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Gloria Wong Design is a boutique wedding design and consulting company that offers stylish creative services for your big day. We specialize in creating strong design concepts and... Read more
Gloria Wong Design is a boutique wedding design and consulting company that offers stylish creative services for your big day. We specialize in creating strong design concepts and details inspired by you as a couple. We help you sort through all of your ideas and offer guidance on how to filter, enhance, and translate them into an impressive event that is completely reflective of your taste and personalities. We help bring your vision to life by generating ideas on how to thread your style and your story through to each visual element of your wedding. We offer ideas on unique presentation and meaningful details and find the sources and vendors that will best execute the ideas. We ensure unity and cohesion among all your visual elements from beginning to end. We partner with your team of vendors and consult on the design and presentation of:
• Paper Goods
• Floral Décor
• Rentals
• Furniture
• Props
• Lighting
• Pipe and Drape
• Cake
• Dessert Buffet
• Ceremony Backdrop
• Ceremony Aisle
• Sign-in Table
• Escort Card Display
• Tablescapes
• Place Setting Presentation
• Table Numbers
• Favors
• Lounge
• Floorplan

We offer design packages, design+coordination partnerships, custom packages, and hourly consulting services. Read less
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Gloria and her team absolutely created the perfect day for us. We couldn't have imagined a more flawlessly beautiful night and people are still talking about how it was the most gorgeous wedding they have ever attended.

Her responsiveness, intense attention to detail and open communication made it the easiest of working relationships. From the first meeting, Gloria was attentive and diligent in understanding exactly what we wanted and her design vision was unparalleled from others that we met with. From the custom fabrics, to the invitations, to the table design, everything was immaculately executed and told a cohesive story from start to finish.

We are just beyond thrilled and wish we could plan another wedding so we could work with Gloria and her team again!
Services Used: Unique Services
If you care considering booking Gloria as your wedding designer/consultant and one: have a budget of under 40K for your wedding or two: cannot afford to blow $9,000 just for her services then MOVE ON!!! On second thought, even if it is within your budget, give someone else your business, someone who deserves it and will appreciate it, no matter how big or small. I agree that she is very talented and has lots of creative ideas, but her business is all about money, and definitely lacking the customer service.

When I was searching around for a wedding designer, Gloria was on my list of choices. After sending her an email to show that I was interested, her assistant Ginger got back to me almost immediately with some questionnaires to fill out.
Ideally I would have liked to talk to someone over the phone, but never got through.
FYI : If I was paying thousands of dollars for a wedding designer I would want to be able to get a hold of her.

Anyways to cut the story short, after filling out the questionnaires and emailing them back to Ginger, days goes by and I did not get a response back from Gloria & her team. After a week of no response, I decided to call her office again. Ginger picked up and when I told her who I was, she seemed caught off guard. She told me she was “just about to send me an email” –yeah right. She went on to tell me that after reviewing my packet that they would have to “FORGO” my business and for what I want, my budget was too small, especially when the $9K was deducted to pay Gloria.
Gloria & her team are not flexible like other wedding designers out there. Either you have the $9,000 to blow or you don’t! There are no a la carte packages, there’s no other packages listed, and there’s NO negotiation, and they’re not willing to work with you.

Through all this, I did not even get to speak to Gloria. In fact, I never even got an email from Gloria. If you want A BIG HEADED, ARROGANT, IMPERSONAL ----not to mention EXPENSIVE designer, for your wedding, then by all mean go with Gloria and her team. I seriously think her ego from all the praises she’s received from magazines got the best of her, and she lost sight of what is really important: customer service & human connection!
Services Used: Unique Services
Min Heui
When we finally decided on a location for the wedding we knew we needed someone that could help us make it as beautiful as possible. After meeting with Gloria and other designers, we knew that Gloria was the perfect choice for us. Her experience, expertise, aesthetic, and pleasant demeanor made us feel confident that she could meet our high expectations. Gloria not only met our expectations, but exceeded them. She was able to take our wishlist and come up with ideas that were more beautiful than we pictured in our minds. Not only was she able to pick out beautiful items for us, she was able to do it in such a way that every detail was thoroughly woven into a cohesive theme. Her vision was extraordinary and she was able to put the details together in such a way that made us trust her with creating that perfect wedding for us.

Gloria is amazing and you will NOT regret having her design your wedding!
Services Used: Unique Services
We had the pleasure of working with Gloria on our wedding in San Francisco at the Flood Mansion. From the very beginning, Gloria impressed us with her creativity, energy, attention to detail, and responsiveness, and this lasted throughout the entire period of time that we worked with Gloria.

Wedding planning can be a very difficult and frustrating process for all parties involved, but Gloria’s attitude and excitement level were never less than exemplary and certainly helped us keep the momentum throughout the process.

Gloria helped us create and develop an overall theme for the wedding based on our own tastes and interests, and worked with all our vendors to create a design, down to every single little detail, that ultimately resulted in a highly personalized and cohesive wedding that reflected us as a couple – which was very important to us.

Our memories of the wedding will remain for us forever and we certainly have Gloria to thank for that.
Services Used: Unique Services
My husband and I got married last September, but for a good four months before the wedding, we actually felt more "married" to Gloria, our wonderful, sweet, and thoughtful wedding designer. She encouraged us to reach within ourselves to find design elements that would reflect our personalities, and allow our guests to learn a little bit more about us on our special day. We were in awe of the final results, but more than the beauty and the compiling of all the little, unique details that made our wedding so much fun, we enjoyed the very hands-on process she led us through... And after the wedding, we definitely felt at a loss, as we no longer had any excuses (or, rather, "emergencies") with which to pester our petite, little friend.

Gloria, thank you SO very much for your superior effort, attention to detail, organizational skills, balanced sense of taste, level-headed grasp of our budget concerns, and, most of all, for your friendship and consideration. Anyone who hires your services can count themselves very lucky!
Services Used: Invitations, Wedding Planning, Unique Services
Gloria was an amazing wedding planner, and I would recommend her to anyone getting married in the Bay Area!

New brides never know how much work it takes to plan a wedding. I never realized all the small details that needed to be done just to get a base-line wedding set up. I felt like I was always making a decision, and without Gloria's guidance, I'm sure I would have forgotten something important along the way. Her experience was essential.

In addition, unless a bride has a really good eye and/or sense of design, she really can't know if the items she is choosing really go together. Gloria was my sounding board for great style. I would throw ideas or send inspiration photos to her, and she would either seamlessly incorporate it into the entire theme or question how it would fit in. I needed someone whose style I trusted, as well as a planner who was strong enough to challenge me because not every idea is a good idea. Moreover, she took great sense of pride in her work, and thus would never lead a bride astray or plan even an "average" wedding.

Her organizational skills were flawless, and her work product showed that she was truly invested in the wedding. No other planner we had interviewed was as prepared as she was. In addition, no one else offered us a mood board, a continuously updated ideas gallery, or a floor plan. Every single time we received a new ideas gallery or floor plan, my fiance and I would get more and more excited about the wedding!

Finally, she was meticulous, detailed-oriented, and a tireless worker. She understood how busy we were. She would do a lot of the heavy research and narrow down "to-do" lists for us (i.e. websites, props to purchase, etc.). She really took to the time to understand her clients and the best way they work. For us, that made the planning process that much better.

Gloria is amazing at what she does. We would always comment on her incredible work-ethic every single time we received one of her emails. As a person in business, I respect not only her creative abilities, but also how professional she is. I never felt like she shirked her duties, and I certainly made the perfect choice in selecting her.
Services Used: Unique Services
Hiring Gloria was definitely the best investment we made in our wedding!! We interviewed a dozen wedding planners, and as soon as we met Gloria we realized that she is in a league of her own. The results simply blew us away - we never expected our wedding planning process to be THIS fun and the end result THAT stunning and perfect.

Gloria is an exceptionally talented designer and planner - you'll be lucky if you get to work with her! She took the time to truly get to know us as a couple and our tastes and preferences, and then translated this into very personal designs and ideas that blew our minds away. Our guests are still talking about the look and feel and the experience of our wedding - no detail went unnoticed! Gloria did a great job balancing big impact ideas with small important details while keeping us on budget. On top of being such a design star, she was also an absolute joy to work with. Attentive, proactive, upbeat, positive and super fun. We seriously miss the wedding planning process because of Gloria.
Services Used: Unique Services
Gloria is fantastic - she's so creative and understood everything I wanted. She helped to make my wedding better than I even hoped it could be. I still have people asking me about the design - everything from the escort cards to the lounge area and table settings and I have Gloria to thank for that! She spent so much time and energy on our wedding - hiring her was the best investment I made. How can you put a price on peace of mind?? I can speak confidently that Gloria will exceed your highest expectations and help make the wedding you didn't know you were dreaming of.
Services Used: Wedding Planning
Dr. McFaul
Gloria Wong Design went above and beyond our highest expectations. Gloria met with my then fiance, and they talked about wedding ideas, and from that moment on, the fuse was ignited. Our very own Gloria led us from ideas, to "design" to fruition embodying every detail we requested, while carefully integrating the colors, flowers, invitations, and myriad tent design options in such a creatively elegant manner.

When we saw our wedding video, it was incredible because it showcased the wedding of our dreams, and one that I cannot possibly imagine anyone else helping us to design. This awe inspiring event that our friends and family who traveled up to 6000 miles to attend, said it was the loveliest wedding they have EVER been to. Yes, the wedding colors, and ideas were from my wife and I, and that is solely because Gloria was able to draw them out of us. And because she got to know us, she was able to make our wedding a reflection of our personalities, and who we truly are. Gloria was our architect that made our dream wedding, a reality.
Services Used: Wedding Planning
We are so happy that Gloria designed our wedding. We could not have asked for a more perfect day. Gloria helped make our wedding more beautiful than we could have ever imagined.

The design elements and concepts Gloria created, all tied together in our Asian aquatic theme. Round Japanese lanterns were strewn above the outdoor fountain behind the ceremony altar. The aisle way was edged by tall cylinder vases with floating flowers. Cream colored parasols were stocked in bamboo baskets for those who needed shade from the sun. Adorable ceremony programs in the shape of fans were custom printed, with layered lavender & chocolate brown satin ribbon looped around the handle. Gloria created a unique escort card presentation, with flowers, bamboo & river rocks. Our most favorite design element was the place-cards, designed to be a small paper vellum lantern with a glass votive & light inside. Guest found their names on these unique little lanterns as they were seated.

All these details were apparent to the guests, and we kept hearing compliments and raves throughout the night.

We are proud to recommend Gloria Wong Design for your wedding.
Services Used: Unique Services
The best decision I made for our wedding was that I hired Gloria Tritasavit as my wedding coordinator.

Gloria is highly organized, very creative and has an eye for beauty. I loved working with her because she thought of everything ahead of time for us and allowed us to have a fun, stress free wedding planning and day of experience.

I was able to focus on my full time job while Gloria created a mood board for my vendors, spreadsheets of timelines, to do lists (and reminded me to do them), things to bring to the wedding, plus organized my vendors, wedding party and family to ensure they knew exactly what they needed to do for the wedding.

Gloria provided me suggestions on how the ceremony program should look and she designed docs in Illustration to send to our caterer (of how the table setting should look, as well as the sweets table, cupcake set up, etc). Things that I would never had time to do.

Gloria was a godsend when my vendors fell through bc she would send me a ton of other options.

Gloria is so resourceful! We ran out of alcohol at our wedding and she asked her husband (who was our DJ) for $$ so that our caterers could get more. She's so awesome!

I had the perfect wedding because of Gloria.

I recommend her to everyone
Services Used: Wedding Planning
1+ year ago
We used Gloria Wong Design to help us with a pre-wedding party for all the guests invited to our son's wedding in San Francisco. The party was held at the Mandarin Oriental. We are from Los Angeles, so it was important that we had someone who we trusted implicitly and who we could rely on. Gloria did an outstanding job, and I can recommend her without hesitation.

Gloria had an amazing ability to understand what we were trying to accomplish - both in terms of the look and the atmosphere. She listened and she respected our wishes. In our particular case, we wanted a pre-wedding party that didn't overshadow the wedding. But we also wanted a sophisticated, fun, and festive party that we could enjoy and be proud of. Gloria got it.

Gloria has a wonderful sense of design. Her work is simply beautiful. I am usually a very hands-on person, and I am not easy to please. I couldn't have been more pleased with Gloria's work. She is just that good. All the guests were so impressed. It couldn't have been more perfect.

Gloria was also just the right amount of flexible. When she knew I wasn't happy about something, she found a way to modify the plan. But when I was uncertain and she believed I should go a particular route, she didn't hesitate to guide me in the direction she thought best - which is the reason we hired her to begin with.

Gloria's contribution during set-up was so important. She handled everything so that I could just sit back and watch the bare room evolve into the most beautiful venue. Gloria's ability to calmly, yet firmly communicate with the vendors and take care of any problems that arose was truly impressive. Being able to relax and know that Gloria was in charge and very capable of handling everything was a true pleasure.
Services Used: Flowers, Lighting & Decor, Rentals & Photobooths


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