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Professional Wedding Videography at "budget friendly" prices----

I have been doing videography since 2003. Previously I had been involved in theater production, but found my... Read more
Professional Wedding Videography at "budget friendly" prices----

I have been doing videography since 2003. Previously I had been involved in theater production, but found my "video muse" when I had to shoot and direct a play for video. After I found I had a knack for video editing I decided to offer my services to a family friend--shooting and editing their wedding as a wedding gift. They were so pleased with the final product, and I found I loved the work so much I knew I had to pursue this further. The more weddings I did the more positive word of mouth I got, my business bloomed, and I am proud to say that a majority of my work has come from referral. I am especially proud of my positive feedback and have a long list of glowing reviews from brides and grooms. Its one reason I truly love doing this work.

Born and bred in New York City, my husband and I recently relocated from Los Angeles to Northern Califiornia-- Sacramento area. We have two little girls and we love living in this area.
My pride is providing "fly on the wall" unobtrusive coverage, that fully captures all the fun and joy of your special day. My work is photo-journalistic in style and philosophy, with a cinematic flair. All my packages feature full editing and master onto chaptered DVD. Working on each video is a labor of love, tailored to the unique personalities and needs of the individual couple.

I am always unobtrusive and sensitive to your guests, (no cheesy in your face camera tactics, or guest interviews) but I will capture every detail of your special day. I take pride in my many glowing reviews from brides and grooms! The best compliment I can receive is that I captured your day in all its detail, and you never even noticed I was there!

I am skilled both at "capturing the moment" and at tasteful, creative and intuitive video editing. I will create a "mini-movie" of your day you can watch again and again, and enjoy showing to friends and family. All packages include 2 camera coverage, the wedding video mastered onto DVDs with chapters and motion menus. Full coverage with 3 chip cameras, and wireless lav microphones. The finished video will capture all the important moments, and will include full editing including titles, transitions, musical montages, highlights montages, tasteful (never tacky) cinematic effects,"highlight" or "blooper" reel.

Special Package for 2011 (booking fast) $1200, includes Coverage of ceremony and reception. 2 Cameras and wireless mic for ceremony. Fully edited, titles, music, documentary/cinematic style. 4 DVD copies plus special souvenir "highlight" DVD. All DVDs are chaptered and have motion menus.

Email chersteen@att.net

Several samples for online viewing,check out some at link below!


Feedback from past clients below:

"Hi Chersteen! The video was great. Artistic, well-edited and thought out. The bloopers , were hilarious! Here's the other ½ payment and a bit extra because we enjoyed you and your work so much! Thanks again and best luck to you." Jason

Dear Chersteen,

"We just received our wedding video and wanted to let you know how happy we are with it. It's really great! You did a wonderful job with , everything, and it's clear that after spending the whole wedding day with us, you also put an enormous amount of time into editing a beautiful video. You did a very professional job and captured all the important moments of our day in a classic, witty, and romantic style. Many things about the video are very special to us. We loved the Bloopers section at the end; it had both of us laughing out loud. You also captured so many of our close family and friends. The music you chose worked very well with everything. And I especially liked the dance sequence you chose to end the video. Also, I want to mention that I really admire the way you work when filming. I had never worked with a videographer before and I was a little nervous about it. You were always unobtrusive and never got in the way of anything. You were a cheerful, positive, and subtle presence. It's wonderful to have such a beautifully done video of our wedding day, to keep for the future and share with friends and family. Thank you for making that possible, and for your special contribution to our wedding. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors, and hope our paths will cross again someday. We would be delighted to serve as references and we plan to recommend your professional services to friends. "

"Dear Chersteen, We received your package today and watched the video tonight. It was terrific! Boy, you didn't miss a thing, did you? Even the preparation , before the wedding! We sure liked the cute ending. It had an old vintage look to it like it was made at the turn of the century! How clever and using the old movie color scheme, to boot! We really liked your music. It had an old fashioned sound to it as well. Boy, what treasures we have, thanks to all your hard work and dedication, before, during and after the wedding. We saw things in your video we didn't see at our own wedding! Your detailing is a marvel in itself. You even got a closeup of the cake insides with that chocoloate mousse filling! PS:Just thought I'd let you know that my niece and nephew, Jeffand Carmella up in Washington called us long distance just to tell us what , A BEAUTIFUL TAPE they received. They said they especially loved The Finale! How clever and cute it was and they loved the music you picked for it. She also cried during our dance saying 'look how they look at each other!'....funny. Anyway, your tape was a big hit and I thought you'd like to hear what people are saying about it. We seldom hear from Jeff and Carmella, much less a phone call! I told them well since they weren't able to come to the wedding that we'd send the wedding to them! " ----

"Hi, Chersteen. I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend. Thank you so much for the wedding video. We absolutely love it - you really managed to capture every aspect and detail of the day!! Thank you so much for your hard work. Thanks for your help and again, we loved the video - we will definitely recommend you to all of our friends! We really thought you were our best vendor of the entire day. You really helped make our wedding video the most cherished memento of our wedding day". ,

"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~the video photo montage for Chris' 13th birthday turned out so great!!! :) everyone LOVED it at , the party--and Christopher was so surprised! :)You are the best!! and thank you so much Chersteen We won't forget it - and it will surely be in our family treasure for many years to come!!!.. I'm already looking to play this at his high school graduation (smiles)..." ,

"Thank you again for being a partof our special day.....you were exactly what you said you would be.....VERY PROFESSIONAL AND TOTALLY UNOBTRUSIVE. We were both so excited to see what magical moments you caught on tape for us to cherish , and share with our family and friends for years to come.... We got the video's and DVD today in the mail. We finished watching the DVD and absolutely LOVED it!!! It was so perfect...everything we had hoped it would be. You definitely caught the "magical" feeling we were looking for. And the blooper reel was sooo classically funny. The kids loved the video also. Jordyn said "You guys sure found the right person alright!". A total hit. :) We watched it at least twice just while they were here and Jason and I even said that if we are ever in an argument or getting irritated at one another for anything....the first thing we are going to do is pop in your video and just "remember the magic". We will cherish this forever and refer you to anyone and everyone who is looking for a videographer. Practically every day I hear a song from our wedding video and I remember how perfectly you captured that day for us. WE ARE SO HAPPY! , Again, we are really, truly so happy with the video. It couldn't be more perfect. You are gifted at what you do and I pray continued blessings for you and your business. :) (I'm so glad I found you) :) ,

"Chersteen, It's perfect! It' s great, came out beautiful. We love the transitions, the music works out well, everything! Thank you!"

Chersteen-Wow! You really did a fantastic job on the wedding video- we all love the menus on the DVD! Please tell your husband that the B& W prints are a great surprise, too! You are both really talented and I know you will be successful in all of your endeavors! We were SO lucky to have found you! Thank you so much for being a part of our most special day! PS: MY family and friends all LOVE the video-- we will be watching it for a long time to come! Thank you for getting it all done in time for the second reception without sacrificing ANY of your outstanding creativity and professionalism! -

We received the 6 copies of our wedding video yesterday, and WOW!!!!!! You did such a phenomenal job! I can see how much thought and care you put into it and you didn't miss 1 single detail. It was definitely worth the wait. If I had to do it again (which hopefully I won't) I would want it done exactly the same way. Reza and I are both totally impressed. Thank you for all the detail including the slideshow and my favorite, the montage you did for our finale. It really touched me. You really captured the love between us and our family and friends.You are an amazing videographer! I recall you saying that your plate is pretty full, but I will certainly suggest your services to anyone close to me. Your talent is truly exceptional and now I can see why you are getting so busy. Please let me know if you need me for any referrals, etc... I'd be happy to vouch for you anytime. I'm looking forward to seeing the rehearsal dinner too. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!"

Hi Chersteen, We wanted to tell you that we LOVED the short video you put together for the banquet! It was so sweet and there was clearly a lot of thought put into the timing, the family members you included, and the filming/editing. Thank you so much!Our parents loved it too. In fact, they've both requested copies. . And needless to say, we’ve shown off the 8 min highlight reel to anyone that is willing to watch it and they had very high praise for the work. We cannot say it enough about how pleased we are with your work. Way above and beyond what at the time were already high expectations. Thank you again, Chersteen!"

"Chersteen,Thank you so much for a wonderful video! Todd and I truly appreciate your professionalism and calming presence during the wedding. Again, thanks for all your hard work and a great video for our memories."

"I just saw the video and I love it! it brought everything back...all the emotions, all the laughs, and all the memories! thank you so much for that gift! thank you also for all the extra copies...they are wonderful! I'll be sure to refer you to all my friends."

"Chersteen! Thanks again, seriously, for the incredible job you did on our wedding video! We get so many compliments when we proudly show it to people - and it's so good that every time we watch it, we notice some other little detail you made! You were more than a videographer, too, you really took your time to be our friend and yet remain completely professional! THANKS!!"

Chersteen, We received the videos and finally got a chance to watch it last night and I just want to let you know that You did an AMAZING job and we are very impressed. It was really beautifully done and you captured everything I asked. Thank you very much! I have 2 friends that just got engaged and I will recommend you to them."

"Hi Chersteen, I wanted to let you know that we are thrilled with the DVD's. You did a great job and it was certainly worth the wait. I especially like the version that has the finale and the slide show. Thanks again for all your hard work. Take care and feel free to use us a reference."

Hi, Chersteen,
Nicole and I have been meaning to CALL you to tell you how happy we are with the DVDs. Seriously, what amazing work! We LOVE the video. Thanks again! Read less




What primary style do you identify with?
Cinematic, Documentary, Storytelling
What do your packages include?
Ceremony, DVD of Raw Footage, Edited Video, Montage - Childhood / Dating, Montage - Music Dubbed Over, Montage - Wedding Highlights, Multiple Cameras, Multiple Videographers, Online Highlight Films, Pre-Ceremony, Reception
What formats can the final video be in?
Do you have liability insurance?
Are you a commercial studio or a home-based business?
Do you offer demo DVDs for potential clients to look at?
Yes, upon request. And I have many samples to view online.
What types, such as unedited footage or special effects, of videography do you offer?
Carefully edited, two or more cameras. Documentary style, with a cinematic flair. You'll feel like you are watching an entertaining movie of your day, that captures all the special flair of your unique wedding and the individuals involved, with romance and humor and the couple's unique spirit. Definitely no "cheesy" effects.
Do you have lighting equipment to accommodate a more dimly-lit event?
I use an on-camera light that is sufficient for most venues. Any more light than that would be obtrusive to guests.
How many videographers do you work with?
Myself and my partner, and occasionally another assistant.
Does the client get to meet the videographers before the event?
Absolutely! And I encourage communication from bride and groom.
Do you guarantee your presence at the actual event?
Do you book yourself for more than one event in a day? Weekend?
No. I prefer to only book one wedding in a weekend.
Do you have a replacement videographer in case you become unavailable on the event day?
Currently, no. But I am looking into this.
What kind of equipment do you typically bring with you on the day-of?
Two cameras, tripod(s) if necessary, on-camera light, cordless lavalier microphones, on camera microphone, batteries, and tapes.
Do you bring backup equipment to the event in case of malfunction?
What is your policy on taking breaks? If you require a meal break, do you require that the client provide your meal?
I will usually take a small break around the time dinner is served, since it is not usual, and it is obtrusive, to film people eating.
Do you charge overtime?
Do you give access to your raw footage?
I provide an unedited DVD of my raw footage as part of my packages.
Do you reserve the right to use the video in the future for deals, contents, etc.?
Yes, when client signs waiver allowing me to use the footage in this way.
Is the client involved in the editing process? If so, how much input does the client have in editing?
I do not involve the bride in my actual editing process, however I encourage plenty of input prior to the editing process as to what the bride prefers.
How long does it take for the client to get the final video?
Generally, 4 weeks- 3 months depending on the season. Its worth the wait. :-)
Do you require a minimum number of hours to book?


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Chersteen was amazing. She was just starting out with wedding videography at the time and was very honest about her style and experience. Highly recommended.

What impressed us the most was that when I showed her elements of other sample videos that I like, she was confident enough to say that imitating others' styles was not her preference instead of yielding to me. Said a lot about the trust she wants to have with her clients, and we were very pleased with the results. She did a fantastic job and we were thrilled with her ability to incorporate a great highlight reel and some family history with the parents.
Services Used: Videography
I highly recommend Chersteen! Her videography was beautiful - she even took the time to record lots of "B" roll of the location before the event, which made our video professional and personal! She was not obtrusive at all - many guests mentioned how they didn't even notice she was there as she perfectly blended in. Her style is classic and you really get the sense that she loves what she does! We watch our video years later! Her prices were affordable and therefore we were able to have a professional video that fit our budget. We keep in touch with her and are thrilled that she is able to continue to create memories for other weddings, showcasing and perfecting her talent each time!
Services Used: Videography


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