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STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY-- As you can tell from the vendor's response- he is insensitive and greedy. He FORGOT a limo for our wedding and NEVER reimbursed us for it. He clearly never inspected the limos, as if he WOULD have- he would have seen that there was no champagne in the limos. NOT TO MENTION that it took 3 tries for him to get our contract correct!!!! He clearly does not understand the stress that a bride is under during her wedding-as he expected me to ramble on and on about everything that was so horribly wrong about his limos on the day of my wedding- because I did not want to let him and his company ruin my day! ANd he also expected the bride to give the driver directions in the day of her wedding!Thank god we didn't let him ruin the day! As for the vendor's response to my review, if you would have listened to what I was saying on the phone, you would have heard me tell you that all I wanted was my $ back, as i would NEVER get into one of your limos ever again because it was an awful experienceand that the way you run your company is embarassing. If you would recall that conversation, you would remember you hanging up on me after that comment. Anyway--do not work with this company, or they may forget your limo and not give you back your money!
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DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY FOR TRANSPORTATION!!!! They are EXTREMELY unprofessional-- it took them 3 tries to get our contract right for our wedding- and when the day finally came, we only received 2 of the 3 limos we asked for!!! On top of that, the air conditioning was AWFUL (nothing like having a sweat soaked wedding party), they caused us to be LATe to our own wedding reception, as the limo drivers had no idea where they were going, and the limos did not contain the champagne that was promised in our contract. Initially he was very apologetic-- however, when it came down to it, the next time we spoke to him he refused to give us our money back unless we signed a contract saying that we would never bad mouth his company. Embarassing way to run a company- do not book with them!!!
Services Used: Transportation
Elegant Transportation responded with the following comments:

The client ordered three limousines for her wedding on July 17, 2010 for a pick-up time of 5:30 PM and for her return trip at the end of the evening. Two vehicles showed up on time for the 5:30 PM pick-up, the third vehicle ended up hitting a pothole which caused a tire to blowout. We advised the client that we had another vehicle on route to the residence. That vehicle arrived at the residence 35 minutes late. There was never any phone call made to our office by the client to not send the third vehicle to the residence as she states in her complaint.

I did speak to the client while she was on her way to her venue and advised her that I would refund her back $150.00 – her cost of the vehicle - plus six hours free of my service at another date of her choice. I also advised the client that I would have all three vehicles at her venue for the return pick-up at the end of the evening. The client was fine with this offer at the time.

When we spoke the client also never complained or mentioned to me that the air conditioning in the vehicles did not work nor did she complain that the champagne was not in the cars. I know all three vehicles where stocked and in working order because I overlooked these vehicles before they left my facility. It was over 100 degrees out this particular day, the air conditioning was in working order but in that degree of temperature the air conditioning is only going to cool off so much especially in a vehicle that is stretched 120 inches and full with passengers. When the vehicles returned for her pick-up that evening, it obviously was now cooler out so there is no complaint from the client stating the air conditioning was not working for her return trip.

The client states in her complaint that the vehicles took the wrong way to get to her venue and she was 20 minutes late. Our vehicles are all equipped with GPS devices, which my drivers use to navigate. The GPS devices direct my drivers the shortest route to a destination. At any point in time the client could have stated to my drivers the direction in which she wished them to travel if she knew of a more direct route. Neither my drivers nor I can control if there is traffic and how fast that traffic is moving.

For the evening pick-up that was requested, again, I sent three vehicles as was ordered by the client. All the vehicles where there on time, when the client came out of the venue she decided that she would be irate and used obscene language with one of the drivers on scene in front of a crowd of people and ordered that vehicle to leave. The driver she was irate to was not even the original driver that was suppose to be at her 5:30 PM pick-up so this driver had no idea why he was being treated this way.

I spoke with the client two days later via the phone and at this time the client decided to complain about the air conditioning and the champagne, as I stated before this was never brought up the day of. At this time the client is demanding a refund for two vehicles, a cost of $300.00 and she also wants the six hours free of service as previously discussed. I advised the client of our original offer and that I would not refund her for the vehicle she sent home that evening because the vehicle was there on time and is what she had previously ordered with us – at no time during the day of the 17th did she advise my company not to send her the third vehicle.

At this point the client became unruly, irate, very explicit, using obscene language, and threatened me that she would do everything in her power to defame my business name and put me out of business. She stated she would do so via word of mouth, Internet, and any resources available to her. I decided at that moment that I would not tolerate her speaking to me in such a manner and disconnected the call.

I heard from her Mother-in –law the following day asking if there was a way we could settle the matter at hand. I advised the Mother-in-law that I was willing to refund the client $300 plus the gratuities, but no longer would be giving her free time in a vehicle as previously discussed since I was refunding her all of her monies. I also advised that the client would have to sign a disclosure form that stated the client would not defame my business name as she had stated. The Mother-in-law agreed with me that this was not a bad offer and would discuss it with her daughter-in-law. The disclosure form was written up and sent to the client as requested. The client did not like what the disclosure form stated and still wanted her full refund and the free service. The client then decided to write up her own form to satisfy her needs and wishes which was not an offer I had promised. I advised the client I would not accept this new form and she had to sign my agreement in order for her to receive the funds promised.

At this point the client has begun to defamed me in various ways. I have a signed contract with the client that states the following:

Section #2: Company is not liable in the event of mechanical breakdown while on charter and will only be responsible for making up lost time at a mutually agreed date.

Section #3: Not responsible for delays or trip terminations due to weather or unsafe road conditions.

A pothole would be considered an unsafe road condition due to the fact that by my driver accidentally hitting it, it caused a blowout on my vehicle. I am not obligated to refund the client anything as per our signed contract agreement but as you see I have offered her various refund options out of the goodness of my heart and in good faith.

At this point in time I am no longer willing to make any such restitution to this client that has tried to extort me and defame me. I would like to point out that if my company was such a horrible experience for this client why is the client so insistent on me providing her six hours of free service?


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