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1-800-Flowers sent my order to a local florist. Everything was delivered on time, exactly as ordered and perfect. I was able to make changes to my order with the local florist (Hamden Florist, in Hamden, CT). It was a really terrific experience.
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Although I did use a florist recommended by my caterer for my table centerpieces and ceremony flowers, I had already decided to use the Wedding selection of 1-800-Flowers for my bridal and bridesmaid bouquets. On my wedding day, I soon began to regret this was a very bad decision.

I booked 1-800-Flowers five months before my wedding; however, on the morning of the wedding, I called them to confirm when I can expect the order to arrive. I was worried that my limo would arrive and my flowers wouldn't be there...

When I spoke to the customer service rep, I was told, "I'm sorry, that order number does not exist." I persisted--I had the printed out order confirmation right and front of me, and could not understand how they could have lost my order! They told me they would transfer me to their billing department.

When I spoke with the billing rep, he told me that he did not see my order either. I told him I had paid with debit card and had already received the charge to my card months before, and would send them proof of it if need be. However, he was more helpful and was eventually able to find my order and confirm the correct product. I asked when I could expect the flowers to be delivered, explaining that the bridal bouquet and bridesmaid bouquets were for my wedding and that I needed them before I left the house. He promised that they would arrive on time, and I was so pleased that I took down his information so that I could write a letter to his headquarters about the way he turned everything around for me.

Later that day however, I got a call from my mom while at the beauty salon getting my makeup done. The bridal bouquet and 1 of the bridesmaid bouquets had arrived...however, I had ordered 4 bridesmaid bouquets! The other flowers had not arrived yet, and we needed to leave in 2 hours! When she asked, the delivery person told her that the other flowers were with another florist and he didn't know anything about them. I spent the rest of my time at the salon waiting on hold to talk to service representatives while the poor makeup artist applied my makeup and my photographers tried to calm me down. Finally, I spoke to a woman who told me that the other flowers should be arriving soon, and she assured me they would be there before I had to leave. The limo came. Everyone was dressed. The flowers still did not arrive. My bridesmaids and I had to do something. My maid of honor drove to the grocery store with my brother in her gown, picked up some matching flowers (all my "personal" flowers were white roses), tore through the checkout line, and came back and made the other 3 bouquets herself, all within 20 minutes time! And you know what? My maid of honor was actually a better florist than the professionals! The bouquets she made were in better shape upon arrival than the bridal and bridesmaid bouquets I received from 1-800-Flowers, which were small and rather wilted!

While on my honeymoon, I called to get my refund and it was granted to me without a problem. However, the overall experience was absolutely horrendous, and the way my complaints were handled was completely unacceptable. Lesson Learned: Do NOT use 1-800-Flowers for your wedding or any event where you need reliable delivery!
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