Jared Galleria of Jewelry

Orland Park


Orland Park, US
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Dont get me wrong, I LOVE my engagement ring, but our experience with Jared was so awful that my husband and I bought our wedding bands from Rogers and Holland. It started when we walked through the door the first day and were greeted. The woman who was supposed to help us look at the rings took us over to a counter and we began looking at different styles and sizes. After only a few ring selections, we got pawned off on the Finance guy, who was actually the only nice guy in the place! As it turned out, the ring I asked to see for a comparison on carat size ended up being the ring I loved and we bought!!! When the Finance guy told our original saleswoman I found my ring, she said "THAT'S the ring you picked?" and rolled her eyes!!! Its a 1.5ct princess cut...pretty good commission for her I dont know why she was so disgusted. Well it gets better...we didnt want to get the ring that night because I wanted a surprise proposal not just walking out of the store and bam we're engaged...well Jared staff didnt like that. They told my hubby that they would ring him up and put it on hold for 30days during which time he should come in, they would return it and re-ring it and put it on hold again to allow another 30 days. That method would have been perfect and giving him 60 days to find the best way to surprise me with a great proposal! When my hubby went back for the first 30 day marker the salesperson had no idea what he was talking about and couldnt even FIND my ring. Our original saleswoman was apparently not allowed to make a transaction like that and took the ring off the shelf without permission...therefore, my hubby ended up buying the ring that day. To make matters worse, they were sweating him for a Jared credit card and he politely declined many many times (Im a witness). THey asked him if they could just see what limit he'd be approved for if he changed his mind, to shut them up he agreed and they gave him a credit limit. Well, my hubby charged the ring on his VISA credit card and low and behold a few weeks later we got a Jared Credit card in the mail....and a few weeks after that??? A BILL!!!!! For the full amount of the ring which had been paid in full weeks ago!!! To make matters worse, the staff was extremely rude to him when he went to the store to complain. We thought maybe we'd get free wedding bands or even a discount of some sort but they made him feel like it was his fault. Dont go there....go to Rogers and Holland they were amazingly helpful and actually WANTED our business!!
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