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Laura D
From the beginning, I had a great feeling about James (owner) and didn't really have a problem with him until the day of the wedding.

On the day of the wedding, James did arrive on time and took many pictures of us getting ready, but when it came down to the list I had given him, weeks before the wedding of the "must take" photos, James did not have it. Obviously, I didn't have it, and how could I remember all the little details I had written down for him??

After the wedding, James told us that he would be able to crop people from different photos and make us a new photo, if needed. (what??? why???) This is not what I expect from a professional photographer.

I do have to add that James was able to post our online gallery in less than 1 month, but it really bothered me that he misspelled my husband's name, on the album title. I asked him to correct it, but he never did. Family and friends that went onto the website were confused and wondered why could he not even get his customer's name correct. I wondered the same too.

So going back to the photos, James asked me to write down a list of photos that I wanted him to make, since he didn't have the "must take photo" list on the day of the wedding. Once he received the list, he said he would get back to us when he was done. Well, we waited, and waited, and waited and finally, about 5 months later, we got tired of waiting so we sent him a courtesy email inquiring on the status of the photos so we could choose for the album. James Lee responded that he was sorry for not getting back to us, but that the photos were completed and uploaded to the online gallery. To my dismay again, not all the photos were there. I emailed him again requesting the photos, and he said the same thing, that he would get back to us when he was done. Time passed again and he still wasn't done. Not until about 11 months after our wedding, he was able to give us a somewhat complete online gallery, but the full list that I had requested was not complete. At this point, I started to give up on him. We choose our pictures for the album and he was able to mock up a photo album. But the final album that my husband and I approved was NOT the one that was printed.

And how about the Video? It came out horrible. He said he was having his video guy shoot it in HD, but it was nothing close to it. Also, there was no "introduction" to our video. It's really awkward once you slide in the DVD and then it goes straight into my husband walking in with his parents. No screen shots of the church from the outside, no DVD menu, nothing. Furthermore, after everyone walks in (including the bride), the video starts all over again but from a different camera positioned at the back of the church, facing forward. So all that you see are the people walking by and their backs. To add, the video completely omits the Mother-of-the-Bride entering the church. Also, he said it would be in HD, but it wasn't. It was only in widescreen. (My husband used to work as a Home Theater tech, so he knew from the first scene, that it wasn't HD quality.) So here we are, 18 months after the wedding, and the video is a mess, and my photo album is not what we had approved for printing. We have tried to work with James Lee, but now he has decided to send us an email stating that he has ended his part of the contract due to a recent review that we had completed, as consumers, that was based on true facts, about his service and he was unhappy with the score we gave him.

Lastly, I forgot to mention that James Lee spoke to us twice explaining the issue with the video. He said that it was "difficult for his video guy to edit blu-ray movies on a mac computer." But since this is an issue on his behalf and not mine, it was my time and money that was wasted. In the end, James Lee has misled us into believing that he could produce a product that we initially agreed upon. He is unprofessional, unreliable, he only communicates via email, he doesn't remember what he says or promises you, he forgets about contacting you and you need to contact him for follow up--shouldn't it be the other way around?
Services Used: Photography
James, who owns Invision, was unprofessional and gave me the run around when the tape they used to record my wedding was "defected." He was unwilling to compensate or take responsibility, and deflected all the blame on the manufacturer. Basically, what was the most beautiful and memorable day for me turned into such heartache and stress in dealing with Invision. If I can save any bride or couple the agony I went through, I will. Please go with another business who is professional, and pay the extra bucks because it will be all worth it in the end.
Services Used: Photography
My husband and I hired them to do our photography. We absolutely loved their online gallery and price was not bad. In fact they had recently raised their rates but gave us the older rate. The day before our wedding, the photographer let us know that he sprained his ankle (not sure if he was telling the truth or not) but he sent us a substitute. At that point, as a bride you can't really do anything except to just accept the situation. The photos came out okay, not the same style I fell in love with online. He didn't offer us any discounts or anything, I just accepted it.

Also, when I wrote a review on Yelp about them, he tried to offer me different options (ie additional prints, take more photos, etc) just so I could take down the review. He was VERY unprofessional!
Services Used: Photography
James (with Invision Wedding) took great photos during the day of the wedding. His work was excellent!! He showed up on time (actually he was early), he had lots of equipment (he went to school studying photography) and he brought another photographer (since our contract specified 2 photographers). But the photographer he brought was different then what was on the contract. No big deal!
The problem was that after the day of the wedding and after we payed all the balance it was impossible to work with him to get our prints and album. In fact, we just got our photo album almost 1 year after the wedding. He kept coming up with excuses why it was taking so long. So, my only concern, if you decide to go with James, is that he seems so busy and difficult to get a hold of and actually get the photos to you in a reasonable amount of time. The other issue is, if you decide to buy an album from him, watch out because the album included in the packages is a small album and we wanted a big album with lots of photos, so we ended up paying $400 extra to get what we want.
Services Used: Photography
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