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CRYSTAL RECEPTION HALL, a 4,000 sq.ft. facility, with a capacity exceeding 240 person, (+) an 900 sq.ft. dance floor

Just some of the best features Crystal has to offer; ... Read more
CRYSTAL RECEPTION HALL, a 4,000 sq.ft. facility, with a capacity exceeding 240 person, (+) an 900 sq.ft. dance floor

Just some of the best features Crystal has to offer;
- We un-equivoquely are more cost effective and still offer a lot more than any hotels and/or clubhouses
- We cater with or without food, with or without alcohol
- Our very unique nighttime lighting system will embellish all types of event (controlled from DJ station)
- Permanent state of the art sound system already setup for either DJ/Band/and others
- The huge food preparation room will accommodate either full service or buffet style meals,
- Our large bar will more than sufficient to serve any thirsty crowd
- An exceptional archway entrance with 12” post will bring this glamorous look you seek
- Ceiling Sheer Overhang Décor
- And a lot more for you to discover

Crystal Halls greatest advantage:
1- New building
2- Easy access
3- Ample parking
4- High ceiling
5- Less then ¾ mile from both I-95 & Turnpike
6- Less then 1 mile from 2 reputable hotels
Please note that we currently have an agreement with the Marriott Hotel just next door for
1- Special discount for Crystal Reception Hall Customers
2- Marriott Shuttle will transport free of charge all customers from the hotel to the Crystal Hall location and/or to the Beach

We cater to unlimited types of events such as;

Wedding reception, Wedding ceremony, Bachelor Party, Bridal Shower,
Proms, Quince, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Sweet 16, Seminars, Baby shower,
Divorce celebration, Anniversary party, Retirement party,
Corporate, Pageants, Conventions, Shows, Rally's,
Black tie event, Dinner dance, Big Band sound, Showcase, and Recitals

Our Mission; The most memorable experience that one has ever encountered.

Our slogan is K.I.S.S.

How we do it;
Careful planning, Extensive preparation, Meticulous scheduling, and 15 years of business experience Read less
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2+ years ago
My sister was scammed 20 yrs ago. She had a dance studio, what he did to her then and to you all is unbuleivable. Just found out about the mug shot and everything. I hope he rots in prison.
Services Used: Wedding Venue
Jess & Dan
I was also scammed by this loser. I can't describe the anger I feel. I have lost $1200 and piece of mind. I had a vision in my head and that has been ruined. Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the speical days in your life and this fraud acted as though he was so into making my day special and it was all a lie. I hope there are criminal charges brought against this man for what he has done.
Services Used: Wedding Venue
I was also scammed by Marc and Crystal Reception Hall. I have never fealt so betrayed and disgusted that someone can destroy so many lives and not even think twice about it. I have filed a complaint against him and if there are more people out there please do the same. I gave Marc $2700.00,the only good thing is my wedding is so far way however the feeling of being scammed and betrayed will never go away. I have also spoke to Jane is she is very nice and understanding and eventhough the pain is all I feel right now I have faith that it will all work out.
Services Used: Wedding Venue
I am the mother of a bride that this despicable person defrauded. I have been in contact with others in the same boat. He auctioned off everything in the building on 4/14/12 and has run out with the deposits of all of us. If you are one of these people or a vendor or landlord that this person owes money, you must, must, must go to the Martin Co Sheriffs office on the south side of Monterey, between Willoughby and Fed Hwy and file a complaint against this person, Marc Bergeron. I have heard of 3 who have already done this. We need as many as possible to file a claim so that the Sheriff can consider this a class action and send it to the States Attorney's office. I am told that in my case, taking money for a service you know you will never deliver is a felony. Also, contact the news papers and channel 5 and 12 for their consumer alert division. If is my understand that he owes 12.000 in past rent, and also owes some of his vendors. It is likely that this scum has done this before and will do it again. If good people do nothing, evil will prevail.
On a brighter note, a Lady named Jayne Raynolds and her husband Folker Raynolds of Silver Platter catering contacted me at the auction and said she was taking over that rent space and would try to help as many brides as possible. My daughter and I met with her today, to see what we can work out. She is putting a package together for me to consider. She seems likes a nice lady. I cant hurt to talk. Her # is 772-370-7953. She also has other infor on more people who have been hurt in this.
Services Used: Wedding Planning
We also were scammed by Crystal Hall and Marc! This is no joke people!! We wrote him a check not 3 weeks ago and found out today (April 13, 2012) that he is having an auction tomorrow to sell everything!!!! He knew good and well that he wouldn't be around this October (my wedding) and he thought he got away with it! Please please please file a criminal report against this man! He is an absolute thief! The sheriff said the more people that report him, the better the case will be against him! It costs nothing to report it and it only takes about 10 mins! Please don't let him continue to hurt and destroy other couple's lives and dreams!!! (oh and I did not like that i HAD to check the box above about "services provided for me" because he provided none!! He has not returned one email or phone call in 3 weeks.... and never intended to do so!)
Services Used: Wedding Venue
They were very helpful and knowledgeable with my wedding. I didn't have a planner so knowing that they were taking care of the food, setup, and my entire reception made the day go by a lot better.
Services Used: Catering, Lighting & Decor, Rentals & Photobooths, Wedding Venue
There is A LOT I have to say here. I will have to come back and edit this.
I am still waiting on my refundable deposit to be mailed to me. It is very, VERY difficult to get a hold of Marc at Crystal hall, he is just "too busy" for anyone even customers, new or old, especially old customers that he owes a $500 refundable deposit.

I will give my review depending on how he handles this.
Services Used: Wedding Venue
This place is a scam. The price seems good at first and the actual hall is nice but the owner does some shady things. You will NOT get your $500 security deposit back. You will NEVER be able to reach the owner after your wedding. It's not worth it, trust me. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE.
Services Used: Wedding Venue
I want to start out by saying the venue is nice, it has a great dance floor and bar; However, as far as service goes I was extremely unhappy. I was a DIY bride and had no wedding planner....big mistake with this venue. Communication is a HUGE problem with the owner, I had to send about 10 emails in order to get a response about a menu tasting. He also never contacted me about a head count and how much foor to order....I had to take that upon myself too. Now on to the reception, the food was completely messed up, they claimed to have run out of steak and started serving fish to people who didn't want it. My sister and Maid of Honor was served fish with crab stuffing, which she is highly allergic to. My photographer's assistant had to go out and buy her subway!!!! My photographer was also told she was not allowed to be served until AFTER the guest had finished eating, which posed a problem because that's when she is supposed to be working. I also had an issue with them closing the bar an hour early, in our contract the cocktail hour was separate from the dinner bar and he tried to tell us it wasn't. He also charged us for all the minors at the wedding PLUS my vendors!!!! When confronted with these issues they were extremely nasty and it took my Mother walking into the kitchen for them to "find" the rest of our steaks (about 30 which we ended up taking home).
Please do yourself a favor and do not use this venue unless you REALLY REALLY love it and have a wedding planner that can force them to communicate and get the job done correctly.
Services Used: Catering, Flowers, Wedding Venue
I would like to inform all these unsatisfied clients of Crystal Banquet Hall that Marc has closed down the place and ran with all of our deposits ($500). I too fell into his scam of not returning phone calls and unable to get my money back. If anyone is interested in seeking legal advise as a class action suit please let me know. My email is omarlenkk@hotmail.com, I don't know if this is a possibility but worth looking into it. There is an auction this saturday April 14th to sell everything in the facility. This makes me want to go in there and take $500 worth of merchandise to at least feel like I got my monies worth even if I throw it all away. Marc you are a thief, robber, burglar whatever you want to call yourself.
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2+ years ago
For everyone who he defrauded, in case you didn't know. Marc was arrested!!!

Services Used: Wedding Venue
Pending Formal Complaint - It has been over TWO MONTHS and I have not recieved my security deposit back. I REFUSE to reccomend Crystal Reception Hall. My actual wedding was a fairytale, but dealing with this vendor was a nightmare! He has 2 locations one in Palm City and one in Downtown Stuart, and I would not recommend either one after having to deal with him for the past 10 months.

He is currently withholding my $500 Refundable Security Deposit because 2 linens had melted wax on them and are damaged. Fine, just tell me how much... but he will not. It takes about month for a "report". He never delivered a report to me and still has not returned any calls or emails.

My review given on The Knot message boards on 9.27.10 I’m breaking this down into 2 parts, the actual place and the service

Reception Location – C+

o The hall was beautiful. But for decor, I have no doubt that 95% of that is owed to Natalie and Rosemery!

He provided tables, chairs, linens, dishes, sound system, lighting, ceiling sheers, chandelier, dance floor, Eiffel tower center pieces, bus boys and a bartender… I think that’s about it, but believe me, I paid for it.

o The fountains out front are disgusting; they have mold/mildew in them and cigarette butts floating in them.

o The flat screen tv’s that we were told would be there, were not installed (or possibly even purchased-he kept saying he was "too busy") in time for our reception. This was a big part of why we chose the location, as DH is a HUGE Yankee Fan and they were playing Boston the night of our wedding!

o The bathroom doors wouldn’t shut fully, (they just had hook and latch locks) and I could see people peeing and people could see ME! Seriously?

Customer Service – F-
(pending how he handles returning my $500 security deposit)

Terrible communication o Had to hound him to follow up on quotes I had asked him for RD – Originally quoted $60 for labor… then received completely different price.

Price difference to cut alcohol – apparently it was $100 less for 3 hours alcohol for 75 people.

Charged full price for all Minors – Including alcohol… Think they even served the table of 15-18 year olds.

Was rude to me about “cancelling” the RD… (Because he could have booked another wedding…) when he told me one price then finally sent a quote WEEKS later that was NOT what we discussed… He could have told me why it wasn’t the $60 he told me…

RD space was INCLUDED in my package anyway (so even if I didn’t use it, he shouldn’t have been planning on using the hall the night before anyway.)

Rude about seating arrangements, didn’t provide 75 seats even though I was charged for 75 people, and said it was MY fault.

Broken Promises/Unfulfilled Commitments

2 Flat Screen TV’s – Not Installed (possibly not even purchased) - Yet was still promising it to other clients in June.

Told us that he was having a group tasting on 7/18 and we would taste all the food then. He never followed through and never bothered to tell us he was cancelling the tasting.

Said he would deduct money for the food portion for my convenience since he was unable to provide a tasting. Said, no one has ever gotten sick off his food. Like THAT is comforting.

Cake Cutting – He Specifically told me they do not charge a cake cutting fee… and he never provided cakes, so to tell us at 8:45 that he was not cutting the cake was a huge surprise.

I’m sure there was more but that’s all I can think of for now. · Lots of unpleasant surprises

$500 Refundable Security Deposit which I haven’t gotten back yet
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