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elisadawn Couture Bridal provides you with a one on one service with designer elisadawn herself. She takes in your ideas and molds them with her design expertise into a final product,... Read more
elisadawn Couture Bridal provides you with a one on one service with designer elisadawn herself. She takes in your ideas and molds them with her design expertise into a final product, that supports your personality and style. www.elisadawn.com Read less
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Bride, Bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom
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Hair Accessories, Veils


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I found her a couple months ago when I thought I wanted someone to make me a certain dress. At our first (and only) meeting I gave her a deposit of $550, which was to hold my place in her queue. During that meeting she took my measurements at which point she said something derrogatory about my size. Now, we all know I am a bit of a...voluptuous...girl; I have a little junk in the good old proverbial trunk. Regardless of whether you or I think that\'s attractive or not, if I\'m your customer then you\'re going to treat me like I\'m the hottest thing you\'ve ever seen. The other thing I didn\'t like about that meeting was that she wasn\'t friendly AND she was suggesting things about sleeves and details that I just didn\'t want. I told her very clearly that I wanted no detail and I wanted the sleeves the way they were, but she kept insisting. I finally told her we\'d talk about that part later after she had shopped for fabric and stuff. About 3 weeks later, after no calls or emails or anything from her, I finally emailed her. She replied a few days later and told me she would have time for me in about 2 weeks. Those 2 weeks turned into a month of nothing, so I emailed her again (I often wonder what would\'ve happened if I had never emailed this girl - perhaps she\'d a just taken my money and run). This time I told her I wanted to cancel my order because I had found a different dress. She replied a couple days later and reminded me that my deposit was non-refundable. We agreed that she would keep $350 to do alterations on the new dress I picked (by the way, the new seamstress I found to do the alterations is charging me less than half of that) and would return $200 to me via mail the next week. Three weeks later, after not getting a penny in the mail much less the $200, she emailed and asked when we could get together to look at what alterations I needed done. I reminded her that she was supposed to have sent me the $200 and that I was counting on that money to order the dress with. She said she would mail it to me that week. Another 2 weeks later I still hadn\'t received it, so I emailed her again asking when I could expect it. She replied and said she had found someone else to take my spot in her queue so she\'d be sending me $450 back. I called her and asked why I wouldn\'t be getting my full $550 back. She told me the first $50 was non-refundable unless she finished the dress and got an 8x10 of me in it. Well, how am I supposed to do that if you kick me out of your queue? Then she said the other $50 was for research, shopping, and other \"work\" she had done on my dress. My question to this is what proof of product do I have to show for that 50 bones? Nothing. I was articulate and intimidating (2 of my specialties), but I did relent and agree to her sending $450 back because I just needed the money. She said and I quote, \"You don\'t need the money, you just want it.\" Are you kidding me??? Who is that presumptuous to be comfortable enough to make a statement like that!? And what kind of person keeps money for services not rendered? I hope she at least paid her tithing on that filthy lucre. I don\'t know who this girl thinks she is, Vera Wang or something, but at that point she got an earful from me which ended with a threat of legal action if I didn\'t get the $450 within a week. Lucky for her, I got the money. And lucky for you, after you read this post you\'ll know better than to use the shady, lame, aloof, bad, unfriendly, mediocre services of Elisa Kamper.
Services Used: Dress & Attire
Elisa creates THE most beautiful wedding dresses! The first time I looked at her website she had the most amazing dress for sale. I fell in love with it instantly and knew it would be mine. A few months later I became engaged and I scheduled a meeting with her that night! The dress ended up not fitting, so we took measurements and talked about alterations to make the dress a little more \"modest\".
After about 5 fittings and 4 months later my dress was finished. It was more than perfect. I loved seeing my ideas sewn into my very own wedding dress.
Everyone who saw it was amazed.
On my wedding day I got SO many compliments and everywhere I walked heads were turning my direction.
There was even a group of tourists who gathered around Ian and I and starting filming and taking pictures of me in my dress! It amused me when two other brides walked by the group of tourists and their attention stayed focused on my beautiful dress.
It was also funny to hear all of Ian\'s friends telling him how hot his wife\'s dress is!

Elisa you are amazing! Your dresses are more than beautiful, they are each a work of art... a master piece!!
Thank you so much for being so willing to alter your already amazing dress. Your work blows me away!
Services Used: Dress & Attire
Elisa does amazing work. From the beginning, she was very professional and is extremely easy to work with. She is always open to the vision of the bride, offering great insight and suggestions (i.e. good fabrics to work with for certain styles). From the moment the design was conceived to the day I went in for my last fitting, I was never displeased. I was so happy with the results of our creation and received so many compliments on my wedding day. Elisadawn Couture Bridal is the way to go for brides seeking a one-of-a-kind and fabulous dress!
Services Used: Dress & Attire


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