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My hair and makeup was exactly how I wanted. The hair girl can't speak english but the makeup girl can so she was able to explain whatever I wanted. It's best to take in a picture of what u'd like too.
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This review is mixed because I loved my bridal hair/makeup, but for everything else was super F---- rating!!

I woke up on my wedding day to a frantic voicemail. Our appointment was set for 9am, and I had my Korean speaking bridesmaids call about 5 times during the week to double check on that. Sorry to say, but Korean places always screw up!! I can say that because I’m Korean myself. So knowing this, I went out of my way to not have any Korean vendors except for my makeup/hair because I feel like they do it best on Korean faces. The frantic phone call went something like this: “oh noooooo!!!!! why aren’t you HERE!? oh nooo… what are we gonna do?! we can’t finish in time! you were supposed to be here at 8am! oh nooooo….!”

That is not a professional or great voicemail to wake up to on your wedding day! So I called and they were super snappy and annoyed that I was late, even though I knew that my time was correct! I remember thinking that 9am was stinking early for a 3:30pm wedding, so I tried to get a later time but they said 9am was the absolute latest they could book me. I would have never agreed to an 8am appointment! Anyways, it went back & forth “no we said 8am” and “no, it was always 9am!”

Well we got there and no one was ready for us. So we waited off to the side and the place was packed. My makeup person, Jessica told me she had 9 weddings to do that day (when I first booked with her, it was only me) so it was super crazy. We all got our hair & makeup done by 11:30am…. so I wondered why they were freaking out so much. That place definitely does NOT work well under pressure. I have no idea why they were fussing about us “being late.” I had to ignore the annoyed tension they had around us because they thought we were super irresponsible. It was just not the greatest atmosphere for your wedding morning!

Only my MOH and I got our hair and makeup done, the rest of the bridesmaids got their hair done and their makeup done by my cousin. It was such a simple task, just asking them to curl it and leave it down. However, since I’m into doing hair, I noticed that some of the curls were going the wrong way and it looked… strange. My MOH’s makeup was terrible. They put red/pinkish eyeshadow on her even though we were wearing blue dresses. My cousin took it all off and re-did her makeup and then it looked great! So thank goodness for that otherwise we just wasted $75 on makeup!

I did end up loving my hair & makeup, but I literally had to walk my hair girl every step of the way. If I had let her do her own thing, I would have hated it. I had to literally pick up strands of hair and say “put this piece here” and re-curl some things. I could tell she was super annoyed with me, but it was my wedding day and I didn’t want crappy work! I could also tell that she was in a super hurry and wanted us out of there ASAP so she could start on the next girl. I brought pictures and tried to be super nice & detailed with her, but she really isn’t any sort of hair specialist.

If I could do it over, I’d only hire Jessica for makeup and get everything else done by someone else. Honestly, my cousin and I could do so much better for so much less! They charged me $75 for my MOH’s makeup job, but my Korean speaking friend was able to negotiate it down to $35. The hair was $35 per person, and my hair and makeup was $250. So…. Hairday is only good for Jessica’s Asian makeup skills, but otherwise — go somewhere else!!
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