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We had a traditional 10 course Chinese banquet at HKFL. For those of you deciding between the Chinese reception venues, I think HKFL is a great value, but will cause you a little more stress than you need during your planning process. They were very flexible with certain things and didn't nickel and dime us to death (like Hong Kong East Ocean was about to do) i.e. free corkage if you pay in cash, no cake cutting fee, leave by 10:30 or 11, etc etc etc but planning was a nightmare! Danny is the manager who is in charge of all events and it seemed like our wedding was the last thing on his mind.. I mean he never remembered who we were and changed things up to the last minute.. it was incredibly stressful to deal with him. I think I would have really shelled out some additional $$ to deal with someone more professional. We could never test out our equipment, etc etc. The food was good and we still get compliments about it today, but not sure that the planning headache was worth it!
Services Used: Catering
I wanted a traditional Chinese wedding banquet, with REALLY GOOD Chinese food. I realize this would be an investment, but hey, I love good food.

After a TERRIBLE interview with Koi Palace, we decided to have our reception at HKFL, where food is good, decor is good, and there is parking a-plenty. Planning was very easy, the managers I met with were friendly, well informed, had all necessary information ready, and were flexible with my requests and questions about lighting, sound, timing, basically everything. Definitely made planning go smoothly.

We were able to drop off our carload of beverages a couple days before. Everything was set up right, the wait staff was very nice and all.

The food was wonderful, we received many compliments on our menu selections - you may customize the menu as much as you like and we basically put all four of their their wedding menus into the mix until we figured out what we like from each one for each course.

The only two gripes I would like to mention: the waitstaff did not keep bringing out the rest of the beverages (wine and champagne) - we went home with so much unopened. Secondly, our cake was a croquembouche - a French wedding cake which is essentially a tower of filled creampuffs. Because constructing, transporting, and serving a tower of creampuffs is a risk I didn't want to take on our wedding day, we had a "dummy" or presentation cake, with 2 pieces of real cake/puffs there for the cutting/feeding each other photos, and the rest in the kitchen to be plated and brought out promptly after our photos were done. The staff did not plate this in the back and bring it out promptly. They brought out tons of boxes of cake and proceeded to plate it up in the dining room instead, spending lots of time and and trying to rush it, while detracting from the flow and overall visual ambiance of the evening. I just wanted the individual servings to come out of the kitchen, not use the dining room as a work space, this was exactly the reason we had a dummy cake!

So, though it may seem obvious, spell out the exact process for any items the restaurant is not providing/that you are bringing in, such as cake and beverages.
Services Used: Catering, Wedding Venue
Each of the ten courses was EXCEPTIONAL. We had the real Iron Chef Chinese! (Really, he was winning quite a few awards on the Chinese culinary scene in the bay area.)

P.S. Corkage was very reasonable.
Services Used: Catering, Wedding Venue
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