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Vivian is a dress-maker. I designed my wedding dress and had her make it and it was beautiful and fit me prefectly. She was knowledgeable about how things would look on my body and helped me to tweak the dress as I went.

She first makes a sample dress not from the real material for you to try on and modify your design. Then after 2-3 fittings in that- or as many as it takes to make you satisfied, she makes it out of the real material. A few fittings later- vua la! Just what you wanted.

I was pretty picky about my dress and what is normally 2-3 fittings total was ~7 for minor modifications for me, but she didn't charge me extra. She's a fun lady to be around and it can give you a sense of pride from designing your own dress. I highly recommend this if you're in to personal touches.

The store recently moved to another location, but here is the new address:

1959 Vesonder Road
Petersburg, Va. 23805

She also makes dresses for the entire bridal party and rehearsal dinner dresses or knock-of bridal gowns if you don't have the cash for Amsale.
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I had my wedding gown designed at Creations. I had fallen in love with a Priscilla of Boston gown and wanted to make some changes to the design. THe dress was absolutely gorgeous and less than half of what the Priscilla would have cost. My wedding date also got excellerated due to my husbands military committment and the designer, Vivian, was able to be flexible and expedite the dress. It turned out absolutely fabulous. I would highly recommend Creations for your bridal gown needs. They ordered the fabric necessary and sought out the exact lace I wanted and were able to match the lace on my veil perfectly. Vivian also designed our flower girl dresses. I couldn't be happier with my experience at Creations.

Thank you!
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I’m writing to express my disappointment with the wedding gown constructed by the designer you referred me to,
Evelyn Bagala, and to express my distress with the entire experience with your shop. Your ad on the home page of
your website which says, “There's simply no excuse for a gown that's anything less than perfect!” is absolutely true, but this was
the exact opposite of my experience with the services provided by you and your professional designer.
The dress is so poorly constructed, that no one would believe it was made by a professional.
My mother and I purchased fabric for and arranged for construction of 3 dresses, my wedding gown, my mother’s
rehearsal dinner dress and her mother-of- the bride’s dress for my wedding day. We made multiple 3 hour round trip
drives, which required days off from work to travel between Virginia Beach and Richmond to obtain your services
at a time when gas prices were at an all time high. We were both beyond disappointed with my dress when it was
completed, but I was out of time, money and any other recourse but to wear it anyway on my wedding day. The
problems with the dress are listed below and there are corresponding photographs for each problem on the following
pages of this letter.
1. The dress seams were not “sewn”, they were only “basted”. When I held the dress up to the light, I could
see between the stitches and was mortified that the dress would come apart with the slightest tension on the
seams. On the underside of the dress the fabric edges on most of the seams were crooked or unfinished.
There was an obvious problem with the sewing machine as some of the edges were unraveling or com-
pletely unstitched.
2. The buttons down the back of the dress were obviously from other dresses because they were covered in
several different fabrics other than my dress fabric. They were sewn on so crooked that it looks like a child
sewed them on.
3. The train was too short so the dress could not be properly bustled. Evelyn’s “designer” solution was to put
a clear plastic button 2 inches below the rest of the buttons. Most of my wedding ceremony shots were
taken from behind, and this was so unsightly for the photos that I had to have the clear plastic button re-
placed by additional covered buttons prior to the wedding.
4. The ruching had been pressed with an iron!!! This totally ruined the lines of the dress. I am no seamstress,
but I know enough to know this should never have been done.
5. The horse hair in the hem was improperly sewn and the dress did not hang correctly when pressed. It un-
raveled over the course of the evening and had to be taped up so I would not trip over it.
6. The dress was such a poor fit that I spent the entire day and evening worrying about the potential for catas-
trophe. During the reception, the bodice and the hem began to unravel, I had to be taped up and re-stitched
into the dress by my sister and my wedding planner to make it through the remainder of the evening.
7. The dress was soiled from being handled so much and there was such a big snag in the fabric of the train
that the seamstress who pressed the dress would not touch it before consulting with me first to make sure I
knew that she did not do it.
The experience for me as a bride was no less than pure mental anguish. On my once in a lifetime “Special Day”; the
day when I was the center of attention, the most important element for me was this dress! You promised in your ad
that my dress would be “no less than perfect”. Instead of being a dream come true, it was a “nightmare waiting to
My mother’s dress for my wedding day was so poorly constructed that it was not wearable, and she never received
her rehearsal dinner dress, or had the fabric returned. My mother was so upset when she saw what a mess my dress
was that she began to cry, and Evelyn rudely told her not to cry.
I have read the reviews you post online from other brides who apparently received a much higher level of customer
service than we did, and I am puzzled about the reason why we did not warrant the same level of customer service.
Since I did not receive the promised experience, and I can never get a second chance at this once in a lifetime occa-
sion, I would like my $650.00 investment for the construction of my dress, and the value of the fabric purchased for
my mother’s dresses returned to me immediately.
Services Used: Dress & Attire
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