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We are a floral design studio that creates lifelike in appearance, distinctive and dazzling "silk" flower wedding arrangements with top quality grade 6/ real (or true, natural, soft,... Read more
We are a floral design studio that creates lifelike in appearance, distinctive and dazzling "silk" flower wedding arrangements with top quality grade 6/ real (or true, natural, soft, fresh) touch/ Floramatique® flowers).

As a leading online wedding florist we sell lifelike and ultra realistic bridal silk flowers all over the world. We can be very easily found on the Net having been the undisputed authority site on the subject of silk/ artificial wedding flowers (and of the highest real touch and Floramatique® quality in particular) for years.

Our highly qualified staff has first-rate, world-class expertise in floral design and artistry and keeps up to date with latest trends in the wedding industry in order to bring you bridal silk flowers that will make a statement of unique style, very best quality and impeccable finish on your big day and beyond. Read less


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My dad is allergic to flowers and I hate how fake ones look, but these real touch flowers seemed like the perfect compromise! A little expensive but you get what you pay for.

They responded quickly to my custom request form. I wanted 3 things that they had in stock but the groom's boutineere was to be custom. Within 24 hours I had exactly what I wanted in writing so I paid 100% up front Dec 31st. For my April 6th wedding they were supposed to arrive late February.

I hadn't heard anything since I paid by late February, so I emailed them concerned. They told me they were busy and would send my (small) order March 4th. March 6th they finally did.

The custom boutineere was missing flowers and the non-custom boutineeres had been crudely bubblewrapped together, creasing the petals. They offered to send me the missing flowers and new petals so I could replace them myself. We ended up complaining enough that we got a full boutineere replacement, but just the extra flowers for the groom so I had to DIY (4 blooms cost me just under $140 with shipping. Not really a DIY price).

It's a 2-man operation which explains how they got overwhelmed, but I just wanted 3 boutineeres and a hair flower. The only thing that was right was my hair flower. Started out as a great experience and ended up not meeting my expectations.
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2+ years ago
My wedding was 2 months ago, and I still love my flowers! I had a custom order with orchids, roses and bells of ireland. I wanted to do something a little different than the standard bridesmaids bouquets, so I bought the ladies purses and pinned corsages to them. I asked for all the corsages to be large, and the MOH one to be extra large. Mark said he wasn't quite sure how they would make it work, but they did and they all turned out beautifully.
The bells of ireland in my brides bouquet did have some threads sticking out along the cutting lines, and some of the roses in general had dye lines and some miscoloring but they were worked in well enough that unless you inspected closely you didn't notice. They matched my colors very well with ribbon colors.
When I first got engaged, I had done a lot of research about different artifical florists. I have been in a few weddings, and in all except one the flowers had wilted by the time pictures were done so I didn't want real ones. The biggest issue I found about Hibiscus Florals was the timing. I hate last minute stuff, and so when I finally ordered them I requested that they be here by the middle of May. My wedding was June 16th. They assured me that this was no problem. I got them in the end of May, which made me happy I had asked for them to come early.
When we first decided to go with them, I sent them ideas of what I would like based on the dress I was planning to get. They were very quick to respond with a quote. I then went with a different, much more detailed dress, and therefore needed a much simpler bouquet than I had originally wanted. They did do another quote for me in a timely fashion, but they didn't seem very happy to be accomodating. When I called in my payment, I was less than thrilled when there was a comment made about how I had better not change my mind again. When i expressed my annoyance, they tried to pass it off as a joke, but by then it was too late. We all know most brides have very high stress levels and a lot of them are rather high maintenance as they want thier day to be perfect, and I just felt that it was out of line. I'm sure there's many brides who have requested many more than 2 quotes and were a lot more work to accomodate than myself, but whatever.
I hate surprises, so when Mark mentioned they take the inspiration photos you send them and add their own creative flair, I wasn't impressed. I wanted exactly what was in my photos. They insisted on adding thier flair, and Mark reassured me that Jackie has great creative capabilities. I was nervous, but when I opened them I think I was happier with them than I would have been with my original inspiration photos.
I did go to a florist to see what the same thing would cost me for real flowers, and it was well over double. Here is my second quote, this is the one I went with.
Your Price Quotation

Your Custom Package of top quality artificial bridal floral arrangements, will consist of the following matching items:
1 Bride's Bouquet
1 Matron of Honour’s Large Pin-On Corsage
2 Bridesmaids’ Large Pin-On Corsages
2 Mothers’ Corsages
1 Flower Girl Bouquet
1 Flower Girl Headband
1 Groom's Boutonniere
3 Groomsmen Boutonnieres
6 Other Boutonnieres (incl. 2 Fathers’)
1 Free Bride’s Hair Flower Accessory

Net Sub-Total $658.35 CAD

Packing, Shipping & Handling (Toronto, ON – Grand Prairie, AB) $29.70 CAD

* We ship all orders within Canadain CanadaPost/Expedited mode, with a tracking number and a signature requirement on delivery.


Net Total $688.05 CAD


GST $34.40 CAD


Total $722.45 CAD

Overall, I was very happy with how quickly I heard back from them each time, and aside from the one comment, I was very happy with the service. I didn't expect complete perfection from the flowers, and they exceeded my expectations. Buying the artificial flowers elsewhere and assembling them would have probably cost the same or more, and not looked nearly as good. We have received countless compliments on them, but my biggest one came from a former florist friend. She thought they were real until i told her otherwise, and then she had to inspect them to prove me wrong. She insists these are the best looking artificial flowers she has ever seen!
I would highly recommennd Hibiscus Florals to anyone looking for flowers for a wedding or any other special event. I love going to someone's house and seeing their corsage or bout displayed, and they look just as wonderful as they did on the day of. Thank you so much!
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Purchased the white orchids for my hair. They were gorgeous, looked very real and I will have it forever. I would not want to wear a fake flower in my hair, but I bought the orchids just in case I didn't like the real flowers provided at my my destination wedding. Although I did chose the real ones for that day, I would have been more than pleased to wear the orchids I purchased at hibiscus florals. I ended up wearing them for my reception at a later date and can't wait to wear them again one day.
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Mark and Jackie from Hibisucus Florals are amazing people. Jackies arrangment designs are beautiful and the best thing is my bouquet will last forever, they are made out of Real Touch artifical flowers. I not only wanted tulips in my wedding when tulips can not be gotten in August, but I also hate cut flowers that are going to cost a bunch and die at the end of the day. my entire bridal partys flowers wer custom, each bouquet was different with different colors and flower combos. I loved my flowers and can't wait to show them the pictures of the bridal party. Jackie confrenced on the phone with me and brainstormed ideas to help make my arrangements the best and then took her professional skills and made the best choices for the arrangements. I am so happy with my flowers and I am still looking at my beautiful bouquet
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Love the bouquets! I had an idea in mind and they totally brought it to life! No one believed me that the flowers wern't real! They held up all the way to St. Thomas and back! They really added the finishing touch to our special day!
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Initially very happy with samples and bouquets made, however none of the boutonnieres were shipped with my order. Very quick response from the gentleman who co-owns the business, but found his wife slightly argumentative when I said I didn't receive everything I had ordered. When the boutonnieres finally came they did now match the sample I was provided initially. They were much smaller and didn't seem worth the price paid. Disappointing that they were mismatched, but bouquets were beautiful.
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My wedding was just about 9 months ago and I still frown when I look at my bouquet!!! ::frown:: I told them my wedding was on May.9th so I was 100% sure I would get it in on time. Below I will explain why I gave HibiscusFlorals such a bad review. I had purchased there "Purple & Ivory Lisianthuses Collection" but specified that I wanted it to be EXACT but have ivory roses instead of ivory lisianthuses , because I wanted ALL grade 6 real touch flowers and the ivory lisianthuses were grade 5. Since I had wanted it slightly different they had made it into a custom package.

MY RECEIPT: Your Order of the Custom Package of top quality artificial bridal floral arrangements that will consist of the following matching items: 1 Bride's Bouquet + 1 Bridesmaids' Bouquet + 1 Groom's Boutonniere + 1 Best Man's Boutonniere + 7 Boutonnieres + 2 Double Flower Corsages for Moms + 4 Single Corsages + 1 Matching Cake Topper with 3 Side's Flowers + 1 Free Hair Flower Accessory. Styles, flower content and colors - as requested and discussed, with a creative input of our designers.
Net Total: $588.71
Shipping and Handling: $34.80
Total: $623.51 (purchase on January 16th, 2009)

That is my actual receipt for the flowers and the price worked for me!! Everything seemed to be going well, but in early April when I made a quick call just asking the status of my order and asking if they could add some green orchids because I wanted to incorporate my green theme into the bouquet! (My colors were lavender and sage green). Jackie said that is fine and everything was going great until I received my package on April.21, 2010. My bouquets consisted of ivory roses, lavender ROSES, purple lisianthuses and about 6 random purple silk flowers that stuck out like a sore thumb (not grade 6 real touch like I had specified). There were no real touch green orchids... no real touch lavender lisianthuses and on top of that there were silks that were not real touch scattered in there. The bouquet was nice, but not what I asked for. At the time I was quite overwhelmed and called and spoke with them for 20 min. (which cost me $10 b/c it was a Canada call) crying explaining it was not what I wanted. At first I spoke with Jackie and she could not understand why I was so upset... she said I did not specify that I did not want certain flowers... well yeah that is because I picked all the flowers specifically that I wanted in there and I did not want anything else but those flowers. Finally after about 10 min she said that they had a low stock of the lavender lisianthuses and that's why she thought I would like the lavender roses instead.

Here is my e-mail to her (minus a few personal life details):
Hello, This is ******. I apologize about the call earlier, I just seen the flowers and they weren't what I expected! Again they were beautiful, but not what I was ask for! I really wanted something different when it came to my bouquet. I know it is hard to find lavender flowers that are different and that's why when I seen the lavender roses I kind of snapped a little! I am sorry I am getting to you later then you expected! I had to calm down... I am a little disappointing in the fact that I was never informed about the flowers not being in stock any longer, especially since you found out so early on! If I knew that was the case I would have told you to make a completely custom bouquet. My whole goal was to have something unique that was lavender themed. It is pretty, but not what I was looking for! Thank you for your time! (The reason why I did not bring up the green orchids was because I knew it was not in the original contract and it was not a priority when it came to the bouquet, it was more of a last min idea! I know things can get a little messy when not in writing and I did not want to get that into it at the time!)

Here is her response back to me:
We appologize for not getting you exactly what you wanted. You were ok with the ivory roses replacing the ivory lisianthuses so I assumed (incorrectly) that you would also not have any problems with the lavender roses replacing the lavender lisianthuses. My supplier of these flowers went fully bankrupt due to the harsh economic times and we have been trying very hard to get them elsewhere but to no avail. We did not alert you because I did not feel that the substitution would be a big problem. What we will do is prepare a few of the purple lisianthuses with floral tape and send them to you. I will also send instructions how to insert them in your bouquetwhere the lavender roses are. We will also send a purple lisianthus boutonniere for your groom. Hopefully this would help you with the look of your flowers. This will be rushed to you by FedEx today at our cost.

The problem with her solution is it did not correct the problem. My colors are lavender not purple and when I did receive the lisianthus I realized that it did not go with the wedding so I did not use them. Problem was not resolved, but I was not going to let it ruin my wedding so I moved on and eventually wrote this review.

My previous review was very similar except I exaggerated the phone time a little and the price was not exact because the paper work was not in front of me. Well the reason why I made this review quite specific is because Jackie and Mark called me at WORK 5 min. to 5pm (I was leaving work) to tell me how they were so upset that I lied and slandered their business. They called me and within 2 min started freaking out calling me a liar saying that I never spoke with them about a problem with anything. I apologized for giving them such a bad review, but nothing was resolved and I am quite disappointed how they handled themselves speaking to me today! I am quite a positive person and would never give anyone a bad review unless they deserved it! I am not saying don't buy from this company. I know they have a lot of positive feedback. The real touch flowers are beautiful and very realistic. All I am saying is make sure you are VERY specific with your contract with them and make sure they know EXACTLY what you want and you have it in writing. I would have LOVED to give them a 5 star review, but I just can’t!
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Hibiscus Florals is the way to go!!!! Jackie and Mark are the epitome of OUTSTANDING customer service. They are incredibly responsive and have a superior product. The flowers for our wedding looked sooooooo real! Everyone was fooled! Our photos look like we stepped outside, gathered the gorgeous fall leaves and flowers, and carried them as my bouquet. They matched the fall scenery perfectly! I placed my gorgeous bouquet in a vase we received as a wedding gift and now I get to enjoy it forever! Can't say that about real flowers!! I highly recommend this vendor to all!!!!!
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I sent them a photo of what I wanted for my bridal bouquet, and they made a wonderful set of flowers for the bridal party. They were wonderful to work with over email, and delivered all of our flowers about a week or so before the wedding, so we could see them early. The flowers looked SO REAL in our photographs, and when I gave my grandmother her corsage she was shocked when I told her they were fake flowers. I was very pleased with our flowers and am thrilled with my decision to get fake ones, since now I can keep my bouquet forever!
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I planned a destination wedding in Jamaica and was not sure what type of flowers the resort may have in season or the quality. We also didn't want to bring real flowers on the plane ride (not even sure if we can pass through customs) so we decided on silk flowers. I did a lot of research online and the price gap was huge. Some places you can get silk flowers for $10 and others cost $150. You really get what you pay for. I bought the Mango Calla Lilies Hand-Held Bouquet (http://www.hibiscusflorals.com/Product_Information/Product_329.htm). The stems of the bouquet were much longer than what I saw in the picture but I trimmed it with scissors and it still looked beautiful. I received so many compliments on how beautiful the bouquet was (some thought it was even real). The flowers really do look & feel lifelike. I was able to change the color of the ribbon that wrapped around the bouquet. I also bought a matching boutonniere and two silk hair flowers. The silk hair flowers were gorgeous. I bought the Single White Mystery Gardenia Silk Hair Flower and the Purple Silk Anemone Hair Flower.

You really need to order the flowers ahead of time. I placed the order mid-January and they arrived a week before we left to Jamaica (early April). They personally e-mailed me and explained they were all booked but gave their promise they would send it before I left. I was able to track my order through the e-mail link they provided and they told me to send pictures after my wedding!

You can't go wrong when you order from them. Their products are hand-made, beautiful, and the service is reliable. I'm really glad I found them online.
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Jackie and Mark at Hibiscus Florals are AWESOME! The pictures on their website hardly do justice to the products they provide. I wasn't sure about doing silk flowers, but fell in love with the styles they showcased. I contacted them, and had a quote within a couple of days. I changed my mind, and they quickly updated it. Along the way, they pointed out a few changes that could be made to better fit my scheme, and before they shipped the final products, I received a phone call to approve a change they thought would make the entire collection come together. The flowers were simply beautiful and so many of my guests commented on them and how pretty they were. I loved not having to worry about wilting flowers or something in the wrong color, etc. I would highly recommend Hibiscus Florals to anyone!
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