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My make-up artist was Morgan and she was the best. Loved my make-up, loved her, she was wonderful and I wish she could follow me around and make me look that good every day. I owe my lovely bridal face all to her. Total artist and sweetest person. She also made up two of my bridesmaids for the big day and they looked like models. Awesome work.
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Red Door did such an amazing job for my friend on her wedding that I decided to go there as well. I had Melissa for my hair and she did such a great job in matching my hair style to what little description I could give her! She was also really considerate and made sure I was comfortable at all times by rearranging pins so that there was no pressure and my hair was light. For makeup, I had Shai who was amazing! She too was able to work miracles with just a few ideas of what I wanted. She was also very quick and precise, which was great because sitting in chair with your eyes closed can make you a little impatient. Overall, all of the staff at Red Door Spa Gaithersburg was a pleasure to work with and really made you feel special. Thank you to everyone who made me look beautiful on my special day!
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1+ year ago
I wish I could write two separate reviews:

Quality of Service- Makeup (*****)
I booked my trial makeup appointment just a few weeks before my wedding with Shai. She did an amazing job both then and on the wedding day. She really took time to try and understand what it was that I wanted. I would recommend her to anyone! A few days before the wedding, I called and asked if she would be able to come to my getting ready site instead of me going to the salon. She was very accommodating and prompt- arriving 15 minutes early! She was truly wonderful to work with! I would give her 5 stars all around!

Quality of Service- Nails (*)
I can't say as much about the nail service. Having never had acrylic nails before, I chose Red Door expecting a high level of service. I was willing to pay a premium to make sure that it was done right. As I sat there for 2 hours - eventhough my appointment was for an hour and fifteen minutes- I quickly started to question my decision. My nail technician made excuses the whole time telling me that she did not like the method that the salon was using and that it was not very durable. As I sat there the day before my wedding, she told me that she hoped the nails would at least hold out until 'tomorrow but they probably won't last more than 2-3 days'! And boy was she right. Half an hour after leaving, one of my nails had already completely cracked. She repaired it when I went back but the rest of them quickly went into disrepair within the next 48 hours. I'm just a little disappointed that my cheap pedicure from across the street in Kentlands lasted so much longer than the powder gel nails that I thought were going to last 2-3 weeks.

Moral of the story: Book Shai for your makeup- she was AMAZING!!! Find another place for your nails...
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What a complete disaster! I mean- isn't this supposed to be an upscale salon and spa?!

We booked my hair trial and wedding day hair with Nima at Red Door Salon. It was a disaster from the very beginning. We called on a Monday to make the appointment and the person making the appointment said that Nima was doing a lot of other special occasion hair on my wedding day. They had to check with him to see if he would be willing to squeeze us in at 8am. He wasn't coming in until Wednesday, so they said they would call us back then. They did not call us on Wednesday. We called on Thursday, and we could hear over then phone when they asked him if he would do it (shouldn't this have been handled already?). We HEARD HIM over the phone say "yes" and that he would squeeze us in on the wedding day.

I went in for my Trial Hair appointment at 10am later that month- which also happened to be the day of my bridal shower. I met Nima, and showed him the pictures of what I wanted. He asked what the hair appointment was for- and I said my wedding. He asked what time the wedding was and I told him- and he seemed surprised and hinted that we would not have enough time. I had to correct him and tell him that this was the TRIAL. Apparently whoever booked it had put it in the system the wrong way. He then asked when the wedding day was, and I told him, and he got a worried look on his face, said "I'll be right back" and hurried off into the back room. Meanwhile, I am left to sit in the chair by myself, worried about what is going on. I was also on a tight schedule that day because I had a lot to do before the shower. Nima comes back and says that he won't be at the salon on my wedding day...

I'm sorry- what?! Didn't we already figure all this out? Didn't I HEAR YOU say that you could do it?

Um ok... so he says that Andrea does "Great updos" (my hair wasn't to be an updo at all, which he should know since I showed him the pictures) and can do the trial instead but that she wasn't available until 2pm. I agreed, I just wanted this to be settled so I could move on with my day. The shower was at 4pm, which I was a little worried about, but I figured since it was a 2pm appointment, it would be fine.

I figured wrong.

I came back at 2pm and had to sit and wait for a half hour for Andrea to be done with the client she was with. Andrea finally comes and gets me, we look at the pictures and talk about my hair. The hairdo was supposed to be a "retro" 40s kind of hair with curls- very big and styled. Lots of hairspray and teasing necessary. She starts curling my hair with a flat iron... and it makes these big loose curls that I already suspect will not work with the hairstyle I want. But, I figure she is the professional, so I let her do her thing. When she finished, it looked nothing like the pictures and was basically large curls pinned to the side of my head, like a cap. Basically, the complete opposite of what I wanted. I told her that it was nowhere near big enough- but by this point it was 3:45 and I had to go to make my shower on time. She tried to fix it, it still sucked, but I had to go. She had to take it down before I left because it looked so bad.

I wish that was the end.

My mother was paying for it, and called in her payment information. They took it. The same girl called her back 2 hours later to ask how she would be paying for my hair appointment... during my bridal shower. I was pretty peeved- plus I had crappy hair for my shower!

We decided to cancel our hair appointments because the hair looked horrible and nothing like it was supposed to, and they had screwed up at every possible turn before then. We called to cancel and the salon manager (who was also the person that my mother had the payment debacle with) apologized and asked if we wanted to come in for another stylist to try, and refunded the money. We, of course, refused- who wants that stress on their wedding day?!- and they even gave us a gift card in the amount of the hair trial. They handled that all really well, which we appreciated. We canceled the appointments that we had coming up- a hair trial for my mother and the wedding day appointments. So the weekend rolls around and of course what happens? They call to confirm my mother's hair trial appointment!

A complete and utter mess in every possible way except in making up for their horrible service. DO NOT GO HERE FOR YOUR WEDDING HAIR, YOU WILL REGRET IT.
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Great service, but a truck load of money.
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Red Door Salon is my favorite! They were sooo nice and accomodating. They were so pleasant and without airs. On the day of my wedding, my sister was running over an hour late from traffic accident and they were still able to do her hair in an updo. They were sooo nice about it and I was able to relax despite not knowing where my sister was. I highly recommend them. Andrea and Gaudy were great!
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