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Hello Brides!
What a wonderful and exciting time in your life!
My name is James. I have lived in the Denver metro area since 1984! Let's just say, the Rocky Mountains are home... Read more
Hello Brides!
What a wonderful and exciting time in your life!
My name is James. I have lived in the Denver metro area since 1984! Let's just say, the Rocky Mountains are home to me!
DJ Dynamics has been successfully serving the Denver and Rocky Mountain area since 1995! We are Denver true "One price" DJ. We do not believe in charging our customers hidden fees for services that should be included! We cater to YOU! We have only the latest state of the art equipment and only LED lighting. We have over 160,000 songs including the latest artist to the classics! That way, everyone has a favorite request!

Wedding coordination with you or your wedding planner is always included. We include a beautiful white mat keepsake! We will ask the guest to write down their favorite song/songs with their name on the mat. This will then be given to the bride and groom at the end of the evening!

Our prices:
$595.00 for 4 hrs
$75.00 each additional hr
Price includes setup, tear down, travel (Up to 35 miles) LED Lighting, MC. It's all included!
We honor our Veterans and Active Military, Police, Fire, EMT, Nurse and School Teachers. We give additional 10% off entire bill

Call me today to reserve your wedding date!

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What music genres are in your collection?
50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, Acoustic, Classic Rock, Classical, Country, Dance, Folk, Funk, Gospel, Hip Hop, Jazz, Motown, Oldies, Orchestra, Pop, Punk Rock, R&B, Rock, Soul, Strings, Swing, World
Do you have liability insurance?
Describe your DJ style:
We play to your needs! We have over 160,000 songs from the latest to classic artist! A good DJ is in tune with his crowd, keeps the evening flowing properly and insures that everyone has fun!
What is your usual attire?
Formal and business!
If you do not have one of the songs pre-requested by the client, do you require that they provide it?
No. If the song requested is not in our list, I will make every attempt to purchase that song on the house!
How many other DJs do you work with?
I am the owner and DJ for all events! I have two backup DJ's that work for me
What is the minimum amount of time you will DJ for?
A minimum of two hours is appreciated!
Is the client able to meet the DJ before booking?
Of Course! This is vital and insures that the bride is comfortable and secure with their choice!
Do you specialize in any ethnic or international events?
I speak fluent Spanish and cater to all ethnic backgrounds!
Can the client submit a do-not-play list?
Yes, of course. We cater and critique your entertainment to your needs!
Do you bring your own equipment?
Yes. We own all our own equipment. Furthermore, we have redundant systems in case of emergency!
What (if any) special equipment, such as disco balls or lighting, is offered with your service?
The $495.00 flat rate INCLUDES all of the above. We use Lasers, LED Lighting, Fog, Disco LED balls, Truss system etc.
How much time do you usually need to set up? Do you require that the site or client provide a table for you to set up on?
Setup usually takes approximately 1 1/2 hrs! We allow this much time to insure that equipment is set up and tested, sounds checks are made and any adjustments can be made
Do you have any extra space requirements?
We will insure that we coordinate and understand the venue well in advance in case any adjustments are needed.
Do you usually emcee the event or talk between songs?
Emcee is always included based on the Brides recommendation!
How would you motivate the crowd if no one is dancing?
MC and discernment are key! I have a natural ability to motivate people and change the tempo if needed!
What is your policy on taking breaks? If you require a meal break, do you require that the client provide your meal?
Will you arrange for recorded music to play during your breaks?
See above
What is your backup plan in case you become unavailable on the day of the event?
What is your overtime rate?
$75.00 (Over 4 hrs)
Do you charge for travel expenses? If yes, how much do you charge?
$495.00 price includes up to 25 miles travel expense
What is the required deposit to secure your services?


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James did a GREAT job. I did not have any problems with the music or announcements. He even made sure before saying the wedding parties names that he had the pronunciation correct (we had a few with some odd spellings). He played everything I wanted to hear and nothing I didn't. One artiest came on and I yelled "No 'Artist name'" and he turned it off and I didn't hear her again. They were very professional and I would (and have) recommend them to anyone, from people I don't know to friends and family. Thank you James we had a great time, even when the adults wernt dancing and you were keeping the kids outta my hair!!!

Michelle S.
Thank You Again!
Services Used: DJ

We can not stop saying enough great stuff about you and your great skills! We were beyond pleased with everything that you are and did for us on our wedding day. Your equipment was top notch, music selection was out of this world! You were extremely professional, and above and beyond all you had the dance floor rockin' all night! One of our top list items was music, you are TOP list! Thank you so much for making our wedding everything that we ever could have dreamed of.

Mr. and Mrs. Treadwell
Services Used: DJ
Can't say enough about the quality of service that James/DJ Dynamics provided. From the very beginning James was there for us, from having all the music we wanted to making everything flow seamlessly through out the day. He was courteous and gracious with all our requests. I know we were challenging at times but he took it all in stride. What a joy it was to have DJ Dynamics do the music for our wedding!
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The DJ was amazing. Without him the night would've never been so great. He was on time, courteous, well dressed, well mannered and pleased the entire crowd. We couldn't have picked a more perfect DJ who was flexible and so understanding to all our special needs.
Thanks James

The Reyes Family
Services Used: DJ
Honestly... everything turned out ok for the guests, but we didnt get what we wanted exactly. I felt like he wasnt very good at being told what to do, he wanted to be creative and do his DJ thing. Now maybe it was partly our fault because we wanted more of an MC/ Facilitator but we booked a DJ.

The first meeting really caught us off guard, we thought it was an initial meeting and it turned out to be really indepth (what songs/ types of music/ details of the reception we had not gotten to yet). That is all fine, but we felt pressured into his suggestions.

Then when we made a list of about 40 songs we wanted him play instead of whatever else we had picked out he managed to play maybe 10 of them. Mixing them with a bunch we did not pick.

We told him to play soft/ instrumental during dinner... didnt get that.

He was told repeated time by my mother to announce things... he didnt.

(I think) he was told to turn the sound down a little... he didnt.

Our exit song/ last dance was played in the middle of the reception and so that whole part was skipped.

In his defense we were taking requests, so that was didnt help either.

Overall in terms of presentation it was fine and the guests didnt know anything was up... but was rather disappointed.
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DJ Dynamics responded with the following comments:

It is extremely disappointing when we receive anything other than 5 stars from any of our previous clients! Furthermore, we try and take every measure available to insure the happiness and quality for all of our clients. As with Ashley, we must set the record straight on a few misconceptions.

It is important to know that Ashley attended the Rocky Mtn Bridal Show in Denver last Fall. She came up to my booth and entered to win $150.00 off her entire bill in our lottery box. Ashley along with all other prospective brides got to see slide shows and music that we provide at the exhibit. Our company drew her name and thus she received the $150.00. I called Ashley to announce the reward at which time I explained that she had 48 hrs to claim the grand prize. She waited a week and then emailed me stating that IF the prize was still available she would book with us. Even though a week had transpired I decided to grant her the grand prize.

Since Ashley lives in Colorado Springs (1 ½ hours south of Denver) we agreed to meet at a coffee shop in a south suburb of Denver. We went over the typical meet and greet process. I took my time getting to know them and there tastes. Let me state…, THERE WAS NEVER a time at the meeting where I was told that they felt uneasy, pushed or pressured into song choices! As with any professional service, I try to discern the clients tastes and desires to make their entertainment above expectations. This note of pressure is shocking to me due to the fact that it was never brought to my attention in the initial consultation and furthermore we even walked out to our cars together!

Furthermore, she graded me a 2.5 out of 5 on responsiveness! I have over fifteen emails to her about her wedding plans, music, consultations etc. There were times that I did not hear from her for 3-4 weeks at a time! She would reply and explain that she was busy which I gladly accepted.

As with her 40 songs.. I use a program that records each and every song played and what turntable and time it was played.
She states from one of her emails “I know when we met before we picked out some song and some genre's we "liked" but we sat down and came with a list of about 40 song that we would like played. We actually probably have more than enough songs so you can just pick and choose out of those. There are a few songs we picked out with you that day that are fine but we don’t remember what those were, so the blank ones you just play whatever.”

Looking back on her list, she signed up for a four hour reception. Thus, with dinner that is approximately 12 songs an hour give or take. I DID play as much of her list as possible. The 10 songs she states is completely absurd! Also, it is important to point out that she completely knew at my booth and consultation, website etc that I provide a wonderful white matte for her guest to sign their song request and dedications. I was never told not to play requests from their matte! She even mentions that in her review.

As for dinner light music and instrumental that is exactly what they got! I even made sure as to play their wonderful Christian artist they requested I play! Again, this is on my software program.

As for turning the music down?! The reception room at this venue was very small. The venue had my setup right at the front of the hall with no spare room. Furthermore, we at DJ Dynamics and all of my previous clients can confirm we show up at least 2 hrs prior to any event to check sound quality and acoustics! We insure that the sound is perfect for the evening and does not interfere at all with dinner etc. The request to turn it down it completely false and unfounded

As for announcements.., what exactly did I miss Ashley? I had four papers in front of me with your full iternary, bridal party and lists of songs etc! I announced everything that were rehearsed and more! Again, this is false statement!

I have been in the DJ business for 15 years. We have nothing but 5 star ratings from our previous clients. It is important to know that Ashley paid a total of $345.00 for free consultation, 3 hours of driving time to and from her venue in CO Spgs, 4 hrs of entertainment including setup and takedown. What I believe Ashley really wanted was just a MC or facilitator! Even her Sister-in-law (Bridesmaids) came up to my table and requested I “Kick up the beat”. I explained to her that I have a list but am taking requests.

She ranks me a 2 out of 5 on quality of service? How is that possible. I personally fulfilled every single one of her request and honored her $150.00 discount a week after it was void! I drove over 3 hours to her venue, setup, tookdown, played and MC’d her entire reception!

Responsiveness: 2.5 out of 5!!! Again, I have documented over fifteen emails to Ashley along with phone calls! I am available 24/7 ALWAYS to my clients! This is completely absurd and out of line!

Value for Cost: 4 out of 5…, She paid $345.00 for a complete DJ package including travel!

Flexibility: 1 out of 5… How much more flexible could I have been?!! Here is a quote from one of her emails when I requested a final phone consultation. I wrote, “Hi Ashley,
I hope your NYE celebration was fantastic! I look forward to your wedding and was wondering if you are available to for a final phone consultation tomorrow night? If so, can you provide me the best phone number to reach you at? Thanks so much!”
She writes:
“Hey sorry about this past weekend, I just got busy moving and everything and totally forgot. You are free to call me tonight at XXX-XXX-XXXX.” Ashley

Lastly, in fairness to any prospective brides, I hope you look at this review for what it is. I did everything possible to provide complete and total excellence in professional entertainment. My 5 star rating speaks for itself. The question has to be asked, why did she even approach my DJ booth at the RMBS IF she really just wanted a MC or facilitator? She states “Now maybe it was partly our fault because we wanted more of an MC/ Facilitator but we booked a DJ.” I am sorry if Ashley felt otherwise or that my services were not what she wanted!

I am a DJ! I provide exceptional entertainment for the best price possible!


This review is EXACTLY why I refuse to even entertain weddings anymore. People like Bridezilla Ashley drive good DJ's like myself out of the wedding business! It further needs to be stated that Wedding Wire completely failed when it came down to allowing this false and absurd review to even be placed on my board! To this day, I still can't believe that this ruthless D-bag only paid $345.00 for a 4 hr reception. I must of been out of my mind! I know better now! You want a good DJ, come see me, the rest can go take a hike!
The Dj and music were wonderful! He did all the songs we wanted and he made our night just amazing. I would recommend him to everyone! Just amazing service
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James (aka DJ Dynamics) did an exceptional job of providing entertainment at our daughter's wedding reception. We couldn't have been happier. He was in touch with us before, during and after the event - always professional and courteous and really knows his music!
Services Used: DJ
He is the best DJ ever. Everyone loved him. He is very outgoing and that really helps when having the wedding of your dreams. Outstanding serives.
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James did an awesome job at my daughter's wedding! He provided the perfect atmosphere for the reception and really helped bring everyone together. He was professional, the sound was spectacular, and he involved the guests in picking the music. I would use him again!

Lori P
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