knew as soon as we first started emailing that this was meant to be. Now reading the product of your hard work, your attention to who we really are and what's important to us, I feel so very blessed that we found you!!
I love everything you included as readings, so much so that I think I'd prefer to cut out the other two readings I had suggested, just because everything else says it all so well. Like I said, the other readings are just SO perfect and everything that you wrote really flows so well together.
Again, I am just thrilled with what I have read and can't wait for Rob to see! Will talk again shortly,

I am writing you this email to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the ceremony you provided Korey and I with on the 12th of August. You made our day very special and we have received many compliments on your services. Everybody thought that the ceremony was perfect and the fact that you gave a toast to Korey and I was that much more special. I myself want to thank you because you kept me calm during the event of being late for my own wedding. We would like to write an endorsement for your services on your website but not sure how so if you could give me some guidance there We would appreciate it. I hope that is right maybe a testimonial not sure how to phrase it. We just want to let people know that your services are well worth the money. Thank you again Judith from the bottom of our hearts and we would love to renew vows in 5 years if that is something you would do. Thanks again you were fabulous.
J & K

Dearest Judith,

Robert and I would like to thank you so very, very much, for all that you did to make our wedding day everything we could have ever dreamed of and more. You have a beautiful, wonderful spirit that shines from within you and touches everyone that is around you. EVERY element of what you provided was exceptional. The initial questionnaire was just what we both needed to focus on the real heart of why we love each other and why we were getting married. You put our nerves at ease in every conversation and email and then the day of the wedding - well, there was no question for either of us that we found the PERFECT person to marry us!! Everyone

Dear Judy,

You preformed a beautiful ceremony we will cherish it for our lifetime. The special intentions and vows held so much meaning and were revealed to us with such compassion.

We Thank you!

Mr. and Mrs. C.

Dear Judy,

We wanted to thank you again for your outstanding service for us on our special night. You went above and beyond for us and for that we are so grateful. The great energy and personality you brought to our ceremony will forever be remembered and appreciated. We admire you willingness to help in anyway you can and we wish you a lifetime of happiness from the bottom of our hearts thank you.

C and A

Dear Judy,

Thank you for being a part of our special day. You will forever be a part of our memories of our Cape Cod wedding. You will hear from us in a few years for a renewal!

Yours Truly

Mr. and Mrs. C.

Judi ,
Thank you for giving us the most beautiful wedding ceremony. It meant so much to us to have you help us “tie the knot” We are still getting compliments about our ceremony. Our guests loved your true spirituality and warmth. We will never forget our amazing day….

Thanks to you.

Love G and L

Dear Judith,

Thank you for fitting us into your schedule. We so enjoyed working on our special ceremony with you. You made our big day so special.

Thanks again,



We were so touched by the thought and care you gave our service. Our wedding was so much more special because you were there and you cared. That night ,after everyone had left we sat together talking about how fortunate we were to be surrounded by such love and friendship and we wanted you as one of those friends, that could stay after and celebrate with us. We didn’t have a clue as to how a service should be handled, but you guided us and knew exactly the best way to conduct a wedding in TWO languages!

Our gratitude and hearts will always be with you.

S and J

Dear Judith,

I had such a good time talking with you today. You are so helpful and friendly, I look forward to our ceremony even more, before today I would not have thought that possible. It is refreshing to meet other people who truly love their profession and really take pride in what they offer people. You definitely go the extra mile with your service.

Thank you so much,


Dear Judith,

Our deepest thanks and appreciation for renewing our wedding vows for us, especially on such short notice. The ceremony and the choice of location were beautiful and exactly what we wanted. The Cape has become “our home away from home.” The Cape means a lot to all of us we really could not have asked for more in our second chance to renew our love and devotion to one another. We know that this was not a miracle fix to all the problems we have had, or will have, but we are willing to work together at making our marriage, family, and love stronger day by day. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us a new beginning and for being such a special part of our life’s. with your words.

Thank you so much,

A and P

Dear Judith,

Just a few words to say thank you for making our day extra special. Everything went so well it was a beautiful day.

Thank You

G and W

Dear Judith,

It is almost two months since our wedding in Popponesset and we wanted to drop you a note to thank you in writing for performing our wedding ceremony. It was beautiful and we have our sand containers on the mantel over our fireplace. We were thinking of you in Hawaii. We wanted to let you know that surprisingly married life has been even better than living together! Please keep in touch.


L and H

Dear Judi,

Thank you for helping us with a special location for or wedding on the beach. There is a special joy in the wonder of the sea. Thank you for showing us that. There is a gentle serenity in it’s beauty. Thank you for showing us that. For those who stop and take it all in we find our own spirituality there. Thank you for that in our marvelous ceremony. We will always treasure Cape Cod. Thank you.

Our Love to You,

K and L

Wild Care - on the Owl that came to a wedding!

dated Jan17, 2008

Dear Judi Todd-McNichol,


The great horned owl you rescued was successfully rehabilitated. Your wilding was returned to her native habitat, healthy, and able to care for herself, without any future human intervention.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, staff, and the volunteers of Wild Care, we thank you for helping a creature during such a vulnerable time. Only through assistance of rescuers such as you are we able to provide care to animals brought to our door. Thank you from “those who do not speak with words”

Lela Larned


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If you have served in Afganistan or Iraq and have documentation of such and need financial assistance to get married call me at 508 896 9898. We honor our service people and are here to assist you. Justice Judi
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