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I know what to expect going to running for the bride. Again my wedding planner already told me to have an open mind and brace myself, I was ready with her there it was a piece of cake. I was shock that we got there around noon spent an hour or two and we end up with about 4 dresses that I was having hard time to make a decision on. So "no" I didn't have to sleep outside Filene's the night before.
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Leonard Wedding
BEST DAY EVER! We had the best time at the Running of the Brides event. I honestly did not think I would find a dress but I did! What a savings... we won a gift card in line in a contest and I selected a $500 dress... with the GC we were out the door for $280. The dress was amazing. I can't wait for more friends to tie the knot because I'd love to run again!
Some of the negatives
-long wait (we got there at 3 am and were pretty far back in line)
-smelly (a lot of people, not a lot of ventilation)
-by the time we got inside there were no dresses left on the rack (we acquired about 5 within the first 15 minutes)
-long day (we were exhausted from waiting in line all night)
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If you are looking for a designer dress on a budget and a fun way to find your wedding dress, I definitely recommend the running of the brides! I went with my mom, MOH and two bridesmaids and we had such a blast! I had always heard that the brides get crazed, snatch dresses, push each other, etc, but that wasn't our experience at all. We made friends with some of the other brides in the line and once we were inside we traded dresses and talked about what looked good. The trading of dresses system worked well and I tried on 30+ gowns. I ended up with TWO gowns, one for the ceremony and one for the reception. They were both gorgeous and I got them both for a total under $1,000. One is a Badgley Mishka! They had seamstresses on hand to look at you in the dresses and say if they could be altered. Both of mine required serious alterations, and the advice they gave was right on with what I ended up needing. Now all this praise aside, this is not an event for anyone with health issues as it is very hot, crowded and busy. I recommend cool clothes, lots of bottled water and healthy snacks like nuts and granola bars to keep you going. Plus, take your team out for a meal and a drinks afterward... they will have earned it!
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I would recommend going to the Filene's sale in the afternoon after all craziness is over. My bridesmaids and I lined up at 5am, but still got in the store after all the dresses were torn off the racks. We had trouble finding dresses to try on in the morning, but went back after lunch when it was less crowded and I found two dresses that I really liked for $250.
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