Core Industries
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134 W. Brookshire Ave.
Orange, CA US 92865 (map)
About Core Industries
Artistry Skin Care & Cosmetics

Artistry is a global leader in prestige beauty, offering unprecedented skin care solutions backed by dermatologist testing, the most advanced science, unparalleled proof of performance, and personalized service unmatched by any beauty counter in the world.

To help explain to others the unique benefits that set Artistry apart from the competition, use the 4 C’s information below. Just as the value and brilliance of a diamond are measured by the 4 C’s (Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat Weight), the value and superiority of the Artistry brand can also be measured by 4 C’s – Competitive, Clinically Proven, Caring and Connecting.

Artistry is a Global Leader in Prestige Beauty:
• Over 35 years of experience
• Over $1 billion in annual sales

Artistry Sets Standards in Skin Care Science and Research:
• Artistry holds over 200 patents and patents pending
• Artistry scientists use breakthrough research and advanced medical technology to create unprecedented skin care solutions.

Artistry is Backed by the Best Science in the World:
• Artistry leverages science and technology from the world’s leading global brand of vitamins, minerals and supplements.
• Among our top advisors are internationally renowned dermatologists, surgeons and researchers, and over 500 scientists, engineers and technicians around the world.
• All Artistry skin care products are Dermatologist Approved by internationally renowned, American Academy of Dermatology – certified dermatologist, Dr. Indira Misra-Higgins.

Artistry offers Unparalleled Proof of Performance:
All Artistry products clinically proven and guaranteed to perform.
• Artistry uses only reputable, third party research firms to produce non-biased clinical claims.
• Artistry uses state-of-the-art instruments and technologies, including systems originally perfected for space travel by NASA.

Artistry Exceeds Quality Standards:
• Artistry uses only the highest quality, pharmaceutical grade ingredients in all our skin care products
• Artistry surpasses industry quality standards in formula purity and manufacturing processes.

Artistry Guarantees Your Satisfaction:
• Artistry wants to ensure you’re happy with your purchase! If you do not positively love your Artistry products, we’ll refund your money.

• With the shared belief that true beauty comes from within, Artistry is honored to partner with Easter Seals through Beauty Begins with Heart.

• This charitable venture will give the gifts of opportunity, independence and hope to thousands of children with disabilities and their families.

• The Artistry approach to beauty is based on women connecting with women to create real solutions that work for women’s real lives.

• Artistry’s personalized service and unique sales approach are unmatched at any beauty counter anywhere in the world.
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