Eves Bridal Boutique
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363 Primrose Road
Burlingame, CA US 94010 (map)
Quality of Service 
3.9 out of 5.0
Good peoples.
Services Used: Dress & Attire
1.0 out of 5.0
PLEASE AVOID THIS DISHONEST SHOP!!! I had purchased my dress at Eve's back in Oct. 2007 and was supposed to receive my dress by mid March and did not receive it till Mid April. I originally was working with a girl by the name of Cathy (really sweet girl). Cathy had left Eve's early 2008 and no one had notified me. I had called Eve's in March to follow up on my dress and I got nothing but the run around and lies from the MANAGER Jossie. Jossie had told me that my dress was not in because it was held up in customs and it should arrive to her shop within 7 days max. Everytime I would call the shop they would NEVER pick up, I would leave msgs. and would not get a call back till the next day or not even a call back at all. 7 days later I finally get a hold of Jossie and she tells me that she is on vacation and said the dress was at "her house" which was a shock to me. I asked her why it would be at her house and she said she always takes the dresses home to make sure they are in perfect condition. Isn't that what her store is for? So I asked her when I would be able to look at the dress and she said when she gets back into town which was the following Wednesday. So we set up an appt. for that day. My gut was telling me that she was not telling me the truth so I ended up calling the designer directly and had asked about my dress. I spoke to customer care and they told me that they were still working on my dress and it was still there??!! I was SO confused at this point since Jossie told me that she had my dress and the designer themselves said that they still have the dress. So I had got back on the phone with Jossie and gave her the opportunity to tell me the truth but she continued to lie to me saying that she had the dress. I ended up telling her that I called the designer directly and that they had said my dress was still not finished. Her response was "I told them to say that to all my clients"...which was totally bizarre. Anyway, when Wednesday rolled around (appointment day) I get an email that morning from Jossie and this is what it said. "Dear Brides, As you all know Eves Tries to get you the best costumer sevice when you walk in to their store, Last monday we got a call from The Kot to inform us that we were voted number on in costumer service, however lately we have been experiencing some difficulties with some brides due to change in staff. But this is not what we are calling and email the brides about, unfotunatly and as soon as we walked in today we noticed that water was everywhere in the store, specially in the back room, a flood had happened specially in the back room where we keep some of the dresses for brides'fitting at that same day. Some of the dresses were totally damaged other are still wearable, the dresses that were held at our storage and Atelier out of the store are still in a very good condition since they were not harmed and away from the flood. The store will be closed from Wedn April 2nd- Wensday April 9th due to remodeling and insurance work. I understand that some of the brides has their fittings this weekend, please contact us via email to rechedule since we are workin with couple of Taylors to let us use their space to do the fittings, please again we are truly very sorry for this horrible news, however due contact us via email since it is the fastest way to get a hold of us to reschedule the Appt in the next couple of days at on of our semester unless you preffer comming next thursday to the store, the Dresses that were not harmed during that experience are the following if u are on those brides please let us know so we can schedule u a fitting ASAP: (Names omitted since I don't want to put other ppls business out there like she did) Standhal- Standhal_ Standhal_ COCO- Bernadette_ Channel_ Ava- Brionna_ Bonnie- Bella- Billie- Ashley- PLease contact us ASAP to set u up for a fitting and give u direction unless you preferr waiting for next thursday and we will do the fitting at Eves After the Floor remodeling is done, Again we are so so so sorry but there is nothing we can do to have prevent this horrible accident, PS: The Store will be Taking 150.00 of the remaining Balance on your dresses if you wait till thusrday and to appologizes for this in convenience, PLease Email US SIncerly and trully Sorry and devestated Eves" I'm sure after reading the above email from Eve's it will show you how unprofessional they are (why couldn't she call me directly instead of putting my name along with all the other brides on a blast email??!!). She ended up telling me that her insurance company had to hold my dress??? Long story short. I was supposed to come in and have this wonderful experience as any bride should, but ended up having my wrinkled wedding dress delivered on my door step in a cardboard box.
Services Used: Dress & Attire
1.2 out of 5.0
Sadly, I would have given this a much higher review if it were not for the events right before my wedding. I had a great first experience with this store. I had a lovely sales person who made my dress shopping experience just what I had always imagined. I bought my dress about 8 months in advance and went back a few months before. When I went back the great sales girl was no longer there. The woman working pulled my dress out of the back for me to look at. It was dirty and I mentioned this and she said that since I bought one that was already in the store, it is as it comes. It was not dirty when I tried it on! I think spending over $1,000 on a dress should still warrant a clean product. In addition, after my fittings we made an appointment for my mom to pick up the dress. She went the first day and the store was closed. After several messages and no reply, she went back the next day to find the store still closed. She had to go to all local merchants to see if anyone knew the owner. After running around town, eventually she was able to find out that she was out of the country and find the alteration person with a key to go in the store and get my dress. This was 3 days before the wedding! The lack of professionalism was really disappointing for what seemed like such a promising quaint boutique.
Services Used: Dress & Attire
4.0 out of 5.0
Cute shop, great service. What I liked about this shop is that it is by appointment only. I felt like I had the whole store to myself when I went in, and I really enjoyed the personal service. My bridal consultant was Cathy, and she was extremely helpful and patient. She was also good at following up promptly after my visit. The prices range from $2k and up, and although there isn't a huge selection of designers, they have a good relationship with each of them and know what customizations each can or cannot do. So you can really end up getting the customized dress that you want from this store.
Services Used: Dress & Attire
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