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Lampasas, US
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My husband new Cathy through a former coworker, and we thought that she would be able to do a good job for us. at first everything was great she made an appointment right away to take our pictures and told us we'd have them within a couple of weeks. this was beginning october. after a month i still had no pictures she said i would have them by thanksgiving because my grandparents were coming to town and i wanted them to have some pictures. i got a cd with 30 or so and about 10 of them looked great! she said she would do some editing on them, and i know exactly which ones were edited because those were the ones that looked horrible and only about 5-10 of them were actually edited. she put a ripple around 1 of them and the picture itself was horrible to begin with so i don't know why that one was edited, then another was half color and half black and white, one had a wierd black box in the middle of the picture, and she clearly didn't know what she was doing. she said she knew her way around photoshop and the only thing i got photoshopped that looked good was her "monochrome" pictures. she did 2 or 3 and they looked really good. then i didn't get anything else until february. i kept hearing next week next month. then the holidays came. she said she couldn't do anything until after the holidays. beginning of february she gave me the cd with all of our pictures on them and none of them were edited (they weren't supposed to be) but the pictures were horrible. the sun was in our eyes the whole time so we were squinting the positions were awkward, she took our picture from across the pool so we weren't in focus, and she kept saying dont worry they'll look great, and in february when i finally got to see them, i told her to edit some of them. a month later i still didn't have anything else edited and i cancelled my account with her. then she ran off with my $500 that was supposed to be half of the payment for the wedding pictures and i was left with crappy pictures. it was supposed to be 1000 for the engagement & wedding pictures which covered 2 photographers the day of and 6 hours coverage. the engagement pictures were supposed to cost 100 then when she "put in so much time & effort" on the engagement pictures she wanted a contract saying if we cancelled she would keep 250...well she "talked to her lawyer" when we cancelled and they decided she "didn't owe us anything" because i wasn't smart enough to get anything in writing because she was supposed to be "a friend". so i was out $500 and i have 10 great engagement pictures out of it :) and the best husband in the world :)
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