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Endless Karaoke & DJ Entertainment

Palmer , AK


4590 N Almaden Drive
Palmer, AK 99645 US (map)


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Endless Karaoke & DJ Entertainment is your one-stop shop for all of your entertainment needs. We have performed at over 100 weddings, thousands of club shows AND hundreds of private... Read more
Endless Karaoke & DJ Entertainment is your one-stop shop for all of your entertainment needs. We have performed at over 100 weddings, thousands of club shows AND hundreds of private parties! We are full time DJ's. You will never catch our DJ's asking 'Do you want fries with that?' during your performance!
Currently, we have over 15,000 Karaoke selections (no repeats!) and 22,000 music titles. Our selection grows about 300 every month. Our Karaoke shows are anything but dull. Many KJs (Karaoke DJs) make their living by simply announcing the "next singer or song". Our shows are very interactive with the crowd and entertaining as well. Our DJs are also hired for their vocal talent, so breaking the ice is less of a chore.

ENDLESS KARAOKE Mobile DJ Entertainment Company is a full time Professional Entertainment Service. A full time service allows time for more detail to your event. Your DJ will read the crowd, program music, run the sound system, operate lighting, and be your Master of Ceremonies.
We will Plan, Coordinate, provide your Music, and Entertainment, offering you our experience to create your unique vision of your Special Day.
A Party is an entertainment function, we are entertainment professionals. Our GOAL is to make your event a Stress Free Party that you don't have to create. We have dedicated ourselves to the satisfaction of our clients, and to exceed your expectations.

ENDLESS KARAOKE will take the time to meet with you to plan out your event. You have a unique vision for your party, we'll work with you to achieve your goal and help to create your vision of your special day. ENDLESS KARAOKE will suggest creative answers & solutions. There is no book of etiquette that says you must do these things. It is up to you to decide on what fits your needs, and how it will fit into your day. We provide the planner and agenda forms which will guide you through your event. We offer a reception planner book for your use to give you all the options, from first dance to last, and everything in between. Ultimately it is up to your DJ to Emcee and run your event. Without your DJ making the introductions, doing your announcements, and playing the songs at the right moment, no one takes the lead. It is our responsibility to execute the plans that you have made with us.

ENDLESS KARAOKE is your On-Site Event Coordinator. Because you have planned out all of the details to your party with us it's up to us to coordinate with your Caterer, Photographer, and Videographer etc. It's the DJ that informs the people and directs the show. The DJ is the most visual, vocal, and accessible. They are really in control. The DJ is the only one who knows exactly what's going on during the entire event. All of your services should be on the same page, and you should never have to wait for us. We will set up plans with your venue ahead of time and coordinate details with them. The idea is for you walk into your party and not have a care in the world. Each of your services will handle their parts, we'll coordinate with them to make your event flow smoothly.

The music you choose and the things you decide to do at your event is how you make it personal. ENDLESS KARAOKE has an up to date CD library for your music from today and yesterday. We provide music during cocktail and dinner along with your dance and party music. We use professional state-of-the-art equipment, with the option of three different size sound systems which will complement the room size and number of people. Also most of our packages include a basic lighting package. Upgrades for sound system, and lighting are available. Our biggest suggestion is that you pick music that your family & guests will enjoy. You will have a wide variety of people at your event. To have popular music played (things that people know) will be sure to have the dance floor full all night.

ENDLESS KARAOKE has made its reputation by helping to create the party. We offer interactive entertainment using props and games to make your event fun and exciting for all who attend. Your family and guests will be encouraged to join with your DJ on the dance floor. Even for those who don't dance they will still be there at the end of the evening because they were entertained. We offer many ideas that will be appropriate for all. The amount of interactivity and personality we deliver is customized with each client prior to the event. Do they want me to be fun and interactive, or do they prefer that we use a more "low key" approach? The choice is yours. We are careful not to take the spotlight away from the most important people of the day. Often times a little interactivity and personality by the Emcee/DJ is all that is necessary to give the guests a little "nudge" to get out of their chairs and on the dance floor to have fun!

Since 2001 ENDLESS KARAOKE has planned and coordinated over a hundred events. We have an excellent knowledge base. This is how we make our living, if we did not do a good job, we would not have stayed in business this long. The services that you choose to employ for your event will be your best resource for information, we do this all the time.

We love what we do, and it shows!!

(Toll Free) 866-458-1484 Read less


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Starting in October, patrons may sign up for our Nightly and Monthly Prize Give-away! Click here for Details.
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Opportunity to Enter: Sign up anywhere Endless Karaoke is playing, DJ, Bands, or Karaoke, and you will be entered to win a nightly EK Club Tee Shirt or the grand prize announced every month. In order to win, we need a name, email address, or phone number to contact the winner of the monthly prize. EK Club Shirts are awarded nightly and the announced winner must be present to accept the prize. Representation of the winner WILL NOT be accepted. If the winner is not present within 20 minutes of the announcement, another winner will be announced. The first 5 EK Club members present during our hours of operation (varies from bar to bar), earn a free single drink. Members will be identified by wearing the EK Club shirts. If more than 5 members are present, the first 5 to sing a song will earn the free drink. Offer is valid at any weekly venue. Winners for the monthly drawing will be announce the first Wednesday of every month. Winner will be contacted by phone or email as well as announced by our DJs for two weeks. If the winner has not responded within one month, the prize will be forfeited. Winners are also announced below. Must be 21 to enter! MONTH PRIZE WINNER LOCATION OCT 2007 IPOD Nano 2GB TBD TBD
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SUMMER BLOW-OUT: Mention this ad, receive TWO FREE WEEKS of DJ and or Karaoke.
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Summer is winding down and the colder months are upon us. Our sales records show that the months of Fall, Winter, and Spring are our busiest months for club DJs and Karaoke. We at Endless Karaoke & DJ Entertainment want to ring in the new year with our fantastic service in your bar or club. Mention this ad and receive TWO WEEKS of DJ or Karaoke for FREE. We?re so certain that you?ll love what we do, that you?ll invite us back to coordinate all of your entertainment needs. Guidelines: Venue must be within EK?s operating areas of AK (Anchorage, Mat-Su), DE, MD, PA, and VA. Offer is valid for up to a total of four (4) venues of five (5) hour sessions to be used within the two-week period. Remaining hours or sessions may not be transferred for use in later sessions or in conjunction with any other offers. Offer may only be used by one establishment per six-month period. After the two-week trial period, the establishment?s owner/manager will be asked to sign a contract in order to lock in our very reasonable and competitive rates. Please see our RATES section for more details. To book your venue now, CLICK HERE.
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220x220 1377871873768 endless karaoke


4590 N Almaden Drive, Palmer, AK 99645 See On Map
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