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eventOvative Consultation & Management - Stylish Traditions

Saint Petersburg , FL


Saint Petersburg, FL 33707 US (map)




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Our experience and industry contacts go a long way. The guidance our team provides through the entire process guarantees a fun, exciting and stress- free... Read more

Our experience and industry contacts go a long way. The guidance our team provides through the entire process guarantees a fun, exciting and stress- free experience.


We work with the top vendors in the Bay area giving you exclusive access to the "best of the best."


We provide time and energy so that you can focus on your memorable occasion. From boutique weddings to elegant soirees we work closely with our clients to provide a memorable innovative experience tailored to your personal taste and vision. We present you with ideal matches and you make the final selection.

Confidence & Composure

Our clients can rest assured they will be stress free on their big day. Our reliable team will be on site to handle every detail allowing you to relax knowing that every last aspect has been considered.

Please see our site for more info www.eventOvative.com or contact us at laterikajelks@ymail.com or 727.768.1179 Read less
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Enjoy day of wedding management services designed for the DIY wedding planner! You've done a big job lining up the details up to this point now leave the sweating to us! A representative from eventOvative Consultation & Management will be there to direct every aspect of your celebration allowing you to simply smile and focus on enjoying every moment of your special day.
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