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Flower you did all the arrangements for our wedding October 19, 2013 and everything was beautiful!!!
They were professional , on time and reasonably priced! Thank you for a great job!! You made our special day perfect and beautiful!!
I also run a Best Western in midtown and Flower You does our weekly arrangements and they do a superb job.
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Very easy to work with. Iliana was accommodating. I wanted something simple and I didn't spend more than I budget for flowers.
Services Used: Flowers
DO NOT BOOK ANY SERVICES WITH THEM!!! Our experience was horrible with this vendor! I should had done more research for an affordable and reputable florist. Flower You was very economical with our flowers. They basically stripped a bunch of orchids to make the personal flowers and decor. My own bouquet turned out smaller than the rest of my bridesmaids' bouquets. It was approximately 2-3 inches instead of 6.5 inches wide as stated on contract. I was very disappointed on the day of my wedding. The owner, Alex Todd and her staff were very unprofessional. The day before my wedding, I received a phone call from one of her staff at the shop indicating the flowers chosen would brown easily. They would require at least six hours to set up all floral arrangements. I informed them that the garden is a city-owned park. Several ceremonies were booked before mine. Not only were they flexible with emergencies but they were not sympathetic at all. They flat out told us," THAT IS A HUGE PROBLEM!!" I was furious when I had to make a trip all the way down to the shop the day before my wedding to sort out their dilemma. Not only was Alex unprepared for the meeting, she was very surprised to see me there. This was not the first time! There had been many occasions where I found her outside of her shop on her cell phone even when I had stood in front of her. After realizing there was indeed a meeting, she would scramble to find the invoices and receipts for the wedding. She assured us each time everything is all set and she would personally be there on the wedding day to make sure all the flowers were perfectly done.
However, on the day of our wedding, it was a major disaster!!! Her staff arranged all the flowers from the bouquets to corsages on site. Not only did my own wedding party had to move the flowers to the ceremony site but they had to remind them what was missing from the floral arrangements list. By the time we locate her staff to get all our personal flowers, we were running half an hour behind in our ceremony. They kept rushing our wedding party to pick up the flowers or to sign for the deliveries so they can jet out of there. All of our personal flowers from the corsages to wristlets had major problems particularly MY OWN BOUQUET! They forgot the wristlets for our family members. When it was pointed out, they had to arrange them on the side. My own bouquet had missing rhinestone jewelry. The stems were left longer than my bridesmaid's bouquets. The day continues to get worse! Our archway barely had any flowers swirling around it, only the sides had a few un-noticable orange lilies. The tent liner was poorly done. There were orchid petals scattered over the trimming of the tent instead of cascading orchids parting the tent. None of the flowers had individual tubes in them to keep the flowers fresh. All of our personals were stuck in a large heavy vase to keep the flowers fresh. Our flowers started to wither by the time we moved into the cocktail hour.
When I informed Alex how displeased we were with her service, not only did she not apologize for the disorganization of her staff & overall quality and service of the flowers. She sent me an email one week later after our wedding to blame my maid of honor and my entire wedding party for causing the delay. She claimed my maid of honor was not present at the ceremony site when her staff was hiding inside the reception tent. She insisted she had fulfilled the contract and delivered everything as promised. When I pointed out all the problems with the flowers as well as the missing items (rhinestones & wristlets) on the day of the wedding. She did not address any of those issues or concerns and continued to shift the blame and responsibility on my wedding party other than her own staff. She repeatedly informed me that certain staff members were not responsible for the floral coordination. Ironically, they were the ones handling my floral arrangements the day of and before my wedding. Yet she claimed that they were not staff that worked at her store. I have no idea why they were in the store in the first place as well as placing phone calls and handling her client's flowers.
We rented out all the vases to lower the cost since most of the flowers are overpriced. Not only were the glass vases heavier than the sample she had shown us;they didn't bother to supply us with boxes or bins to return them. We end up calling car service at 2am to make the difficult transportation of the vases. Our family helped us with the return of the vases right after our wedding. Later that week, I received 2 emails and phone calls claiming we still owe her five vases. I quickly confirmed with my family that all the vases had been returned along with the 5 vases. They had the nerve to charge us $70 for two vases that were slightly cracked. The vases didn't look any more than $10 ea. Then she made an absurd claim that she gave us eight complimentary buckets priced at $15.00 ea. to hold the corsages for the guests. When I looked at the bottom of the bucket, the price tag was $2.55 ea./$27.60 doz. In addition, she mentioned additional staff and two deliveries were made on the day of my wedding. I informed her as a florist, she needs to know the man power required and available car space to perform a wedding. She also demanded the crystals back for a branch arrangement claiming it was part of the rentals when I paid everything in full. I demanded half of the payment back for returning the crystals. She immediately dropped the whole claim.
Overall, I was extremely disappointed with the service, lack of professionalism, and organization at FLOWER YOU. I would not recommend this vendor to anyone. They were very disorganized and difficult to work with. There is no reasoning with her staff. The staff speaks English with a heavy accent. Everyone including the owner, Alex will confuse the customers throughout the floral planning. They will also blame the customers rather than the staff's mistakes. Don't make the same mistake that I did, no bride should have to deal with what I went through on the day of their own wedding!
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