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Dennis and his team are very professional and really know what they are doing, they have clearly had a lot of experience! I am more than pleased with the qualilty of photos, and his ideas. We actually went ice skating after the ceremony...I would never have thought to do that. It turned out to be a wonderful photo oportunity and it was the most magical first dance I could have imagined.
I would recommend using Dennis, you really can't go wrong. My only negatives are that he is hard to get a hold of sometimes, he can be expensive and he does not like to be given a list of photos you want taken.
Services Used: Photography
We would like to express our great disappointment
in the work of the photographer Dennis DeSilva
(Studio Seven), who operates in the Bay Area and
in the Sonona/Napa wine country.

We hired Dennis DeSilva as a photographer for our
wedding because his portfolio looked very good.
We were also foolishly impressed by the fact that
quite a few celebrities were among his clients.
However, we should have known better.

Let’s start with our first meeting. He received
us at his home office in a robe, because he had
forgotten we had an appointment to see him. ‘Oh
well, it can happen to the best of us’, we
though. The photos of many important people on
the walls helped us dismiss that as an accident.
During this meeting, he also told us how good he
was at correcting defects by using Photoshop
software by showing us the shrunken version of a
curvaceous bride and a de-wrinkled photo of his wife.

He appeared to be very self-confident and very
proud of his work, even arrogant at times, but
his work was technically outstanding and we
decided that he had all the rights to be so
proud. He seemed irritated when we mentioned we
had hired Thomas Hughes Video Productions to
videotape our wedding as well, implying that a
better choice would have been purchasing a more
expensive wedding package from him, rather than
hiring a videographer that would interfere with
his work. He also seemed reluctant to write down
all the details of our agreement on the written
contract, almost offended that we did not trust
him to just honor his word. Wisely, we insisted on a very detailed contract.

We left his office confident to have hired the
photographer who was technically the best on the
market, and although his manners were a little
lacking, we though that after all, we were hiring
him for his photos, not for his niceties. Well, that was a big mistake.

The day of the wedding, we were all
understandably a bit nervous. Dennis did not make
things any easier. He was bossy and rude to the
guests. When the groom asked for a photo with the
Officiant, Dennis said he did not have time to
take a photo of the groom with “everyone”. One of
the groomsmen expressed his disbelief to the
groom when he was told Dennis was a professional
photographer. His manners were so unpleasant that
many guests asked us what was wrong with out
photographer. The maid of honor, whom Dennis was
barking orders to adjust the bride’s train as if
she was his assistant, almost got in a fight with
him. Overall, he did not put us at ease, and the
entire time we felt that we were “not good enough”
for him, not “posing well enough”, not moving
fast enough from one place to the other for him
to take photos. We felt like we were ruining “his
art”, and “his photos”. His presence really was a dark cloud at our wedding.

After the wedding was over, he sent us the proofs
of the photos, and to his credit he was very
fast. By contact there would be a 7% surcharge on
the entire wedding package if we did not place
our order within 30 days from the receipt of the
proofs. So, we eagerly selected the photos we
wanted and sent him a CD and a list of the photos in the mail.

After that, we called him many times to confirm
that he had received our order (we did not want
to be charged 7% more) and to ask him to send us
the high resolution photos as per our contract.
Our calls were always directed to voicemail and
he would not answer our email. We finally managed
to get in touch with him by phone when we called
from a phone that was not ours (we were starting
to suspect he was screening our calls). He sent
us the high resolution photos at last, but he
said he had not received our CD, or that maybe he had, but he had lost it.

So we sent him the list of the photos we wanted
by email. For four times we called and emailed
him repeatedly to confirm that he had received
our request and for four times, in a span of 4
months, he told us (once we were able to actually
talk to him) that he had had computer problems and he had lost our list.

In this time period, we had time to look at the
high resolution photos and corrected a few
defects that were bothering us with Photoshop. We
told him if he could please either correct the
photos himself the same way we had done, or just use our “corrected version”.
He said to send him the “corrected version” of
the photos and that he would use those for our
album. We had to send him these photos four
consecutive times (in the same span of four
months) because he managed to loose those as well.

When we finally received the pdf proof of our
wedding album 5 out of the 14 “corrected photos”
we sent him were missing from the album. In
addition, on one of album pages the same photo
was present twice, indicating that he had put
very little care in assembling the album itself.
When we called to point out the mistakes (and
miraculously he answered at the first attempt),
he became irritated at us for being so demanding.

Our overall impression is that he doesn’t care
about anything else but himself and has very
little consideration for his clients and other vendors involved in a wedding.

We have yet to receive the final album, and at
this point we are very glad that with the high
resolution photos we were able to create our own
album using an on-line printing service. The
album we made with his photos and photos from our
friends is ten times better than the proof of his
supposedly artistic one. Maybe because it was made with love and care.

In conclusion, this has been a horrible, horrible
experience that we wish to no one else. We hope
with this letter to prevent other from making our
mistake and hiring Dennis DeSilva, StudioSeven as their photographer.
Services Used: Photography
The photographer was very professional and punctual.
He did everything he said he would.
The photos were of the highest quality. He was also available on short notice.
He was friendly and courteous and easy to work with.
Services Used: Photography
Dennis' photos were the highest of quality. He was punctual and was very attentive. The only negative was the time it took to receive the prints. But over all we were satisfied. We also had Dennis take our engagement photos which turned out beautiful. This was all back 2003 when he had a his studio in Walnut Creek.
Services Used: Photography


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