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Chocolate Moose Design

Grass Valley , CA


15316 Chattering Pines Rd
Grass Valley, CA 95945 US (map)




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Creating original art for your wedding including modern day guest books, typography art, personalized wedding date keepsakes and much more. We welcome any and all personalization and... Read more
Creating original art for your wedding including modern day guest books, typography art, personalized wedding date keepsakes and much more. We welcome any and all personalization and customization to our work. We can color match to fit your homes decor, or wedding theme, we can add poems, quotes, or even photographs to our work. Basically, if you have the vision for it, we can create it!

All art is printed directly "into", yes into, not sitting on top of 1/2" birch hardwood. It becomes a part of the wood; there is nothing to bubble or chip off. Our product is not a sticker or canvas or printed paper the process we use actually prints your image into the wood. It is finished off with 1 3/4" thick hardwood sides giving the look of a solid block of hardwood. The grain and color variations of the wood shows through in every piece making each unique, with a look, feel, and depth that can't be matched with a print on canvas or paper. And with the added protection of our water based, environmentally friendly, low VOC, UV topcoat it will remain that way for generations to come.

We hand make all our products in Grass Valley, CA. Read less
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130x130 sq 1353117445375 18x30guestbookheartspurple
130x130 sq 1307296159801 guestbookbirchforeststaged
130x130 sq 1307296260160 guestbookweddingtopiarysagegreen2
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130x130 sq 1307296467239 productbackphoto
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130x130 sq 1353117654484 12x20guestbookpolkadot
130x130 sq 1353118135648 15x15vowscream
130x130 sq 1353118159796 12x20atchison
130x130 sq 1353118232819 15x15jennymike
130x130 sq 1353118241518 18x30scarborough
130x130 sq 1353118151080 12x20vows3
130x130 sq 1353118145683 12x20tealdates
130x130 sq 1353118419768 12x20horizontalweddingvows
130x130 sq 1353118187447 10x10soletsbemarried
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130x130 sq 1353118173469 15x15ambertroy
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130x130 sq 1353121905307 12x20stagedverticallefthandsidelovestorymoss


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15316 Chattering Pines Rd, Grass Valley, CA 95945 See On Map
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