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I found Melissa when she was first starting out as a planner, so was still learning the ropes and changing her packages. I knew however, that by the time I got married, she'd have plenty of weddings under her belt and would do a nice job. She showed up at the rehearsal to collect our items for setup the following day. I wish on some level she had been able to stay for the rehearsal, but when I booked Melissa that was not part of her package offerings (it now is). She met with me prior to the wedding to confirm vendors, timing, general thoughts, key guests to watch for (too much drinking, embarrassing), and answer questions.

At the wedding, Melissa and her assistant helped move people where they were supposed to go, and helped things generally run smoothly. I wish one of them had been helping more with the photographers and making sure party members or important guests stayed where they should have for pictures, and make sure other guests were not in the way of pictures, but part of that was also on the photographer.

They helped pack up the parents' cars with the gifts, and stayed until the end to make sure everything was accounted for.

Overall, I thought they did a nice job. And I'm glad I booked them when I did, since the prices have gone up.
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Melissa and Kasey totally sucked at my wedding. I was going to give them 2 stars (because they were helpful at our rehearsal), but then I found out that they didn't even know what time our reception started, and there's no way I could give them 2 stars.

This is a very competitive business, and I just don't think these girls are anal or prepared enough to make it. Our ceremony setup looked like total crap. Our aisle was totally curvy and crooked. But that was the least of our problems.

--prior to the wedding, they didn't do what they said they would. They were extremely slow (think 2 weeks) responding to emails, and despite my asking multiple times, they didn't help me with my timeline. They said they would confirm with my vendors two weeks before my wedding, and they didn't even start until less than a week before the wedding. Our catering manager helped me make a fabulous timeline (because Melissa and Kasey didn't help me, despite my asking numerous times), which Melissa and Kasey made into a teeny, half-page timeline 3 days before the wedding and wanted to send to our vendors. Irritating.

--I didn't feel like they were paying attention to my plans. Leading up to the wedding, I was not confident that they would be able to execute them, as they were asking questions I had already answered or were detailed elsewhere.

--There's a long, drawn out story as to how they completely screwed up our transporation, but I don't think you need every detail. A very small summary: they didn't use their common sense and completely messed everything up. My husband and I were really, really sad because we'd really been looking forward to it (it was a trolley tour) and Dream It totally failed. We didn't get the tour and were a half-hour late to our reception. Our tardiness, combined with formal photos, meant that we missed the entire cocktail hour. Some of our guests were waiting for 45 minutes because Melissa and Kasey didn't have their act together. We also found out that they had no idea what time our reception started--one of our guests had to tell Melissa. I couldn't believe it--that is a pretty necessary detail to know.

--Melissa constantly told me all of the problems with the wedding. If there was an issue, I felt like she was very dramatic about it and totally got people worked up, and then told me about it. The POINT of having a DOC is so that I do NOT have to worry about these things.

--Melissa gave me an update every half hour or so about how many minutes were left in the reception. This made it really hard to enjoy.

--Our officiant heard Melissa talking smack about our wedding (about how she couldn't get a moment to herself and it was really hard and she wouldn't be leaving anytime soon) in the bathroom. I asked Melissa about this and she denied it, but our officiant SAW her come out of the bathroom stall.

--rather than helping during the reception, Melissa and Kasey were both socializing with the drunken members of our bridal party on the patio. I had to track them down if I needed anything. Rather than keeping an eye on potential problems (drunken people throwing cupcakes? Yeah, that crisis was NOT averted), they were hanging out as if they were guests.

--they were...get this...DRINKING at our wedding. BOTH of them had alcoholic beverages AT OUR WEDDING. So unprofessional. They didn't ask permission for this--not that asking would have made it more acceptable. Who drinks on the job?! They were not guests at our wedding and should not have acted as if they were.

I ended up writing them an email to tell them how upset I was, and I will say that Melissa was very professional and didn't freak out on me. I did, however, feel like she was feeding me a bunch of excuses, and she didn't even acknowledge the really bad stuff, like the drinking. She blamed the trolley situation on the trolley drivers and tried to say that the reason they failed so miserably was because they were only two people. No. way.

I think Melissa and Kasey are used to handling weddings were everything is pretty much taken care of. Most people probably have a coordinator at their ceremony site and a coordinator at their reception site. With Melissa's negativity, though, I wouldn't even recommend them for someone with a very "easy" wedding.

They absolutely, without a doubt, ruined our trolley tour. They totally screwed up our ceremony. If they had been in charge of the reception, the entire wedding would have been a disaster (luckily we had an awesome caterer and an even MORE awesome catering manager). I REALLY regret hiring Dream It Events. I would not recommend them to anyone.
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