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Coombs House Inn

Apalachicola , FL


80 Sixth Street, (In the Florida Panhandle)
Apalachicola, FL 32320 US (map)




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Welcome to the Coombs House Inn!

Romantic Beach and Garden Weddings

Just south of Mexico Beach and Cape San Blas on the Northwest Florida's Forgotten... Read more
Welcome to the Coombs House Inn!

Romantic Beach and Garden Weddings

Just south of Mexico Beach and Cape San Blas on the Northwest Florida's Forgotten Gulf Coast lies the luxurious boutique Florida Hotel, the Coombs House Inn. This elegant Historic 23 room Inn is the perfect setting for your magical wedding. Celebrate the wedding of your dreams in our Victorian Mansion with its beautiful Gazebo and lush Camellia Gardens and Hall or choose a romantic sunset Beach Wedding in our St. George Island beach villa.

The Mansion

Your wedding belongs in this special place with its nostalgic atmosphere filled with antiques, a carved grand staircase perfect for your wedding photos, original chandeliers and gleaming wood floors. The Inn has 23 different guestrooms for your Bridal party and family with 7 romantic Honeymoon jacuzzi suites to choose from. The Villa has a private parlour to use as a hospitality suite or for the Bridesmaids to have hair and nails done or other personal spa services before the wedding.

Camellia Gardens and Hall

Wedding vows or renewals of vows are exchanged in our picturesque garden Gazebo or in the adjacent Historic Trinity or Methodist Church. (St. Patrick's Church and the Baptist Church are located 1 block from the Inn). Rehearsal dinners and wedding receptions are comfortably held in the private surrounding Camellia Gardens with its European statues and fountain and in the restored historic carriage house now “Camellia Hall” opening onto the gardens with 6 french doors (Seating 60 with complimentary chairs and tables and additional Garden guests of 150). A private formal rehearsal or wedding party dinner can also be held in The Mansion's dining room.

Beach Weddings

Famous for it's pristine white sandy beaches and romantic sunsets is the adjacent island of St. George on Florida's Forgotten Gulf Coast. The Coomb's Inn beach villa “Poinciana Plantation” is the perfect place for your beach wedding. With its spacious verandas overlooking the beach and its open bar/kitchen serving area, this 3 story beach house with its luxurious Master jacuzzi suite, sleeping 10, and can serve 150 reception guests. Have our chef prepare a “low country boil” with local Apalachicola oysters, fresh caught Gulf shrimp and Cajun sausage and spices to please your wedding party. From beginning to end let our complementary Wedding Planner/Concierge Services assist you and your family with all the details making your special wedding “a Dream come true” that you will remember for a lifetime. Read less


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80 Sixth Street, (In the Florida Panhandle), Apalachicola, FL 32320 See On Map
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