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Had a great time. Vanessa was my consultant. She was patient and very understanding. I have worked with other employees from Davids bridal and she is the best. Great experience and good prices too. I got everything I needed and never once felt overwhelmed. I recommend Vanessa before anyone else.
Services Used: Dress & Attire
David's Bridal has a wide selection of beautiful bridal gowns and dresses for bridesmaids, flower girls, and other members of the wedding party. We had no trouble finding gowns that we loved - everyone looked beautiful on the wedding day! However, we encountered such poor service and professionalism that I wouldn't feel comfortable recommending this particular David's Bridal location to anyone. The issues that we encountered included the following:

-- When the bridesmaid gowns were shipped, it was during the Holiday season when many wedding party members were out of town. My maid of honor received numerous and increasingly rude phone calls from the store insisting that she pick up her gown, even after she had explained she was out of town and made arrangements to pick it up after the New Year. Finally, she became so frustrated, she asked me to pick up the gown for her so the store would leave her alone.

-- I had to be fitted for my gown four separate times because the seamstress who began work on my alterations was suddenly unavailable and another person had to pick up where she left off. I was concerned that the dress might not look consistent on all sides and in all the layers with two different seamstresses working on it. Also, there was at least one occasion where they were hurriedly finishing changes to my gown when I showed up on schedule for my appointment. How could I feel comfortable that the alterations weren't done hastily and without good quality?

-- My mom ordered her dress in plenty of time for it to be shipped and altered. When the dress came in, it was the wrong color. After several of the staff got involved, it was discovered that the dress had been mislabeled on display, so they re-ordered it in the right color and scheduled a final fitting appointment for Friday, the day of the wedding rehearsal. At that time, my mom indicated that this was cutting it too close and requested an earlier appointment, but they were not willing to change it. After some insistence, they rescheduled the appointment to Wednesday and updated the paperwork to indicate the change. When my mom went back on Wednesday to pick up the dress, she waited 15 or 20 minutes, only to have the manager tell her the alterations weren't done and that she wasn't supposed to be there until Friday to pick up the dress. My mom explained that the appointment had been moved to Wednesday, but the manager wouldn't believe her until she produced the paperwork to verify the change. Despite this proof, the manager said the paperwork on the dress hadn't been changed and the alterations were not done. No apology of any kind - she just told my mom to come back on Thursday and the alterations would be done. When my mom went back on Thursday, the alterations were STILL not done. She ended up having to go back on Friday -- the day of the rehearsal -- to pick up the dress. The alterations were finally done, but they weren't right. The dress was not smooth across the top, the straps had been taken up too much, and the dress rode too high. The beading that should have been under the breast was way too high, which also caused the dress to be shorter than it was when it was fitted. But at this point, she was out of time and had to take the dress and wear it as it was to the wedding. Now that the wedding is over, she has an ill-fitting dress that will probably not be worn again unless it can be properly fitted. The alterations cost as much as the dress, so we expected them to be right. Because of the complications, the store did reduce the cost of the alterations by approximately half, but that doesn't make it right when they weren't done properly!
Services Used: Dress & Attire


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