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Everything about Chernivsky Weddings was created around you - we're here to give you an authentic and unique photographic experience. Photography isn't just meant to be "cool" - it... Read more
Everything about Chernivsky Weddings was created around you - we're here to give you an authentic and unique photographic experience. Photography isn't just meant to be "cool" - it requires a sense of depth and realism. You know that feeling you get when you see an image that reaches the heart? Yeah, that F E E L I N G is exactly what we're about. It's called heart, dedication and service - and it's all about you.

Are we speaking your language yet? Photography shouldn't be scary, or desirable, or out of touch - it should be completely in touch with who you are, and it should be exciting to be a part of. That's what we create.

Come meet the team at Chernivsky Weddings - Ben and Mike have been working hard to create something that speaks your language, something you can feel, something you can trust.

Looking forward to meeting you... Read less




What primary photographic style do you identify with?
Contemporary, Photojournalism, Portraiture
What do your packages include?
Albums, Custom Graphic Design, Digital Files, High Resolution Images, Negatives, Prints, Proof CD of All Images
Do you have liability insurance?
Do you offer special techniques such as hand-coloring or toning?
Short answer: yes. The final collection of edited images you receive have all been toned and corrected with the Chernivsky Weddings style. If you like the style you see on Chernivsky Weddings website, then this is the style you'll be receiving for your own wedding.
Do you have experience shooting in various lighting situations?
Absolutely! With 8 years experience as a photojournalist, and 6 years experience photographing weddings, we have plenty of practical knowledge with understanding a wild assortment of lighting!
Is your media preference film or digital?
How many photographers do you work with?
95% of the weddings I photograph are solo. That said, I'll often have an assistant to help out with equipment or lighting. A second photographer is only necessary if your wedding calls for it, and this depends on the schedule, amount of guests, and the unique zest of the day.
Do you guarantee your presence at the actual event?
When you book with Chernivsky Weddings you're really booking Benjamin Chernivsky. Yes, I am a real human being, and you'll absolutely see me on your wedding day. Of course, if there is some kind of emergency or unforeseen event that prevents me from showing, I have an incredible network of backup photographers.
Do you sometimes book yourself for more than one event in a day? Weekend?
NO - I do not double book weddings!
Do you have a replacement photographer in case you become unavailable on the day of the event?
If there is some kind of emergency or unforeseen event that prevents me from making it to your wedding, I have an incredible network of backup photographers.
What kind of equipment do you typically bring with you on the day-of?
I keep it simple so I'm not a distraction during the wedding day. You'll most likely see two bags of gear: a camera bag and a lighting bag. I have a primary camera, two back-up cameras, an assortment of lenses and lighting equipment.
Do you bring back-up equipment to the event in case of malfunction?
Of course!
Do you charge hourly or full day?
I charge by the assignment: when I'm hired as a wedding photographer, you're paying for me to get the job done. Just like each bride and groom, each wedding is individual. Some require 4 hours, some require 12 hours.
Are you available to shoot extra hours? If yes, how much do you charge for extra hours?
I spend plenty of time before the wedding to plan for how long I'm needed for your individual day. I'm not anal about hours - I stay long enough to get the job done correctly.
What is your policy on taking breaks? If you require a meal break, do you require that the client provide your meal?
Since I work up to 12 hours during a day, the only break I need during your wedding day is for a meal, and I like eating when the bride and groom eat. Why? Because who wants photos of themselves eating? My point...
Do you charge for travel?
This depends on your wedding and where you're getting married.
How soon after the event are the proofs ready for viewing?
Proofs are ready within two weeks. I always create a 30 photo wedding preview within 1 day of the wedding. Fun!
In what format are the initial proofs offered?
Digitally. You get to see an online album of them. If you want a CD of these proofs I'll send one to you.
How long can the client keep the proofs?
Online: up to 1 year. If you get the proof disc then however long that disc will last in your household ;)
Do you retain the copyright for the photos?
My brides/grooms obtain a shared copyright of their wedding photographs. This means they can do anything they want with the images so long they don't make some kind of monetary profit from them (just don't sell them!) In order to protect the photographs, and to keep a static backup of the original files, I do retain original copyright.
Do you reserve the right to publish the photos?
Clients can publish their images if they'd like.
Do you provide the digital files and/or negatives (or copies of the negatives) to the client?
If you purchase the digital negatives, they're yours to keep. Check out my packaging and ala carte prices to see if you'd like to purchase them.
Will images be available for viewing online?
What kind of albums do you offer?
High-quality, hand-designed, real-person-created wedding books. They're fantastic ;)
When will the client get the final album?
Once you approve the final album design, the actual album typically takes 3 or 4 weeks to print and ship.


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My standards as a bride were very high, I'm seasoned in orchestrating photography for galas, professional events, and have done modeling--out of dozens of professionals I have seen, he's the best I have ever experienced. I did not want hipster, cheesy, or blah wedding photos and he was just the man for the job and offers a good value. What set him apart for my wedding:
- Ben uses top of the line equipment and has a variety of lenses which he carries on him to capture the perfect mood for each moment.
- Ben's masterful lighting skills maximize the latest photographic technology. He created gorgeous lighting which enhances the photos and creates looks ranging from Hollywood glamour, party fun, to romantic warmth. He moved the lighting around discreetly as the event progressed.
- Ben took the initiative to capture meaningful details and also readily incorporated my ideas and direction in the moment. He allowed us room to be creative as a couple.
- He's a cool guy with a fun personality who makes others feel comfortable and interesting. It was a pleasure to work with him and my family enjoyed his presence at our wedding.
Services Used: Photography
Ben was great! My photo's were beautiful and I can't wait for my book to be complete. The only thing I would change is that I would have liked him to have stayed at the reception the entire night. Other than that it was great!

Julia DeFilippis
Services Used: Photography
We were very happy with Ben from start to finish. When we met for engagement pictures, he was very easy to work with and we instantly clicked. He is great at capturing the little glances and moments - and those are some of the best pictures. Sometimes photo sessions can be forced and just uncomfortable, but Ben is personable, with a great sense of humor, and he also makes you feel at ease to get a natural look.

He provides great customer service. After our engagement photos, we had a phone conference to discuss what we loved, liked, didn't like and wanted more/less of. This type of planning was key to get the perfect wedding pictures for us. Our wedding pictures are absolutely amazing! We love them and will treasure them forever. We took pictures outside by the Chicago skyline and they just look fantastic. There was one in particular where guests commented that it looks like a photo shoot for a magazine - both elegant and artistic. Love them!

Ben also runs a good business. During our photographer search, we noticed a lot of additional "fees" that would be tacked on to the package price like the airlines do, but Ben is different. He provided a clear list for costs, services, and time. He also was able to create a package that fit what we wanted and needed.

I would highly recommend as a wedding photographer. Not only am I a satisfied customer, but if I ever need another photographer, Ben is my first call.
Services Used: Photography
Ben Chernivsky is a fantastic photographer to work with. Not only is he a true artist but he is also a good listener. We felt that he took his time meeting with us and really cared to know what was important to us as a couple. He payed a lot of attention to small detail, along with giving us creative ideas and ways we can capture the right moments of our special day. I've gotten so many great compliments on my wedding album. We had fun and are glad that we chose to work with Ben.
Services Used: Photography
We will always treasure the beautiful photos we have from our wedding day.
Ben shot our engagement photos in Chicago & was more than willing to travel to Nebraska to also shoot our wedding! He took time to get to know us & learned quickly the sort of style we expected to see in our photos. For the engagement session & wedding day he went the extra mile to seek out the best places to stage our photos & was so flexible to work with everyone involved.
I would recommend him to anyone!!
Services Used: Photography
Ben is just an amazing photographer. He's got a vision, he's creative, he's willing to go out of the box for a super cool photo...and he comes at a great value.

Ben shot our June wedding and after our amazing engagement shoot, I was itching to get our wedding photos. And he did not disappoint. He caught emotions, colors, the overall vision...all things that were very important to my husband and I.

If you hire Ben, he'll provide you with a fill-in-the-blank about your personality and vision. Take your time and do this. It's worth it and really helps him nail the day.

I just wished I would've timed him a little better. Because he spent all day with the girls (shooting us getting ready, etc.) his 12 hours was up an hour before our reception ended...and I wished he was there til the end!

But I'd hands down recommend Ben for anyone looking for photos that aren't just your standard wedding shots. He goes over and beyond.
Services Used: Photography


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