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Baltimore , MD


Baltimore, MD US
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2+ years ago
Our DJ was recommended by a friend of who's wedding we went to last year. Communication was not the best but occasionally emails were answered. Communication went back and forth about the wedding being on Friday, June 15th and Lord and behold the day of the wedding NO SHOW! You can imagine a very displeased and unpleasant bride. Let alone everyone else. When people tried to contact him, no response. Finally he text one of the bestmen and said he thought the wedding was on Saturday June 16th.. The contract clearly said the 15th.

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DJ Droopy was very reasonably priced. In addition, he played the variety of music that we requested. My husband and I as well as our guest were very satisfied with the selection. There was a lil something for everyone both young and old.
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DJ Droopy came to the rehearsal and put together a plan as he was to provide the music for the wedding and reception. He coordinated with the videographer on all aspects of the sound to ensure that neither would interfere with the other, he also explained to me how he would transition between the two so that there would be no confusion. Day of, everything I had requested occurred. He was able to be flexible with quite a few last minute changes that were outside of everyone's control, and he remained polite, reassuring and professional throughout the process. I was very pleased with his services the day of the wedding. That being said, in the weeks (4 or so) leading up to the wedding he was unresponsive to both my then fiancee and I. This caused a significant amount of stress for both of us as we had already signed a contract and paid a deposit and did not want to have to go through the hassle of attempting to find another DJ and then subsequently attempt to recoup the deposit paid to him for services. No bride should have to worry about whether or not her vendors are going to come through especially after a deposit had been paid. We both sent numerous emails and my then fiancee made numerous phone calls that went unanswered. The person that referred him to us was able to get in contact with him however which put us somewhat at ease, however he was in a business contract with us not with that individual. However, after we finally spoke to him he verified that he had received all of the songs that we requested and the changes that we made with songs linked to specific events throughout the reception. The day of the wedding he made good on everything we requested and met all of our expectations. I would recommend DJ Droopy to other brides as he has a very good presence (he presents well during the event), he is a good value for the cost and he has access to and knowledge of a wide range of music genres and time periods. I would only caution brides to be very clear in the first meeting about what your needs and expectations are concerning communication and follow through, and then discuss what the recourse could be if either party does not follow through with those expectations and then of course make sure all of that is in the contract.
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2+ years ago
I contacted this DJ for my wedding from an event that I received a card from him. After speaking with him 3 months in advance he informed me that he would be able to DJ my wedding, and even accepted a request to make a special CD for me and my husband to dance to at our reception. It was a verbal agreement, so I should have been warned, so I guess he didn't feel obligated even though he agreed to be of service. Only problem after all the promises and all the communication that did take place, within the 1.5 weeks leading up to my wedding he would not return my phone calls. The last communication I had with him was providing him with some info on song selections and the CD mix request, and he told me he would have it to me in about a week. Only problem, he never called back or answered his phone after every attempt to reach him up to the 2 days before my wedding, by me, my husband and my wedding day coordinator. Only one day I called and he accidentally answered the phone and then hung up suddenly. I can't image how a part important as this that a DJ would do that to someone. My basic assumption was that because it was Memorial Day Weekend he wanted to back out or probably got a gig paying more money, or maybe he just wanted to go on vacation... who knows! If that was the case he could have done it in a more professional manner, just by being considerate and letting us know. Luckily we were able to find a DJ two days before the wedding who came through for us and saved the day and much stress... and even put together our requested CD in a days notice. Absolutely No Professionalism here! I don't care how many events he's done before this one... a cancellation would have been bad, but at least you are aware.
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