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Isis Keepsake Jewelry

Nanuet , NY


19 May Place
Nanuet, NY 10954 US (map)




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Isis Keepsake Jewelry will take your flowers and transform them into flower petal jewelry you will cherish for a lifetime.

Through a unique process, we embed your flower... Read more
Isis Keepsake Jewelry will take your flowers and transform them into flower petal jewelry you will cherish for a lifetime.

Through a unique process, we embed your flower petals into a one of a kind, handcrafted clear bead. This allows you to actually see your flower petals in the beads.

Send us your wedding flowers, Bridal party flowers, Funeral flowers, flowers from your Sweet Sixteen, Anniversary, Prom, Graduation, Bat Mitzvah, Baby shower, Bridal shower or any occasion and we will make beautiful flower petal keepsake jewelry, rosaries or chaplets to keep your memories alive.

We believe you deserve a piece unequaled to any other. One that you will treasure for years to come! Read less


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Do you offer a catalog of products or custom products?
Catalog Products, Custom Products
Do you handle design, printing, and assembly?
Assembly, Design, Printing


What kind of jewelry do you offer?
Antique Accessories, Costume Accessories, Custom Accessories
What brands do you carry?
We are our own brand of flower petal jewelry.
Is your jewelry hand crafted?
Yes, each bead is hand molded and hand crafted and then strung with your choice of findings and style.
Do you offer custom design other than selecting the stone and setting separately?
Yes, we are a custom jewelry design company. Email designs@isiskeepsakes.com for further information on designing your unique piece.
Do you carry customary wedding jewelry such as Claddaghs or Kundan necklaces?
We can incorporate any theme into your design, howerver we do not carry regular jewelry options.
Do you offer ring sizing in-house? If yes, how long will an average custom order take, from initial contact to delivery?
Currently, we do not offer rings. We do offer bracelets, necklaces, rosaries, chaplets and are constantly updating our designs.
Do you offer stone upgrades if the client purchases their original stone with you?
Our "stones" beads are one of a kind, hand crafted from your wedding flowers. There are no upgrades.
Do you offer a payment plan?
Our jewelry is priced affordably so payment plans would not apply.


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19 May Place, Nanuet, NY 10954 See On Map
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