130x130 sq 1260647690949 dannyandhaleyswedding101509139


Cooper City Fort Lauderdale , FL


11699 sw 51 ct Cooper City
Cooper City Fort Lauderdale, FL 33330 US (map)




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Jack loves weddings and all the people i meet at them. I love to shoot the love and happiness of all involved.Every wedding is a different experience and challenge, that is the part I... Read more
Jack loves weddings and all the people i meet at them. I love to shoot the love and happiness of all involved.Every wedding is a different experience and challenge, that is the part I love Read less


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130x130 sq 1268493559851 dsc8327edited2
130x130 sq 1268493568710 dsc8329edited2
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130x130 sq 1268493588273 dsc8335edited2
130x130 sq 1268493594414 dsc8336edited2
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130x130 sq 1268493620882 dsc8345edited2
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130x130 sq 1268493675757 dsc8360edited2
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What primary photographic style do you identify with?
Photojournalism, Portraiture, Traditional / Posed
What do your packages include?
Albums, Digital Files, Flush Mount, High Resolution Images, Matted Prints, Negatives, Prints, Proof CD of All Images, Thank You Cards, Video Montage
Do you have liability insurance?
Do you have experience shooting in various lighting situations?
I shoot in all kinds of lighting, high tech and low lighting,night and theaters,studio lightin and ambient.
Is your media preference film or digital?
I only shoot digital with the highest quality equipment and lens
How many photographers do you work with?
Usualy myself unless i use a studio setting at the reception or a large venue i use two and sometines a videotographer if needed
Do you guarantee your presence at the actual event?
Yes absolutely!!
Do you sometimes book yourself for more than one event in a day? Weekend?
No i devote my time for one wedding per weekend to give the best for my client
Do you have a replacement photographer in case you become unavailable on the day of the event?
Yes, i have three great Photographers if needed
What kind of equipment do you typically bring with you on the day-of?
Everything needed and extra for just in case,Cameras,lens of all type, lighting, strobes useally more than needed.
Do you bring back-up equipment to the event in case of malfunction?
Always, this is a must
Do you charge hourly or full day?
Usualy a full day and hourly for extra time or special requests after the event or before the shooting(im very flexable on this though,i always shoot more than less)
Are you available to shoot extra hours? If yes, how much do you charge for extra hours?
Yes as long as you need me, and the price is approiate depending on how long or what type.
What is your policy on taking breaks? If you require a meal break, do you require that the client provide your meal?
I dont have time for breaks, i keep shooting for that special shot or moment,if i stop i might miss something,a meal would be nice but not required
Do you charge for travel?
Usually i dont charge for travel,this is talked about at the contract table
How soon after the event are the proofs ready for viewing?
Usualy a week
In what format are the initial proofs offered?
cd or dvd or a proof book, discussed at time of contract
How long can the client keep the proofs?
I need the proof back to see what pictures was chosen and how many, i can give the proofs back at time of the finish
Do you retain the copyright for the photos?
Absolutley,the Photographer always has copyright to the pictures, i can release the dvd for personal only.
Do you reserve the right to publish the photos?
I always display the photos in my website, and if needed i sometimes use for promoting my business
Do you provide the digital files and/or negatives (or copies of the negatives) to the client?
Will images be available for viewing online?
Yes,for as long as you want
What kind of albums do you offer?
Custom or MY choice, this is also discussed at time of contract signing
When will the client get the final album?
Depending on when i receive the final list of pictures it usualy takes three to four weeks


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Jack was great, his work was awesome. I could not say anything other than terriffic on every scale. Quality photos, fast delivery of finished photos , also was great with the guest at our wedding. The guest interacted with him well and you can tell he enjoys what he does. His packages are affordable and reasonable. I would reccomend his services to everyone that needs a photographer. Go with Jack you can't go wrong.
Jack was great, his work was awesome. I could not say anything other than terriffic on every scale. Quality photos, fast Read more...
Jack was great, his work was awesome. I could not say anything other than terriffic on every scale. Quality photos, fast delivery of finished photos , also was great with the guest at our wedding. The guest interacted with him well and you can tell he enjoys what he does. His packages are affordable and reasonable. I would reccomend his services to everyone that needs a photographer. Go with Jack you can't go wrong. Read less
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