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Eric was one of the most gracious, attentive, and professional vendors that we worked with. We received not several, but dozens of compliments on our DJ - not just for the music selection and awesomely fun atmosphere he created for our diverse attendees, but also because of his warm personality and jovial interactions with our guests. It was truly a pleasure working with him; highly highly recommended!
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Eric is terrific. We are only sorry he didn't get to play more. With all the toasts and a multi-course meal, time flew. He played a great dinner set and when it was time for people to hit the dance floor it took little coaxing. Eric spun a great slection of tunes and almost all our guests stayed to the end - a great compliment to a DJ. He is also a lovely guy, easy to work with. I'm sure you would have the same experience.
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Eric was amazing. I can't say enough good things about him. We met with him before the wedding when we started looking for DJs and he was the first and only DJ we met. We got a great vibe from him after our first meeting and just knew that he would be fantastic.

We gave him a lot of freedom with the music, because we wanted him to be able to do his job well, and it was the best decision we made. He played music that had people of all ages dancing the whole night. Several of our guests came up to me after and mentioned how awesome our DJ was. Everyone had so much fun.

I highly recommend hiring Eric to be your DJ, he is professional, responsive and just amazing to work with.
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Eric Visa was recommended to us through another NYC DJ who said they were partners and that Eric was one of the best DJs around. My fiancé and I subsequently met with Eric and contacted every single one of the references he provided to us. Everything about him seemed great -- until the wedding day, that is.

We had spent more for the DJ than we would have liked -- $2,500 -- in order to guarantee that our guests had a good time. But it turned out to be a big mistake. The biggest mistake of our wedding day, in fact.

Eric was off his game nearly the whole night, starting with his announcement of the wedding party as it came into the ballroom. As the final couple in the bridal party stood at the top of the stairs waiting for their names to be called, Eric announced our names instead. So, when we heard "For the first time in public, please welcome Mr. and Mrs...," we were standing in another room all together. For Eric, and unfortunately for us, it was the first of his many mistakes that night.

As an emcee, Eric was weak, as if he had never addressed a crowd before. He couldn't get anyone's attention. No one could hear him clearly, which was a bad thing when half of the guests were 65 and up and had trouble hearing in the first place.

But the first set of music, I must say, was great. It was all the songs I had requested on our Play List melded together and everyone was up and having a good time. That set came before the first dinner course. If Eric had kept that up, the night would have been fantastic. But it was all down hill from there. It was as if he had prepared for that first set -- and nothing else.

Though my fiancé and I were against Eric playing any requests -- and had specifically told him so several times beforehand, including in writing -- he went ahead and did it anyway. When we were cutting the cake, we ended up doing so to some Spanish song I didn't recognize, instead of the song I had specifically requested for the moment. Turns out that Spanish song was a guest request. Thanks Eric, for ruining that once-in-a-lifetime moment for us! (But I'm glad our guest enjoyed it.)

At one point, Eric called up the bridal party couple who had been mistakenly introduced as the happy newlyweds. He announced that they would be doing their own special dance, which was his way of apologizing for messing up the couple's introduction into the ballroom. That couple, who were not a real-life couple, later said they have never felt so awkward.

In addition to not knowing the correct tempo of the evening (starting out too quickly, then petering off as the night went on) and not getting the older guests on the dance floor, Eric topped everything off by stopping the music at one point when people were actually on the dance floor. I'm not sure how this transpired, but suddenly my cousin's 12-year-old daughter was on the stage singing a creepy love song, with less than an hour left in the party. At a time when the dance floor is supposed to be packed, there she was, singing badly while I nearly passed out from disbelief. Then, when she messed up the final line of the song, Eric had her START ALL OVER AGAIN. My friends later said it would be a funny moment to remember, but I'm still heartbroken about Eric's complete disregard for the night I had meticulously planned for nearly a year.

With DJ Eric Visa that night, nothing seemed to go right. And on a day that you've planned for months and that you've dreamed of forever -- and, not to mention, spent a good chunk of your savings on -- having a bad DJ is simply a disaster. Since the wedding in May, I've run through what had unfolded about a million times in my head. How could Eric have been so bad, almost comically bad, when we had been so meticulous about the party preparation?

I know there's nothing I could do to change it now. But I still would like to warn any couples that may be looking into hiring Eric Visa. At any cost, it's just not worth it.
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DJ Eric Visa responded with the following comments:


I find it ironic that after our private conversation (when you had first posted this negative review) and I agreed to delete my response, you never followed through with your end of the bargain to objectively add the facts discussed to the review. So I will go ahead and reinstate my response which pretty much explains the truth behind this experience.

As discussed prior, most (if not all) the issues you mentioned above stem from the simple fact that you DID NOT communicate clearly to your venue-assigned maître d' for the evening. As is the case with all other events where one has a specifically-assigned person from whom the DJ takes cues from, I took all of mine from this particular individual and that included your wedding party line introduction order, your cousin's daughter's lyrical performance (which was communicated to me as a special surprise for you both that had been rehearsed for months prior), and the last-minute request apparently from you for one of the parents to change your cake song just prior to cutting it.

It is through no fault of mine that [a] you did not like the song the poor little girl had rehearsed so hard to perform for you two, [b] you didn't establish the protocol with your maître d', and [c] didn't choose to honor a VIP's special request. In addition, I'll have you know that I had the singer perform twice because your videographer was caught off-guard by the last-minute addition to the schedule by the maître d' (through no fault of his), thus missing the first performance entirely! Based on the information that was provided to me by the one person assigned to give me cues, it seemed only fair to oblige your videographer's request for an encore performance so that he could capture it on film.

In my years as an event DJ, I have had very many reviews from wedding couples but have never read anything so biased. You should know that I take pride in what I do when I DJ at any event and have the archived accolades to show for it (see webpage: ). Further, I take great care during the consultation phase of each event to address all predictable variables and in this case actually have the notes from our meetings suggesting no such thing as a request denial policy.

As you have already acknowledged in your review, everything was fine from the beginning when I wasn't dealing with the maître d'. The evening eventually took a bad turn once I begun taking cues and orders from the house. You also mentioned during our discussion right after the wedding that the mother of the child that sung has been known to push for her performance during various family occasions, a fact that you conveniently do not mention in your review above. As I said to you, that's an even bigger reason why you should have specifically warned me about them during our pre-wedding consultations.

However since this is all after the fact, I invite you (again) to discuss this off-line if you feel the need to. As always, I continue to wish you both all the best for the future and hope that this experience does not define your marriage to each other.

Be well and regards to the rest of the family!

Eric Visa, NYC DJ
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