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I ordered bulk flowers at Gordon Hill, and it was a pretty miserable experience. It started off well enough, when I sat down with a patient girl who helped me pick out my flowers. It started going downhill from there. They were supposed to send me an e-mail with the finalized pricing, so after several weeks I started calling them to find out when I might receive that. Each time I called I was told the person I needed to talk to had stepped out, so I left my name and number. Not receiving a call back, I follow-up phone calls. The third time I called I explained that I had been unable to talk to her, the man I spoke with said I must always be calling this time of day on this day of the week, when she is out. I informed him I had called variety of times of day/days of the week. For the record, I never heard from this woman I was told I needed to speak to.

Please note that up until the day before my wedding, they would not tell me how much my final bill would be including tax. My dad even called since he wanted to send in the check, but they were unable to explain why they couldn't tell us how much we owed.

Just three weeks before my wedding, I was asked what kind of green roses I wanted. I thought this was strange, so I asked what kind of yellow roses I was getting as I would like them to look similar. I was told at that point that I hadn't ordered yellow roses. Yes, I said, I did order yellow roses. No, he said. Then I asked that he double-check and he confirmed that indeed I had ordered yellow roses. At this point, I told the person on the phone that I was concerned about my order due to this series of events I've explained above. While I was upset, I was proud of myself for maintaining a professional tone. The man on the other end of the line told me, three weeks before my wedding, that I was more than welcome to work with another vendor.

Maybe I could understand this response if I had been frustrating to work with, but I was a very laid back bride. Ask any of my other vendors. This place was awful.
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