Hilton Woodbridge

Iselin , NJ


120 Wood Ave. South
Iselin, NJ US 08830 (map)




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Whether it's a Grand Soiree or an Intimate Affair, the Hilton Woodbridge is committed to providing you a day to remember. With unparalled cuisine and the ability to customize every... Read more
Whether it's a Grand Soiree or an Intimate Affair, the Hilton Woodbridge is committed to providing you a day to remember. With unparalled cuisine and the ability to customize every detail, we will provide you with your dream wedding!

We are a full service hotel featuring ONE incredible wedding at a time.

Book your wedding with us and receive a $1000 cash gift. Read less
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The Hilton in Woodbridge was the best place to have my wedding. The outside is a little blah but once inside- you are going to have a great wedding. They provided us with SO MUCH at a great great price. The food was AMAZING!! Truly the best I have ever had and I am an event planner so I eat at a lot of hotels! Their service was outstanding- my husband and I had our own server who would replace our drinks even if they were half empty. They even delivered food (a whole meal- even though we ate at the wedding) up to our room for afterwards. We got a suite and a welcome basket... just amazing service. He threw in a room next to their bar for AFTER the wedding so we didn't have to pay for an after party! They were amazing. Great job!!!
Services Used: Wedding Venue
I had my wedding reception and room block at the Woodbridge Hilton on 4/2/2010. Leading up to the wedding, the staff was great. The director of catering, Joe, and the person in charge of the room block, Jamie, were both really easy to work with and very very responsive. Jamie, in particular, was very instrumental in getting us the rooms we needed the day before the wedding and the day of the wedding, all the way up until the day right before the wedding. The day of the wedding went smoothly. The catering staff was very professional, timely, and ran the reception like a tight ship, which was awesome. All the guests LOVED the cocktail hour food and RAVED about it after the wedding. Guests also loved the entrees (especially the filet), and loved the very extravagant dessert buffet, which was so much bigger and cooler than I ever imagined that it would be. Bottom line: the food was awesome, and fairly priced for what we got. The maitre'd the evening of the wedding was very good - my only complaint is that he wasn't around when I was kind of confused as to the sequence of events, which led to an awkward beginning of the reception. However, other than those 5 minutes, everything went very smoothly. My only other gripe is that the wedding package we got promised a free bridal suite the evening of wedding and bottle of champagne. We did get the free suite, but no champagne. Not a huge deal, but it's one of those things where if the hotel isn't going to really offer it, then don't promise it. Overall, we had a great experience with the hotel, and look forward to our anniversary dinner and stay.
Services Used: Wedding Cake, Catering, Wedding Planning, Wedding Venue
I had my ceremony, reception and room block at the Hilton Woodbridge. Joe was very flexible about times for our planning meetings and the contract signing. He was really easy to work with. Not a single thing went wrong the whole day of the wedding. I had our suite the night before as well, so my bridal party was able to get ready right upstairs. We were even able to take pictures outside in the gazebo. The catering staff were fantastic! We asked to have our entrees brought up to the room and they actually sent up 2 full dinners, with our cake and champagne, after the reception ended. Guests had a blast during the cocktail hour - especially the mashed potato martini bar. They also loved the dessert buffet and I have seen many pictures of guests posing in front of the chocolate fountain, which (like a previous reviewer said) "was so much bigger and cooler than I ever imagined that it would be." Overall, it was a great value and a great time; one of my bride's maids even booked it for her wedding next year!
Services Used: Wedding Venue
I had my wedding there 10/7/07. Everything regarding the Rehearsal Dinner, Ceremony, Reception, food, servers, and cake was perfect. The problem came when I showed up the night before. A few months before the wedding, I had booked a suite to stay in the night before my wedding. I had booked a suite for myself so I had enough room for me and my girls to get ready for the wedding in the morning. To my disappointment they messed up the booking and put me in a regular (too small for what I needed) room. Management told me that there was an error with the booking and there were no more suites available. Basically TOO BAD. The other problem came on my one year anniversary. In my contract, we should have received a complimentary room and dinner on our one year anniversary. When I booked the one year anniversary room and dinner, I was told no problem. When I showed up to the Hilton, the person at the front desk knew that we were to receive the complimentary room and dinner. When it came to dinner, we told the person seating us that this was our one year complimentary dinner and they told me no problem...then the bill came. I told the waiter that this was supposed to be free. He and the manager told me they knew nothing about it. It was amazing that all of a sudden nobody knew nothing. We paid the bill, the following Monday I spoke with the person who handled our wedding and was told it was a mistake by the restaurant staff, and I was given the option of a refund or a gift certificate for a free dinner. We chose the gift certificate because the food is REALLY REALLY GOOD. We never received the gift certificate or the refund. I followed up with them about 4 times and got the run around. It has been 3 years since we have gotten married and we never did get the gift certificate or refund.
Services Used: Wedding Cake, Catering, Wedding Venue
my wedding was beautiful, they lost my boquet, broke my toasting flutes and threw out alot of my stuff.. then one of there employees stole cards out of my box. i am happy with the job they did the day of was perfect, the aftermath was where i had alot of troubles
Services Used: Wedding Venue
My experience at Woodbridge Hilton has been the most stressful, frustrating, and aggravating part of wedding planning. My husband and I have a lot of friends and family that were traveling and so we decided to set up a wedding block. I worked with Jamie Keith, who informed me that I can only block 20 rooms at a time. Jamie assured me that the block would be monitored and when the rooms started to fill up, more rooms would be added to the block. During my 6 month engagement, my guests contacted me at least 3-4 times to tell me that there were no rooms available in my wedding block. I had to keep calling to ask them to add more rooms – leading me to believe no one was even checking on the block. Rooms were supposed to be available for my guests to book until Saturday at midnight. During the week before I e-mailed Jamie to please make sure plenty of rooms were still available because I had a number of guests to still book. Sure enough, Friday night my block was sold out. Jamie is impossible to get in touch with unless it’s Mon-Fri before 5:00pm. When I finally got in touch with Jamie, she told me this was no big deal and didn’t even apologize. Some of my guests had booked, but missed out on the wedding block and Jamie said she fixed it and added them to our wedding block – she did not. I had a family member stay at a completely different hotel, alone, because she couldn’t get the room set up. The morning after the wedding, we had breakfast at the buffet, which was very nice, until we were charged without even a receipt. We contacted Jamie for over a week asking for a receipt. When we finally got the receipt, we realized we had been over-charged. Everything about our experience at the Woodbridge Hilton was terrible. Working with Jamie was a complete nightmare. I wouldn’t recommend her to anyone. Do yourself a favor and just use a different hotel.
Services Used: Wedding Venue
If you removed hotels and transportation from my wedding, then it was perfect. Put them back in and I had the biggest headache!

We initially went with the Hilton Woodbridge. We set up a wedding block almost 10 months in advance, making sure we secured a good rate and things were locked down before sending out any kind of invitations. A week before sending out my invites, my stepfather called to book his room. He was told the block was sold out. I called to find out what was going on because my invites had not even gone out. They said it was a glitch in their system and assured me it would get squared away. It was a Hilton, so didn't think it would be a big deal. I got a call to say things were squared away.

Fast forward 1 week, invites have gone out and we are told by a friend that the block was sold out. He booked anyway, but at a higher rate. I called only to find out the problem was never fixed. Was told they would force override the system, blah blah blah. After 2 1/2 weeks (now only 3 weeks till the wedding) no one could book, they were actually yelling at us and the management refused to do anything. We had booked a shuttle to pick up guests and had no idea who was staying there.

2 1/2 weeks we changed locations, had to call ALL of our guests with the update. It was a disaster. Even after, a couple guests ended up calling there by mistake. They offered to book them in the block for more than double the rate we were given!

The customer service and care was horrible. Do yourself a favor and stay as far away as possible from the Hilton Woodbridge.
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