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Claudia Oliver photography is fresh, simple, elegant
Being both qualified as a photographer and graphic designer I believe this is what makes my photography unique, as I've spent... Read more
Claudia Oliver photography is fresh, simple, elegant
Being both qualified as a photographer and graphic designer I believe this is what makes my photography unique, as I've spent many years learning the principals of taking beautiful photographs and learning the importance of storytelling. Claudia Oliver is a Wedding Photographer based of Miami, Florida. Apart from providing South Florida wedding photography services, Claudia Oliver is also available for destination weddings. For more information about Claudia's services, please contact her at 305-297-6841. Read less




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Contemporary, Photojournalism
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Albums, Custom Graphic Design, Digital Files, High Resolution Images, Prints, Proof CD of All Images
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Claudia Oliver was a very good pick for our wedding photographer. She is a true professional, listened to everything we wanted and gave us ever lasting memories!

Our wedding was in Dec 2013 and was a destination wedding for us in Miami! I met with Claudia for maybe 30minutes on a location scouting trip and fell in love with her photography style and attitude. Being in the creative industry I was looking for a specific style and right away I knew she was the one for us.

Claudia was very responsive during the months leading up to the wedding. Making sure she had all the information she needed and took special care in understanding what was most important to capture.

The day of the wedding she met me at the salon and took charge. She was assertive to get the right photos and cature the moment, but it was almost like she was never there (in a good way). She let our day be our moment. She stayed all the way through the last song, which I assumed was well past our contracted hours.

The best part was getting all my photos back...and I mean ALL of them! Her online viewing made it easy to go through the photos and share with family and friends. I would say there was not one bad image and she truly captured that day to a tee!

Thank you Claudia for all your hard work, you are the best!
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My husband and I knew after the first time we met with Claudia that we wanted her to be our wedding photographer. Her energy was undeniable. She did not disappoint on the day of! They say that you need to make sure you like your photographer, since you will be with them the most and I absolutely love Claudia. We had a great time together and she really did everything in her power to get the pictures she thought would be the best. She is very passionate about what she does and it shines through with all of her effort. I am beyond satisfied with Claudia Oliver Photography!
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Claudia is extremely professional and talented. When I saw her wedding photographs, I was impressed with her work. We hired her for our wedding. She was prompt, made sure to get all the photographs she needed and went along with all my requests. Claudia will make sure that she gets the pictures you want! She will work hard to make sure it happens and was extremely professional in doing so. I saw some of the pictures of our wedding and can't wait to see the final results. If you want someone that will work hard to get the pictures you want, she is it! We were so happy that we hired her! She has an amazing talent!
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Claudia Oliver is amazing. My wedding photos are beautiful, timeless and stunning. She is very knowledgeable in the photography, she knows the latest photo trends and still know how to keep your photos classic. She capture photojournalism at it's best. She was punctual, and was dedicated to getting the job done. I would highly recommend her for the job.
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Claudia was so great to work with! She did the photography for my wedding & I cant praise her enough! Her work is amazing! We will forever treasure our photos!
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It's tough to describe how much I love my wedding video and adore Claudia Oliver. Perhaps the best way to describe her work is to describe the effect it had on me. I know I've been watching my wedding video when my face hurts from smiling. Claudia really went above and beyond. She described to me the benefit of having more than one videographer present but, despite the fact that she gave me a great price for a second videographer, my budget was such that I could only afford to hire Claudia for the day. Not that you'd know it from seeing the video. Claudia arrived extremely early. She went to Pierre's, the restaurant where the ceremony and reception were to take place, and set up a second video camera long before the wedding. She also came to the hotel where my family and I were getting ready. She delivered far more than I paid for. I did not ask her to come early -- especially because I was getting married in the Keys and Claudia's price was extremely reasonable for a Miami wedding, let alone a wedding that required travel. I asked only that Claudia tape the ceremony and, if possible, the toasts at the reception. Claudia got to my suite several hours before the wedding and thank goodness she did! My photographers got in a car accident, and Claudia's video is the only "getting ready" shot I have. I hate pictures and being on camera. In fact, I didn't want a video at all, but my mother insisted on having a video to show to relatives abroad. I'm so glad she did. Claudia made herself invisible. I didn't feel like I was being taped and am still surprised when I see the video. She caught such intimate moments on camera without intruding. Much the opposite. Claudia was such a sweet presence that every guest she spoke with made it a point to later let me know how much they liked my videographer. Even my uncle, a loving but reserved man, was quite taken with Claudia, who got him to open up and tape a message for my husband and me, and whose delightful character so touched him that he still remarks fondly on her when we speak of the wedding. She made everyone feel at ease and (much to my surprise!) easily convinced people to record a video message for my husband and myself. These messages are priceless and were but one of the many wonderful extras Claudia included. She asked me for music from my wedding which she seamlessly weaved into the wedding video, which includes not only a full length video but also a wedding highlights clip. Much more than I bargained for. Additionally, Claudia did not simply record the evening chronologically. She took the time to edit the tape and, as corny as it sounds, she really did it lovingly. For instance, she ends the video with a message from my mother instead of simply having the video come to an end sometime during the party. She also added special effects that make the most precious moments of the evening last longer - whether by slowing the video down, cutting the clip with shots from the additional cameras that she installed ahead of time, replaying the shot (a double take type of effect) -- I'm sure I'm forgetting things, but I hope this gives you a feel for the attention to detail that went into the video I received. And Claudia did not stop at one video -- she sent me several copies in beautiful cases and offered to provide me with as many additional copies as I might need. To say that she went above and beyond just doesn't cut it. In case you are considering hiring Claudia as a photographer, please note that the only reason I did not is that I did not meet Claudia until after I had hired a photographer. I left the videographer to the last minute because, as I mentioned before, I really didn't care too much to have a video, I was on a tight budget, and I thought pictures would be sufficient. I couldn't have been more mistaken. Please don't misunderstand this next bit -- my photographers did a great job -- but I much prefer watching my wedding video. I never discussed the resolution/definition of the photographs with my photographers beforehand. It's amazing how many flaws a high definition picture can accent! Perhaps this sounds a bit vain, but I'm just being honest. Having spoken with other brides (and grooms!), my experience does not seem to be unique. Sometimes the pictures capture a bit too much. The video reminded me of the fun I had at the wedding and made me feel beautiful and happy. It was tastefully shot and the quality is excellent. You won't find a more perfect balance of professionalism and warmth as you will find in Claudia. She is accessible 24/7 by phone or email, and she always has a smile on her face. She is quietly sweet and just makes you feel happy being next to her. How she managed to slip unnoticed through the ceremony and late into the reception is beyond me. I still can't believe the shots she got! I didn't know she was there. She really is talented, something I realized when she described her approach to photography and her approach to videography, explaining that the two are not the same, how they differ in their capture of movement and feeling -- she clearly is passionate about both, she sounds like an artist, and she delivers like a pro. Thank you so much Claudia! You were the best part of my wedding and unexpectedly gave my family our fondest memory.
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